Restaurant Istimewa Lai Je 丽姐私房菜 @ Mahkota Cheras

My dad and mum always prefer to have Chinese cuisine when we have family gathering on every weekend.
That's why I've always wanted to discover and explore new Chinese restaurants in Klang Valley.
Last Monday, I came across a Chinese cuisine restaurant that newly opened at Cheras area.
It's Restaurant Istimewa Lai Je 丽姐私房菜, which created by the name of the owner, Lai Je.
The restaurant has been operated for a month, by serving a unique and complex process style of cooking with variations of steaming, braising, deep-fry, stir-fry cooking techniques.
Also, the fresh ingredients and sauces are very well prepared in order to provide a delicious flavour and appearance in all the dishes.
Indeed, I've already been there 2 times, and I can't deny they serve very tasty Chinese cuisine that really worth a try!

Restaurant Istimewa Lai Je 丽姐私房菜 is located at Mahkota Cheras, a good location with plenty of food choices.
I was not able to locate the name of the restaurant on Waze, so I searched Jalan Temenggung 5/9 and the restaurant is located at the same row as 99 Speedmart.

I was very surprise that the restaurant was pretty busy when I visited on Monday evening.
Also, the restaurant was very busy on my second visit at one of the weekday's evening.
So, if you are planning to come during weekend, I would suggest you to make an early reservation in advance to avoid the long waiting time.
The restaurant doesn't have any special interior designs, only a comfortable and clean seating environment provided to the customers.

There is also a small corner right in front of the cashier selling different types of cookies, sauces, pastes instant noodle, honey from Lai Je's hometown at Bukit Tinggi.

At Lai Je restaurant, there is a range and variety of dishes to choose from the fixed price menu, but also specialized dishes that can be made based on your food preferences, budgets and number of guests.
This arrangement has to book in advanced, about 3 days before you visit.
The specially made menus surely will give a surprise for you and your guests!

Handmade Shrimp Rolls 自制靓虾卷 @ RM16.00 is the best and crispiest rolls recipe ever.
Wrapped with shredded Chinese chives and small little shrimps, then deep-fried to golden perfection.
It is served with sweet and sour sauce at the side, which perfectly good to enjoy it as appetizer or with a bowl of rice.

Grass-fed Chicken with Pork Belly Soup 猪肚马草鸡 @ RM80.00 is my most favourite and I would definitely go back again and again for this full flavoured soup.
The soup is cooked with milk, to have a creamy texture and also several herbs such as dang gui and goji berries to add an aromatic flavour.
I find the chicken texture is very different with the normal chicken as it has a firm texture, and the taste is also very sweet too.
Loving it sooooo much!

Hometown Wild Piglet 家乡山猪仔 @ RM28.00 served in either dry or with source.
What makes this dish so special is the chef sourced the meat all the way from Yong Peng.
He said the meat taste is much succulent, tasty and tender, since the wild piglets they bought only eat oil palm fruits.
I've tried the dry version on my first visit, and the one with sauce on my second visit; I would recommend the sauce one as I think the dry one is a bit too dry for my taste.

Steamed Talapia in Nyonya Sauce 非洲鱼, a delicious and healthy dish to enjoy.
I especially enjoy it as the spice in this dish definitely tantalizes the taste buds and perks the appetite!
One more rice, please! :)

Claypot Water Kangkung 瓦煲空心菜 @ RM15.00 is served in claypot.
I like how the vegetables cooked with the crunchy bits of fried lard, also the delicious taste with their special shrimp paste.
You will certainly beg for more white rice with the dish!

Otak-Otak Bean Curd 乌达豆腐 @ RM20.00 is one of the highlight from the menu.
The chef only made this special dish with the famous otak-otak all the way from the small town of Muar, since this it the right place to get the best otak-otak.
I really like this dish as the white tofu pairing really well with the otak-otak that will give a nice tang to your taste buds for sure!
Simply irresistible!

Other than the several dishes to eat with rice, I also tried their Ala-Carte menu like noodles.
Sweet Sour Pork Kuey Teow 咕噜肉滑蛋河 RM25.00 (for 1 pax) that mixed with the ordinary sweet sour pork and flat rice noodles in egg gravy.
I really didn't expect both traditional dishes go together so well and taste so good.
I was admiring how crispy and delicious the sweet and sour pork dish drenched in the delicious silky and rich egg gravy with kuey teow.
It could simply be your next comfort food any anytime! #perfect

Noodle with Crispy Pork Lard 猪油渣靓面 @ RM18.00 (for 2 pax) which taste more like Sarawak Kolo mee or Kampua mee for me.
I like the noodle texture as it has an addictive chewy texture like in Sarawak, and also the topping with plenty of pork mince and char siew pork give the noodle an extra savoury meaty taste.

I've also got myself to try their homemade drinks of Sweet Watercress @ RM3.80 and Honey Lemongrass @ RM4.
Both beverages are not very sweet, but indeed very refreshing and cooling to enjoy with.

Lai Je Cuisine also serves set lunch menu, starting price from RM7 to RM12.90.
It's available everyday, except closing day on Thursday, from 11am till 5pm.
All lunch sets come with the soup of the day and also a glass of hot tea/water.

Other than that, Lai Je also specially made their own recipe pickles of ambarella fruits and papaya  with sour plum and chili padi.
The pickles come in a plastic container whereby ambarella fruits @ RM8 and papaya at RM5.
I really like the ambarella fruit pickles as it's not very sour and also has the fragrant taste that I just love!
GOOD NEWS to my readers out there!
Show this blog article while you dine in, then you will entitled a pack of ambarella fruit pickles for FREE (for dine in or take away).
Only available till 15th Nov 2018!

All these glorious food left me full with satisfaction!
I will definitely come back here with my family, and I'm sure that my dad will be surprise how good the foods are at Lai Je restaurant.
Can't wait for my next visit yea!

Restaurant Istimewa Lai Je 丽姐私房菜
Add: No. 15, Jalan Tememggung 5/9,
Bandar Mahkota Cheras,
43200 Cheras, Selangor
Tel: +603 9011 0406
Opening hours: Everyday 12pm - 10pm (closed on Thursday)
FB page:

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