TIME Internet @ The Fastest 100% Fibre Home Broadband Service in Malaysia

I'm pretty sure that many of you would agree with me that Internet has become an integral part of our lives.
We go online reading articles, sharing our special moments on social media platforms, voice or video call with friends and family around the world, and even watch streaming movies or dramas online.
Imagine when you watching a movie online, then the video starts buffering, or video stops playing in the middle of a great scene, this scenario can be very frustrating and I think I wouldn't have good mood to continue watching it.
Hence, a very good internet connection at home is critical for daily life in order to keep us constantly connected and also determine the upload and download speeds.
Recently, me and Lik are thinking to switch to a better Internet connection for our home.
Compare to the old days, we now spend more time at home watching online movies and dramas as we felt the movie tickets are more expensive now, and also we realized that we both spent more time surfing the net at home instead at office. :)

TIME Fibre Home Broadband, is a fixed line telecommunications provider solution for businesses and homes.
The company is based in Kuala Lumpur, which has listed on the Stock Exchange of Malaysia since 2001.
TIME Fibre Home Broadband offers a full suite of domestic and international connectivity, and data center solutions to the wholesale, enterprise, SME and consumer markets.

On 7th October 2018, TIME Internet launched Malaysia’s fastest 100% fibre home broadband service with speeds of up to 1Gbps.
Great things about getting 100% fibre broadband service are:
#1 Higher speeds: Since optic fibres transmit light, they can deliver much lighter speeds than copper cables. A fibre optic connection ensures you get the speeds your subscribe to.
#2 Better stability: Fibre optics is much less susceptible to environmental factors such as temperature, and electromagnetic interference. In addition, attenuation is lower with fibre optics as well. This translates to a more stable connection for you.
#3 Higher download limits: Fibre broadband has far higher download limits than mobile data packages at the same price, and also many broadband packages offer unlimited downloads so you can surf more.
#4 More secure: Fibre optic networks are more secure because they use light to transmit date, which doesn't signals in the same way that electromagnetic waves do and therefore makes it harder to tap.
#5 Better value for money: Fibre broadband packages are becoming more affordable now as more and more providers adopt the technology and consumer demand for it rises around the country.

There are three types of personal plans at TIME Internet, from 100Mbps, 500Mbps to 1Gbps.
We are looking to upgrade to a super fast connection 1Gbps as we believe that we can do a lot more than the current connection 500Mbps, for instance:
#1 Have the best dream gaming experience even on online multiplayer mode.
#2 Watch anything in 4K or Ultra HD resolution with a super-fast downloads and smooth streaming. With 1Gbps, we can download a movie in just 16 seconds!
#3 Cater for up to 30 devices using the Internet at the same time, no matter it's stream, download or gaming, everyone can do all at once!
#4 Transfer large photos and videos more quickly to the cloud or to friends and family.
#5 Enjoy video calls clearly just like your loved ones are right next to you.
#6 Enjoy the most engaging virtual reality experience in the comfort of our own home.

To see if your area is covered, you can check the coverage map out to make sure before you sign up their packages.
If your area is not covered, get in touch with their customer service and they will take it into account for the coverage expansion planning in the future.

To arrange the installation is very easy with 3 simple steps:
#1 Fill up the form with the dates you want the installer to come over.
#2 Installer will call to confirm the appointment before coming to your house to assist with the connection services.
#3 Installer will test your connection and equipment and answer all your question if you have before he leave.

In conjunction with the new launch, TIME Fibre Home Broadband unveiled new retail pricing for all it's plans.
It's 100Mbps plan @ RM99, the most affordable high-speed home broadband plan in the market now.
This plan is exclusively available online for a limited time, so hurry up and sign up now before anyone else.
On top of the already get price, you also can get RM100 off your bill if you sign up online!

So, are you ready for TIME Fibre Home Broadband now?
For more details about the packages, do check out their official website at https://www.time.com.my/ or FB page at https://www.facebook.com/TIMEinternet/.

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