98 Percent @ HōMUplus+ Detergent Powder

Do you know what's in your home cleaning products?
To be honest, other than food and beauty products, I don't really check exactly what ingredients it contains in the household products I use.
There were few times after my sister-in-law gave birth to her first kid, she mentioned to me and my family that that common commercial cleaning products are usually loaded with toxic and polluting substances designed to make domestic life easier.
And these chemical-based products can be long term health concerns for the family; for instance, the chemicals in many laundry detergents range will cause skin or eye irritation or more serious diseases, such as eczema, rashes, endocrine disruption and others.
I guess mummies will always take ingredients into consideration before purchasing a single product for their families used. :)
Because of this, 98 Percent aims to curb the excessive use of harmful chemical substances in our daily lives, sharing our love for the environment starting from our family members and eventually towards building an eco-friendly society.
The brand creates two different range of natural and organic products, like HōMUplus+ Series is for the organic home use products, while OMNIplus+ Series is focus on organic plant nutrient.
And today, I would like to share one of their star product, HōMUplus+ Detergent Powder which is just better for you and your health. :)

What is HōMUplus+ Detergent Powder?

HōMUplus+ Detergent Powder is an organic detergent powder to remove dirt, stains and bad odor from clothing effectively.
It contains natural orange essential oil with other cleansing elements that deeply penetrate to remove stains without leaving any powder residue on clothes and washing machines.
The detergent powder is safe for everyone in your family as it does not contain any harmful chemicals such as  phosphorus, optical brighteners, nonylphenol and other harmful substances which may irritate sensitive skin and cause swellings or rashes.


The detergent powder contains 4 main ingredients:
#1 Orange Essential Oil: natural air refresher, disinfects and antibacterial
#2 Methyl Ester Sulfonates: with strong cleaning power
#3 Sodium Sesquicarbonate: powerful cleansing, harmless to environment and skin
#4 Mirabilite: penetrates deeply to remove stains and dirt
All the organic ingredients are certified by ECOCERT.


Compare to the current laundry powder that I'm using now, this product has a safe package as it comes in a simple white cardboard box with a plastic bag inside.
I'm happy with this packaging idea as it is much convenient and shelf-friendly when it comes to storing it properly. 
The product also contains a transparent scoop inside the box which making it easy for you to scoop the right amount of washing powder for your load. 

How to Use?

When it comes to washing your clothes, getting the dose right is important.
Too much laundry powder doesn't mean to have a good result in better stain removal, yet it may cause an excess of suds, which can prompt too many rinse cycles, or leave your clothes dirty or dull.
On the other hand, too little detergent may not get those dirt, stains  or even bad smell to wash off. 
HōMUplus+ Detergent Powder gives you an usage idea on its outside box.
Once you know the size of your load, you can measure out the right quantity of washing powder with the given plastic scoop by following the above measurements.

My Experience

I've been using various types of detergents and softeners before, no matter they are in powder or liquid formulas; all in an effort to have refreshingly clean clothes.
So compared to the scented laundry detergents that I'm currently using, I would said HōMUplus+ Detergent Powder is an unscented natural laundry detergent because it doesn't have a powerful fragrance smell at all.
It leaves my laundry smelling very fresh and natural.
On the other hand, HōMUplus+ Detergent Powder also helps to save money on my total usages.
With the conventional laundry powders, I usually use 1 - 1½ scoop for about 1kg top load, however, with the HōMUplus+ Detergent Powder, it only requires to put ⅓ scoop for my top load.
Though the powder texture is much softer than the common detergent powders, it still helps to dissolve dirt, grime, and stains effectively, leaving my clothes refreshingly clean with no extra residue.
All in all, me and Lik are very happy with the HōMUplus+ Detergent Powder as most importantly it is chemical free, and we think this would be a good one to keep our skin safe and healthy. :)

Where to Purchase?

HōMUplus+ Detergent Powder 2KG is selling @ RM58 (WM) and RM68 (EM).
You can purchase the detergent powder at 98 Percent's official website https://www.98percent.com/index.php?route=common/home.
And for more future updates about 98 Percent, you can also follow them on their FB page at https://www.facebook.com/98percent.my/.
I hope you find today's topic is interesting and useful for you and your family, and I will see you soon again yea! 

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