KITKAT Chocolatory @ Celebrates Its 3rd Anniversary With the Launch of KITKAT Roti Canai & Curry!

Hello, KITKAT lovers!
In conjunction with Merdeka and Malaysia Day, KITKAT is calling all chocolate lovers to celebrate its 3rd year anniversary with their new launch of KITKAT Roti Canai & Curry as well as other specially curated Malaysian-inspired flavours together!
KITKAT always remind me of my childhood.
It's one of the awesome chocolate me and my siblings love to eat since kiddo till now.
KITKAT has created more than 40,000 Create-Your-Own-KITKATs and introduced over 100 unique KITKAT creations in just over 3 years.
There are also many different unique KITKATs flavours have been inspired from local to international flavours to Malaysians.
Besides that, the flagship store, KITKAT Chocolatory is also the perfect place to find unique gifts and custom-made creations for every occasions; from Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Deepavali to Christmas or even special anniversaries, and birthdays.
To celebrate the two iconic national days in August and September, KITKAT Chocolatory has came up KITKAT Roti Canai & Curry and other locally inspired Malaysian flavours that are artistically handcrafted with the finest ingredients which only can be found at KITKAT Chocolatory store.

Malaysia is a country that embodies diversity and its always best represented in its food that are influenced by many different cultures and traditions.
Hence, the locally inspired Malaysian KITKAT flavours will be a better way to introduce the limited edition local favourite that Malaysians' can take pride off.
KITKAT believes that the consumers will definitely enjoy these Malaysian inspired KITKAT flavours that specially created for them.

During the special seasons, KITKAT Chocolatory is introducing a unique twist to Malaysian's favourite breakfast treats made the KITKAT way, such as Roti Canai & Curry, Kopi & Kaya Crunch, Nasi Lemak and also Cendol Durian.
Each unique flavoured KITKATs are artistically handcrafted and is freshly produced at the KITKAT Chocolatory, located at MidValley Megamall as well as the newly launched Pop-up store at Sunway Pyramid (from now till 6th October 2019).

Other than the limited edition Chef's Creation, KITKAT Chocolatory has also introduced a variety of other Malaysian flavours like the Traditional Onde-Onde, Rose Bandung, Apam Balik, and Ice Kacang.

There is also a special range of mooncake inspired KITKAT flavours that will be available, for instance Redbean, Pandan Salted Egg, Tiramisu, and Snowskin Durian.

For any special occasions or celebrations, you can also customized your choice of gift boxes to your loved ones too. :)

Wanna have a break with KITKAT?!
You can now pay a visit at their Pop-up store at Sunway Pyramid, from now till 6th October 2019 to redeem 2 sets of the Chef's Creation.
If you are interested to purchase the specially made KITKATs, you can also purchase them at the KITKAT official online stores at:
For more information on these limited edition Malaysian flavoured KITKAT, you can visit the official website at or follow their latest news at

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