kiplePark @ The First License Plate Recognition (LPR) System in Malaysia

There are many times that we feel frustrated when looking for machines to pay the car park tickets, or having a long queue to pay for the tickets before exit.
Sometimes, it can be a wallet pain when you lose your car park tickets and got fined RM50 (I've experienced this a few times in my life).
The frustration can be elevated further when you are rushing to your next appointment and realize that you have run out of notes.
Having evaluated the needs of the fast-paced society today, and coupled with strong belief that every human must thrive with life improving digital innovations, the new cashless kiplePark LPR System sets to provide a VIP experience to the users where they can enter and exit the car parks without much hassle.
No more waiting in long queues at the ticket machine when it's time to go home, no more worrying about losing ticket etc, this new kiplePark LPR app that just launched in 2019 is gonna makes your car parking fast and easy!

KiplePark, a wholly-owned brand of Green Packet Berhad established itself as the game-changer that transforms the whole parking experience with the introduction of the first License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology in Malaysia after its development of kiplePark, kipleBiz and kiplePay.
kiplePark LDR is driven by artificial intelligence (AI) technology that works through an AI camera, centralized management portal, e-wallet and digital payments as one of the first complete "cashless, cardless & ticketless" parking solution in Malaysia.
It is also open for integration with existing parking system, maximizing the ROI of invested parking equipment by the parking operators.

The kiplePark LPR is highly user-friendly system where users only need to register their car license plate number using the kiplePark app.
Upon entering the car park, the users will receive a notification and e-Ticket on kiplePark app and while existing, the kiplePark LPR system will automatically scan the car license plate number and payment will be automatically deducted from the users' e-wallet.

How it works?
kiplePark app is currently available at Bukit Jalil City, and Fahrenheit88, and it will be launching soon at other places, such as BMC Mall, Central i-City, VSQ, Menara Standard Chartered, Summerton, Promenade, and Ultropolis Batu Kawan.
You can either make payment through the auto-deduct payment in your account, scan bar code to pay with your credit card, or enter your vehicle plate number at the parking machine to pay.
You are able to check your parking history on the app, and all receipts are available at the payment history.

How kiplePark benefits to you?
#1 Users can register one or multiple car plate numbers in one app
# 2 To improve accuracy, users are advised to take photos of their car plate from both angle of the car
#2 You are able to "lock" you car via the kiplePark app once you have parked, which disallows car theft from immediately driving out without paying for parking
#3 To save your time, the mechanism allows you to enable an auto-deduct payment service from the kiplePark e-wallet once you unlocks your car and exit the car park
#4 Users will receive a kiplePark notification when your vehicle has entered a specific parking site
#5 LPR camera will scan the plate number resulting in the payment to be automatically deducted, and you will receive a notification on the deduction through your mobile phone

For kiplePark, parking is just the first step of shifting towards a cashless, ticketless and cardless world.
In future, the brand plans to treat the license plate as an identity to the car like how we carry our identification card which gives almost instant access to anything that can be driven through.
Further to that, they will also continue to develop strategic partnership and collaboration with various parties to provide a seamless users' experience, for example, allowing offers such as free parking from merchants when a minimum spending is met, parking space reservation, merchant discount, membership and etc.
You can now install this free kiplePark app on your smart phone now!
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