98 Percent @ HōMUplus+ Nature All Purpose Concentrated Liquid

Hey guys!
Have you read my review about the recent household product I got from 98 Percent?
If you haven't read it, HERE's the direct link that you can check it out.
It's an organic detergent powder that I would like to recommend to you and your family as it is safe to use which do not contain any harmful chemicals that may cause damage to health and environment.
If you are always care for a healthy and beautiful lifestyle, you probably should check out the eco-friendly products from 98 Percent. :)
This brand aims to curb the excessive use of harmful chemical substances in our daily lives, sharing our love for the environment starting from our family members and eventually towards building an eco-friendly society.
As for today, I'm going to blog another star product, HōMUplus+ Nature All Purpose Concentrated Liquid from 98 Percent to you all.
This is a one concentrated cleaning liquid for you and your family to do all the cleaning projects at home, such as cleans and dissolves stains and dirt, removes bad odor, purifies the environment, removes pesticide residues on fruits and vegetable and many more.
Let's continue to read on and find out how amazing this product is!

What is HōMUplus+ Nature All Purpose Concentrated Liquid

HōMUplus+ Nature All Purpose Concentrated Liquid is an unique solution that acts as "One Liquid, All-Purpose" to get your cleaner job done perfectly at both inside and outside your home.
The formula is made from naturally obtained certified organic ingredients, not only can disinfect up to 99.9% but it is also eco-friendly and free of harmful chemical substances.
Compared to other products, this Nature All Purpose Concentrated Liquid is more durable and economical as it can help to clean almost everywhere, such as kitchen, living room, bedroom, machines, cars etc. 
It can also be diluted according to its wide range of uses too.
The most important thing is the unique formulation is safe for the environment and ecosystem, hence it is safe to use for you and your family.


HōMUplus+ Nature All Purpose Concentrated Liquid contains 6 natural organic ingredients that has multiple purposes, such as:
#1 Radix Sophorae Flavescentis: a natural insect repellent
#2 Aloe Vera Extract: for antibacterial and accelerates wound feeling
#3 Lemon Extract: act as whitening and neutralizing agent, as well as anti-inflammatory and removes grease and bad odor
#4 Deep Ocean Material: for deep cleaning purpose
#5 Coconut Oil: natural foaming agent for moisturizing and softening
#6 Sunflower Oil: natural foaming and neutralizing agent


The product comes with two different packaging, whereby small bottle contains 1 liter while big bottle contains 4 liter.
I've got the small bottle with 1 liter formula.
The packaging features a simple and easy pump bottle
I would much prefer this kind of packaging idea as it's much easier to dispense the liquid and also for storage. 

It is recommended to purchase the empty spray bottle from 98 Percent to perform the best results.
The spray bottle makes the mixing easier, and also makes you more convenient and comfortable while using the concentrated liquid.
It is a sturdy spray bottle that is reusable, so it actually helps you to save money and reduce the unnecessary wastes.

How to Use?

The reason you need to purchase its spray bottle together is to mix the water and concentrated liquid before it's ready to use.
#1 Add 400ml of water as per the highlighted level on the bottle
#2 Add the concentrated liquid into the bottle according to suggested proportion
#3 Shake well before using, diluted mixture will turn milky white
You can also choose dilution strength based your purposes and duties; for instance:
#1 Heavy duty: 1:3 dilution (pump 30 times Nature + 400ml water)
#2 General purpose: 1:5 dilution (pump 20 times Nature + 400ml water)
#3 Light use: 1:1 dilution (pump 10 times Nature + 400ml water)

Different Ways of Using it

HōMUplus+ Nature All Purpose Concentrated Liquid is an effective cleaner for home areas, such as flooring, furniture, clothing, kitchenware, bathroom etc as it can fill an entirely cleaning niche.
For example, remove the residues, stains, grease in the kitchen and bathrooms, refresh leather or wooden furniture, sofa and electrical appliances, clean floor and glass surface, remove bad odor, purify the environment, remove pesticide residues on fruits and vegetables, and also  prevent ticks and fleas on your pets.
Well, using together with the HōMUplus+ Detergent Powder, it's also good for sterilization and antibacterial purposes. 
It can be used for many areas, both inside and outside your home, and more than the functions that just cleansing!

My Experience

This product is amazing for me!
I can say this is one of the best cleaner to make my home cleaning process simple and easy.
It has removed stubborn brown stains on my kitchen gas stove, melted the sticky labels that have been laying on my wall long time, gave the house windows a shine look etc.
Besides, I also used the mixture to wipe the floor and also clean the carpet since the liquid has antibacterial solution, hopefully to kill the any germs that may be on the areas.
This cleansing liquid also good for me to clean up Zoi D (my puppy)'s pee and poo's stains as it's not only can truly neutralizes the odor but also helps remove the germs and bacterias.
Anyway, the concentrated liquid doesn't have any strong scent, so when I used it, the smell did not bother me at all.
All in all, I love using it because the product is made of organic ingredients, so it is safe to be used everywhere at my home.

Where to Purchase?

HōMUplus+ Nature All Purpose Concentrated Liquid is selling @ RM98 / RM108 (1L) and RM298 / RM338 (4L) at their official website at https://www.98percent.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=66.
You can check out more details about this concentrated cleanser either on their website or follow them on their latest updates on their FB page at https://www.facebook.com/98percent.my/.
Hope you like my sharing for today, and wishing you all a good weekend ahead!

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