Neutrogena®️ Deep Clean Foaming Cleanser @ The Cleanser that Removes 99% of Micro-Pollutants & Gives Back Your Skin's Glow

Pollution is the most common of all that affects our skin.
Did you know that pollution affects a staggering 80% of urbanities, and because of constant exposure to this poor-quality air filled with micro-pollutants, our skin experiences 60% moisture loss after just 7 days.
Common sources of air pollution include diesel or petrol-powered vehicles, power plants and open fires, even indoors, we are also not safe from the dangers of air pollution, such as smoking, gas stoves, paint fumes, as well as household cleaning products that contribute to the worrying condition of air cleanliness.
Well, one of the most concerning pollutants with skin-damaging effects is Particulate Matter (PM), where PM with a diameter of 10 microns or less (≤PM10) can penetrate through the skin, causing serious health issues, and the biggest skin's enemies within this range is PM2.5.
Though PM2.5 is invisible (20 times smaller than human pores), it allows them to penetrate easily through to even the deepest layers of the skin, which will weaken and damage skin's natural protective barrier, obstruct pores and prevent them from functioning properly
The common symptoms of skin damage caused by PM2.5 are dryness, dullness caused by a decrease in collagen, aggravation of acne symptoms, pigmentation and dark spots, premature lines and wrinkles etc.
It sounds so scary to our skin, isn't it?
No worries, Neutrogena®️ has got you a new solution, with a simple and effective method to take away 99% of PM2.5 micro-pollutants, while giving back skin's nourishes glow!

What is Neutrogena®️ Deep Clean Foaming Cleanser?

Neutrogena®️ Deep Clean Foaming Cleanser, the 1st pure glycerin-based foaming cleanser that is clinically-proven to remove 99.9% of dirt and impurities from deep within the skin.
The foaming cleanser features a non-drying oil control formula, which creates a rich, ultra-creamy lather that reaches deep into pores, thoroughly removing impurities such as dirt, excess oil and dead skin cells.
The unique ingredient, Pure Glycerin helps to manage oil zones, where shine is reduces, oily areas are left looking naturally matte, and natural moisture retains.


The main highlight of this products is it's main ingredient, Pure Glycerin.
Glycerin is a powerful humectant which draws moisture from the environment to keep skin hydrated.
According to experts, Glycerin mimics our skin's natural moisturizing factor (NMF), which makes it highly suitable for all skin types, even oily or combination or problematic skin.
Glycerin also good for reducing skin roughness, helping to shield skin from environmental irritation, and strengthening skin's moisture barrier.
Overall, it helps to nourish and refine the complexion for a clear, fresh and healthy-looking glow.

Texture & Scent

The colour is in pearl white, with a thick creamy texture.
It foams very quickly after some water added, and also it creates a very rich lather after massaging into your face.
As for the fragrance, it has a very light natural fresh smell, smells like cucumber, that I believe most people will enjoy it. :)


The new facial cleanser has the same packaging like the other cleansers from Neutrogena®️.
Comes in a tube packaging with a flip open cap.
I always like this kind of packaging when it comes to a facial cleanser as it's lightweight that easy to carry when traveling and most importantly is it's not easy to split out.

How to Use?

Squeeze a small amount into hands, add some water so that it works into rich lather, massage onto your wet face, and lastly rinse thoroughly.
It's suggested to use twice a day on your face, but do keep in mind to avoid contact with eye areas.

My Experience

My first impression about this face washer is its gentle formula, that cleanses your skin well without any irritation. or uncomfortable feeling. 
Everytime after rinsing, I can see my face is brighter and lighter, I think that's because the formula really helps to remove every trace of grime, dirt, residue from the face, and leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean and fresh.
Also, my skin feels soft and smooth, not dry, or tight.
Since I have combination skin, my T zone area is always very oily; after using the cleanser, my skin somehow manage to stay less oily too; yet, I'm not very sure if this product will be too dry for dry skin?
Anyway, I think it's a decent facial cleanser that worth a value as it comes with a friendly price, yet it functions very well as a facial cleanser. 
So, if you are looking for a light cleanser, this can be your perfect everyday cleanser.

Where to Purchase?

Neutrogena®️ Deep Clean Foaming Cleanser @ RM19.90 (100g) is now available at leading pharmacies nationwide.
You can also shop online via Johnson & Johnson official stores on
For more information, you can visit  Neutrogena®️ official website at or follow Neutrogena®️ Malaysia on Facebook page

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