Osim uDance @ Innovative Exercise Machine Brings Fun and Fitness Into Your Living Room

Want to get into shape, but indoor-cycling and running on treadmills just isn't your thing?
Fancy joining a dance workout instead, but can't leave your work on time?
There are a lot of times that workout sessions are proving to be difficult as today's highly-demanding environment, makes it almost impossible for many to leave their office on time to workout or attend fitness classes.
A report published last year by the Department of Statistics (DOS) revealed that the average weekly hours worked by employees in Malaysia was 45.5 hours, also half of these employees work 48 hours a week, meaning that many may be working beyond eight hours a day.
It is with the situation in mind that OSIM, a wellness company that has won numerous awards for its various health and wellness products, has recently developed the OSIM uDance, the first dance-inspired exercise machine that enables users' to experience fun and fulfilling dance-like workouts in the convenience at home, at your own time.

OSIM uDance makes a 5-star features:
#1 S-shaped design: elegant bar stool design to complement modern home interior
#2 Safety stop button: Start or stop exercise anytime you want, making it safe and convenient
#3 Wireless remote: easily programs from speed 1 to 7 wirelessly and conveniently
#4 Anti-slip leatherette: the seat is shaped to hug your hips and upholstered in anti-slip leatherette to allow you stay seated steadily
#5 Wide sturdy base: enjoy using uDance with a peace of a mind, as the wide sturdy base ensures stability
The overall size is 80*76 (CM) and can hold a maximum user weight up to 90kg.

OSIM uDance is easy to use, safe and almost effortless but effective.
You only need to sit and maintain your balance on the chair as the exercise machine moves, targeting the lumbar muscle group.
As your body moves, your heartbeat will increase, enhancing your aerobic fitness, as well as working out other muscle groups that are activated when you attempts to maintain balance.
On the other hand, uDance also designed to emulate the movements of the hip during a typical dance.
It makes a horizontal movement in the form of the number "8" that aids in developing a slim, fit and well-shaped body, which this 8-shaped horizontal movement is also a popular movement used for slimming exercises in Japan and Korea.

 In addition, this exercise machine also provides users with two types of exercise programs:
#1 Aerobics: offers a medium-high speed movement that focuses on improving the body's endurance and cardiovascular function
#Toning: offers a medium speed movement that aids in working out the core, waist and high muscles for a more toned and slim body
You can follow the videos and exercise alongside the dance instructor in the comfort of your own home conveniently and time saving!

In a 2018 research conducted by the Osaka Sangyo University's Sports and Health Sciences faculty on the uDance, it was revealed that the faster the speed of the machine the more oxygen the user will consume.
This in turn, it helps exercise the heart and lungs, leading to improve lung capacity and heart functions.
Besides, Electromyogram (EMG) also conducted in the same study showed that using uDance can increase activity in three muscle groups, such as the rectus abdominis or core, abdominal oblique or the waist area, and the rectus femoris or thighs, by up to six times compared to walking at 4KM per hour.

OSIM Malaysia's general manager, Chia Sook Fun: "Since dancing is viewed as more enjoyable to conventional exercises, many health-conscious people are now looking forward dance-inspired workout programs to meet their fitness goals. Given that uDance users can choose to use it at their own time and convenience, this exercise machine is ideal for those who work extremely long hours."

OSIM Malaysia is making the uDance very affordable by offering an easy-payment plan where customers will only need to pay RM60 per month for a period of 36 months to own the exercise machine at home.
If you are interested to know more, test it or even purchase this innovative dance-inspired exercise machine, you can visit any of OSIM's outlets across the nation.
For more information, you can also check out their official website at https://www.osim.com.my/

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