Eat at J's @ Taman Sea

It's almost a year since I came back from Melbourne.
Ahh! I miss everything in Melbourne; especially sitting at a cafe located on the outskirts of the city, such a calm and relaxing lifestyle.
I wish I can travel to this lovely place sometimes this year again. #wishpleasecometrue
However, it was lucky to come upon a newly open cafe in town when I was recalling the memories in Melbourne.

Eat at J's cafe is a little cafe hidden at the end of the shop-lot of Taman Sea.
It is a new cafe in town which just started it's business in a month ago.

The entrance has an outstanding decoration with all the wooden walls, which enhance the cafe's unique and retro feel.
It's a perfectly pleasant little space from the look of the outside.

This new cafe which just opened a month ago was operated by Sue and her partner, Nicholas.
Sue is an expert in making cakes and pastries, while Nicholas is the main chef of all the other dishes on their menu.
They both decided to open this cafe is because Sue wishes to bring the cafe concept from Melbourne back to KL, so that the customers who visit the cafe can relax over a coffee or drink at a relaxing environment .

I love the interior although it doesn't have any big constructions and engineering works.
The exterior brick walls gives a sense of warmth and harmony.
The ceiling without plastering matches well to the overall and gives a brand new look while preserving the history and original character.
Overall, the cafe has a very well done interior which makes the room feel cozy and welcoming.

Well, let's start the menu of the day by introducing the special beverages that available at J's.
Crush Pure Cold Pressed Smoothie is made from FRESH fruits 100% with absolutely no added sugars, additives, preservatives, concentrates or water.
It comes in 6 flavours for you to choose; Banana-Rama, Super Spinach, Citrus Goji-Ra, Mango Fresh, Jack-fruit Twist and Gua-Pel.
A bottle cost @ RM10.50, which I think is pretty fair enough for a healthy and refreshing drink for a day!

If you like something fizzy, the Tapping Tapir, with lemonade & Lengkuas @ RM10.50 could be a choice to hydrate you on the hot day?

Cold Brew Latte @ RM12 is the most favourite of mine!
I guess not only for me, but also for those who love coffee like I do.
It is not a sweet coffee and doesn't have a strong taste, but the specially coffee brew by themselves will definitely leave an impression in you.

Coffee is not your choice? Then maybe a cup of rich hot chocolate for your relaxing weekend?

The food menu started with the Egg on Toast.
It is a simple toast dish which consists of scramble eggs, smoke salmon and fresh tomatoes.
Well, it probably look simple and standard like the other cafes can offer, but bear in mind that the salmon tastes real fresh on the toast.

The Pumpkin Carrot Soup is delicious with it's thick and rich texture, the only thing I found is it has a bit too much of pepper which has covered the pumpkin taste.

The grilled salmon on bed of rockets, would be a must try for the salmon fans.
I love how the grilled salmon mixed so well with the roasted potatoes, pearly barley and cherry tomatoes, especially the pearl barley has gained the most attention of it.

Okay, if you have the chance to drop by at J's, you must try out this dish because this is my most favourite after all! #haha
If you know me well or just a bit, you may know that I don't like chicken.
But! this Honey Balsamic Chicken has melted my heart on my first bite.
The well marinate chicken with their in-house sauce is real special, and the meat is well cooked to reach it's great tenderness and juiciness!
Plus the combination of the mash potato underneath the meat, and side dishes with roasted pumpkin and green beans have really fulfilled my appetite very well!

Aglio Olio with prawns, olive oil, sauteed garlic and chili flakes, is a common spaghetti that you can meet at other shops.
My own taste told me that it is a bit tasteless and dry, I maybe just prefer a bit more moist one on any spaghetti dishes.

Penne Meatball could be my second favourite after the balsamic chicken.
It is made with their handmade meatballs with the blended tomato sauce and fresh basil.
Well, most of the sauces and spices from J's are made out from their in-house recipe, where you won't be able to find from any other places.

There are also some Asian foods available at J's if you are not into with Western foods.
One of the highlight from the Asian selections is the Lamb Roganjosh.
The lamb is yum with their own recipe of spices and herbs, also the meat is very tender and soft.
If you like lamb, I am sure you will not resist to have one piece and another piece again!

I was quite excited when I met this Spicy Deep Fry Chicken Wing on the table. #lol
It is hardly for me to say no to all chicken wings because I love them!
This spicy chicken wing has it's own special taste which is a little bit spicy and a little bit sweet.

Lastly, let's move on to their cake and pastry selections.

As mentioned, Sue baked all the cakes and pastries on her own, so the dessert menu will change from week to week so that the customer will not feel bored with the everyday same menu.
The cake of today is Chocolate Brownie with Walnut on the topping.
The brownie from Sue is only served by the cake itself whereby the brownies from others are always come with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.
It looks a bit dry from the outlook, but the moist of the texture will come after after your first bite.

The Red Velvet from the menu is a bit over my sweet limit.
I like dessert, but I don't like over sweetened dessert because I was trained by my family that do not take too sweet since I was a kid.

When you dine in at J's, you will always get a free-flow of water with lemon at the front counter which I appreciated the most.
I always feel upset if I need to pay for a glass of water at some cafes and restaurants.

It was a nice hangout on that Sunday with a group of old and new friends.
Thanks Eat at J's for the hospitality and I trust all of us have a good bonding experience at this lovely cafe.

Great satisfaction fix on my face! #lol

Eat at J's
No: 28, Jalan SS23/11,
Taman Sea, Petaling Jaya,
FB: Eat at J's
Opening hours: 9am to 9pm (closed on Monday)

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