Where to drink Korean Soju in KL @ Sola-Pocha

I always look for places to drink Korean Soju at any pubs or bars in town, but it is difficult to get one even though I have searched for it many times.
Me and Kay came across Sola-Pocha which located at Mont Kiara, while we were looking for a Korean restaurant for our dinner.
When I saw the shop name with a tagline "Korea Snack and Soju Cocktail", I was very excited and really can't wait to jump into it!

Sola-Pocha located just right next to Maybank, which is pretty easy to recognize because the shop can be seen far from the main street.

It is located at second floor; in that case, the place doesn't have a big space, but the entire space is well organized with right design of tables and chairs.
I always appreciate any restaurants or cafes with an open kitchen concept. Not sure why, probably just have more confident on their food cleanliness.

I have told by the staffs that this wall was decorated by the boss with beautiful pictures and postcards from all over the world.

Well, although the shop has quite a limited space, but it has one private room that you can book for a small gathering with your families and friends.

It includes 2 dining sections; it has one indoor and one outdoor whereby the outdoor one also has a good air-conditioning, so no more worry about the hot weather. 
We were satisfy enough for the arrangement on that evening because we got an outside table right at the end corner.
We can speak and laugh out loud with none of others business. #haha

As soon as we settled down, we were served by the Banchan (side dishes) with three kinds of salads, and a bowl of kimchi soup.
The salads are quite stimulate our appetite, but we found the soup is a bit tasteless. #roomtoimprove 

We ordered our first cocktail soju with Yogurt Soju @ RM33,
Jezz! It was very delicious and a must try for anyone who isn't so like the green bottle of "fire water" :p
The yogurt has covered the clean and neutral taste of the original soju smell.


It worth a big thumb up from me!

There aren't any main courses available at the shop, yet just small dishes and snacks.
We ordered Cheese Buldok @ RM40 as we thought this should be filling up our stomach.
Speaking frankly, this boneless chicken cooked with cheese was pretty good, but it is TOO spicy.
My level of spice isn't that low; I take chili padi with all my meals, yet this spice was really challenged me up!
You probably won't aware of the spice from your first few bites, but the burning feeling in your mouth started after few minutes later. SUPERB SPICY!

It would be good that the chef can come up different spicy levels to the customers, if not I am afraid the locals aren't able to accommodate with this dish.
Quite wasted without any improvement as this is quite a nice dish hey, except the spice.

To calm down the spice, we ordered a simple Rolled Omelette with Cheese @ RM35.
We think it is a bit costly because it is just a simple fried egg wrapped with fish meat.

Forgot to mention, there are 4 cocktail flavours up for your choices; Yogurt, Lemon, Conna Generalis, and Green Plum.
We tried the Conna Generalis after the Yogurt as Green Plum wasn't available on that day.
Sorry to say that this Conna Generalis is not our cup of tea, the taste is almost like the cough syrup we get have from the clinic.
Kay doesn't like it, so I have to finish the whole bottle by myself. :(
Next time, I am gonna try the lemon flavour as I am pretty sure the lemon shall mix well with Soju.

Despite the foreigner workers cannot understand English well, I am happy with the Korean waitresses.
They both have good services with helpful and pleasant attitude. They came up to us at least 2 times to make sure everything was okay to us.
Plus, they also served us a plate of melon to fresh us up after the heavy dishes.

We had a nice evening at this little place which owned by pure Korean.
Surprisingly, we were the only Malaysian visited the shop, whereby the entire shop was filled with all Koreans.
We have a kind of feeling that we are drinking Korean Soju in real Korea. #lol

Will I come back for the second visit? Definitely a YES!
Appreciate such precious place for a bottle of Soju after long day work!

To Kay, thanks for the lovely hangouts during your trip in KL, I will miss you to max till our next catch up again! #muacksss

Sola-Pocha Korea
No: 13-2, Block B, Jalan Solaris 1,
Solaris Mont Kiara, 50480 KL
(Solaris Maybank 2nd Floor)
Tel: 603-6211 9960

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