Premiere Screening @ Absolutely Anything

What if you have a special power that allows you to do absolutely anything you want, what would be the first 3 wishes you want to make them come true?
A lot of money? Travel around the world? A handsome boyfriend? A beautiful girlfriend?
My first wish is FLY me to KOREA and meet Park Yoo Chun before he join the military duty in 5 days later.
My second wish is Malaysia please SNOW!
And my last wish is to TRAVEL around the world!

Well, that's the upcoming comedy, Absolutely Anything all about!
It is a comedy which directed by Terry Jones, with starring Simon Pegg, Kate Beckinsale and special voiced by Robin Williams, who just passed away in August last year.

Happy girl is happy to have the special pass for the premiere screening on last Wednesday before the show up to the big screen to the public.
Special thanks to Seeties and Granocost for the special pass.
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Anyway, Absolutely Anything is about Neil Clarke (Pegg), a high school teacher, who suddenly finds he has the ability to do anything he wishes. All he has to do is just wave his hand.
He gifted this special power is because he got the challenge by a group of power-crazed aliens who are watching him from space, as this gift onto Neil is a last chance attempt to save the Earth from being destroyed.

Everything becomes so easy for Neil after he realized of his special power.
He wanted a great body and he got one.
Eating has become easy as the food flew into his mouth by just his command.
Having his clothes dress him and improving his body.
The dog of Neil is given the ability to speak.

There are also some special screens that for sure will make your laugh out loud.
Like Neil made everyone who has died alive again, but that backfired as zombies began roaming around.
When Neil was asking for a great body and being turned out differently in front of the mirror.
Dennis, the dog of Neil asked for biscuits, biscuits! please, please! nothing else matters, when he was given the ability to communicate with Neil.

It's a simple yet funny story. 
I believe everyone of us truly enjoyed all the laughs!
Once again, thanks to Seeties and Granocost for the special premiere screening in the town last week.

This new comedy is now launched in Malaysia at all cinemas.
Before you grab your tickets, let's take a look at the trailer for this!

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