Gala Premiere Screening @ Knock Knock Who's There 有客到

The hungry ghost festival is one of the traditional Chinese festival, which usually fall in the end of August and last for a month in our Western calendar.
And, every year of this festival session, there will be definitely many horror movies are releasing in the cinemas
This year, we have the Knock Knock Who's There 有客到, from HK!

It was such a great honor to be invited to the gala premiere screening of this movie at GSC Pavilion on last Friday.
This time I was not only watched the movie one week before it release on the big screens, but also have the chance to meet and greet the special guests from the movie.
Stay tune on my post and you will find out who are the big guests of that night! #hehe

Thank you Grabies again for such rare opportunity!
For more information about Grabies, please check out my previous post here about them!

Because of this special pass, I got the privilege to stand right in front of the stage and meet closely with the special guests!
It sounds like a reporter hey!


Here you go!
Give your big HI to Carrie Ng 吴家丽, the director and Kate Tsui 徐子珊, the main actress, of the movie!

I know about Carrie's Ng through her previous movies of 孟兰神功 and 香港仔, whereby she left a deep impression to me because of the good movies she has done.
So, it was kinda excited for me to meet her in person on that night, plus this is her first directed horror movie. #luckyme

If you watched TVB's dramas, for sure you will know Kate Tsui.
She is so slim and fit in person, and she was humorous as she kept mugging with her fans, and also make jokes throughout the access.

Carrie said she hopes this movie will bring the Chinese funeral culture especially in HK to other countries, and she also shared the "weird" experiences during her filming process.
Katie said her biggest challenge in this movie is to have a close relationship with the cat.

Knock Knock Who's There, also known as Chinese title 有客到, which means "a guest has arrived".
This phrase is usually announce when guests arrive at the funeral home to pay the last respect to the deceased ones.
This is very common to hear when you attend the Chinese funeral especially in HK, yet I think it is not as common as in Malaysia.
This movie consists of three different stories which mainly titled as Missing, Karma and Smell; all these stories are surrounding with one funeral home.

"Missing" is about a bride-to-be, Isabelle, who died tragically in a car accident.
She broke off with her ex-boyfriend, who works at the funeral home, due to the misunderstanding which created by the Isabelle' sister.

Faith is faith, they both meet at the funeral home again after she died, and their sparkles reignited even though she's a ghost.

"Karma", is a story about Yung's stepparents, who are gambling addicts.
In order to bring more lucks to their gamble games, they caught a black cat from the alley, put it in the coffin, and perform a ritual called "lucky cat".

Unusual things happened to Yung, the one who always takes care of the black cat before it was killed.

"Smell" is about an incident of Yan, who works at the funeral home, and doesn't believe in ghost.
One day, she picks up a phone of a girl, who dies in an accident.
They start to make friends through texting each other everyday frequently.

A true story of a psychopath was found by Yan, when the girl asks her to do a favor for her.
I like this story more compare to the others, and I was pretty amazed with Jennifer Tse (Nicholas Tse's sister), she is pretty good in this movie though.

Thanks again to Seeties and Grabies for such an invitation.
End the post with a group picture, together with the 2 big stars in the cinema!

This new movie will be released on this hungry ghost festival, 27 August 2015.
Enjoy the trailer before you catch it at the cinemas!

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