Squid Ink Pasta and Rice @ Franco One Utama

I am pretty sure many of you must have heard of Franco from any social media sites recently.
It is quite a well known Japanese-French restaurant nowadays in the town, and they are opening a few more franchises; the new upcoming one will be at Berjaya Times Square.
Well, today I am just going to give a short review about my dining experience in Franco.

For those who doesn't know about Franco yet, Franco is a French-Japanese Fine-Casual Dining Restaurant, so their food are a bit of Japanese and a bit of French.
I have seen Franco few times whenever I walked past by at One Utama, and usually it was crowded and with a long q outside.

So, I have my first time visited with Kay, when she was in KL during the Raya breaks.
It was already very crowded when we stepped into the shop before 6pm.

I like the casual setting of the shop.
With the chesterfield sofa at the side, it just bring a bit of french with vintage style.

Welfie with Kay for that night!

We ordered everything in squid ink for our dinner on that night.
First with the Squid Ink Pasta @ RM26.80
The pasta has a bit of wasabi taste inside with the black source, and it paired with squid ring which is very chewy and tender.

Make sure you have your tissue with you to wipe off the black ink inside your teeth and lips.
If not, you will look horrible after this dish. #lol

Another squid ink dish we ordered is the Squid Ink Rice @ RM28.80.
I like how the rice taste with a bit of sticky feeling, that probably because of the mixture of the cheese inside.
Not only that, the rice also comes with fresh prawns and squids.

We both like this beautiful dish very much!
It's definitely my top pick from Franco!

I am sure you may have a better dining experience in Franco, maybe more other food you ordered from there before.
Let's share with me what are the other good ones that I must order when I pay my second visit there!

Franco Malaysia
Lot 146, Ground Floor,
One Utama Shopping Center,
Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya,
FB: Franco Malaysia

End the post with the outfit of that day!
Top: Zara / Bottom: from Germany / Shoe: from Bangkok / Bag: MCM Korea/ Watch: G Shock


Sharon Lee said...

Squid Ink for the day! Never been my favorite choice though, haha! But it does looks delicious from the picture <3

Betty's Journey said...

The food is nice at Franco but a bit expensive.

cindy said...

woo so many shopping haul!! hehehe i wanted to try Franco for sometime especially the squid ink rice..the spaghetti got wasabi so might not for me....

Shiv B said...

The squid ink pasta looks really interesting :) Not too certain on the color choice but I am sure it tasted great ;)

Isabel said...

How bad is the stain on your teeth? LOL I've never ordered any squid ink stuff because of that haha

hiphippopo said...

Hi Sharon, try it and you gonna miss it! lol

Hi Betty, slightly pricey, but worth to try especially the squid ink rice.

Hi Cindy, too many sales are going on, cant stop!

Hi Pen, thanks for dropping by, and if you have the chance, just a few bites of the rice, and you will fall in it. #lol

Isaac Tan said...

squid ink pasta, they are good anywhere, anytime! :) love the savoury taste of the dish.

cre8tone said...

I wonder how it taste like.. looks good in black!


zzz said...

Wow the Squid Ink Pasta looks super delicious! Wondering how it taste like :)