Metropark Bazaar @ Tropicana Metropark

How's everyone last weekend? Hope yours were good!
I went to the Metropark Bazaar on last Saturday located at Subang Jaya.
It was a real sunny hot day, but it was still fun while spending time together with a group of bloggers and organizers.

Nice knowing everyone; Hello to Ariq, Eddy and Wendy!

Tropicana Metropark is a new development which setting a new township in Subang Jaya.
It would be the biggest township in Subang Jaya as it has at least 88 acres of freehold land, which combines residences, business spaces, retails spots and recreational areas.
The project will be completed around year of 2023.


There are total 3 residences whereby each phase consists of 500 units.
The size of each units starting from 600 - 1300 sq ft, and it costs about RM800 per sq ft.
The entire development covers by a 9.2 acres central park and with a comprehensive range of educational, medical, commercial and public infrastructure.

The current development of the service residences are Pandora at phase 1 and Paloma at phase 2.
You can get the chance to view the entire development through the viewing deck, located just outside of the sales office.

For welcoming the new development in town, the developer has organized a weekend bazaar for the public with music performance, food trucks, as well as various stalls selling gadgets, homemade food and drinks, garments, accessories and many more.
It consider the biggest bazaar so far in Subang area!

Well, let's check out the bazaar with the RM40 vouchers I have on my hand now! #hehe

There are many homemade food and drinks are available at the bazaar, and I would like to highlight some of them which I think they have the best.
D Leaf Bakery offers all kind of chiffon cakes in different flavours like cheese, butter, fruits and many more.
All price ranges are from RM8 to RM10 for a box like this.

There are too many choices till I hardly make my decision. #lol
I think one of the best to get is the Parmesan Cheese Cake; the texture is so light and airy with a tiny of Parmesan cheese, it's one of the amazing recipe that you have to try!

Bean De'licious sells fresh homemade soy bean pudding (Tau Foo Fah).
It is freshly made without any gypsum powder, preservative, and pigment flavor, hence it can only last for 3 days by leaving it in the refrigerator.

Original and Matcha are the two flavours available at the stall.
Both are good, not very sweet; but I personally prefer the Matcha flavour because it is not easy to find anywhere else.
Get 1 for RM4 and get 3 for only RM10.
I brought one set for my mum and she likes it a lot like I do! #lol
You can always follow their Facebook page here and see if they have a stall nearby your place.

Another big highlight of the other stall is Choco Delight.
They offer everything in chocolate, like chocolate chips, brownies and choc moist cake.
The chocolate chips were so surprisingly good as the outlook looks nothing special, but it is so crispy and it smells so delicious on your first bite!
Also, the sweetness was just right on the choc moist cake; the moist and coco mixed so well till it truly melted my heart.

All prices are very much reasonable and affordable compare to the outside restaurants.
They have the same quality standard as in the expensive restaurants, so why pay more?!

Moving on to the new things I have explored in the town.
SodaXxpress is Malaysia's first Sparking Water Maker.
The whole device, inclusive of the carbonating cylinder and bottle, is only at weight less than 4 kg.
The good thing is it requires no power sockets or batteries to run.

It is portable and light to carry almost everywhere to create your own fizzy drink like sparkling cocktails, teas and other beverages.
Besides, the process of making it is as easy as pie, by just clicking, pressing and releasing!
Well, why drink sparkling water? It is good for your digestion; if you have any constipation problem, sparkling water might work for you?!
It can be purchased now at selected Chatime outlets, and you can also order it online at their office website here.

Green Room is developing brand for healthy green tea in Malaysia.
That's why you will see all kinds of their products like greeting cards, notebooks, accessories are all so "greenie" in made.

The highlight of the Green Room is their Sencha Green Tea.
We usually drink green tea in hot water, but this Sencha green tea can be cold brewed as well.
Just steep one sachet with cold water and it's ready for drink anytime at anywhere.
How cool is it?!
Check out their Facebook page here and see where this green tea is available at.

There are beverages trucks available at the bazaar too.
The Laughing Monkey Cafe provides you affordable, rich and freshly brewed coffee.
All hot drinks are at price RM6 to RM9, pretty much cheaper than the ones in cafe!
Laughing Monkey is available to call for all kinds of events, so if you are interested to have them in your event, you can contact them at their Facebook page here.

I got my Cappuccino for the day, what's yours then?

Other than the above stalls I recommended, there are also some good stalls to spend time with.
Like Turkish Ice Cream and kebabs by Sam, the Turkish man.
The ice-cream costs at RM5 and kebab costs at RM8.

You can also find some finger foods over the bazaar like Apong which sponsored by the Tropicana Golf Club.

Fish crackers.

BBQ sausages in different meats.

You can also shop your outfit at the bazaar with different accessories and clothing too!

Maybe get your Henna done?

Other than spending at the bazaar, Metropark Bazaar also brings you jazz singer Atilia Haron and Prema Yin for the music performance.
Here's the Atilia Haron at the show on that lovely afternoon!

The bazaar does not only organize the activities for the adults, but also for the kids.
Your kids can get to make some interesting crafts with other kids over the bazaar while you are doing your shopping.
It''s free of charge by only register at the service counter there.

There is a park at the end of the bazaar whereby your kids can have fun with some bubble games and activities.

I remember when I was in the United States, we always have outdoor activities like picnic; well it is so difficult to have such activity in Malaysia due to the weather.
This bazaar has arranged a special picnic area for the visitors, whereby you can enjoy your food and live performance with your families and friends.
I am sure it would be a different experience for you to get out of the usual activities, like hanging out at shopping malls.

It was a well spent day at the bazaar!
The Bazaar will be on every 2nd Saturday of the month, until October 2015 (the upcoming one will be 19th September)
Make sure you have yourself free on the days and experience a different weekend out day with your families and friends!


sweetrainfall said...

soda express
-a new thing for me. I would love to find out someday.

turkish ice cream
-aww, I love ice cream! How is this Turkish Ice Cream tastes like? i hope it tastes the best!

Thanks for sharing the wonderful bazaar well spent of the day. I've missed out special friendship with you all.

GreenRoom said...

Thank you Ivy for the lovely share on our GreenRoom Cold Brew Sencha green tea. Hope you like the convenience and of course the refreshing taste :)

hiphippopo said...

S Yin, Next time please join together! Look forward seeing you!
GreenRoom, You are welcome! Yea, its such a convenience that I can now drink the green tea everywhere even inside my room without boiling the hot water! Welcome to share the post on your page ya!