BBQ Thai @ Old Klang Road

Hello! Hows everyone weekend? Mine was pretty good!
I watched the newly released movie at the cinema, Warcraft The Beginning on last Saturday.
Probably because I had no expectation for this movie and I ended up loving it. #lol
I am not a huge fan of action or fantasy movies, but this movie pretty much caught my attention throughout the entire show. 
If you haven't seen yet, I would recommend it for you.
And for today's post, it's not about the movie review, but it's about my favourite Thai restaurant in Klang Valley. #hehe

Have you ever heard of BBQ Thai before?
It's quite a famous Thai Food located at Old Klang Road.
Why I said it's famous is because my friends were always talking about the food there, and every time when I passed by the restaurant, the place was always packed!
I have been there twice, and no doubt that this restaurant has a wide selection of dishes to choose from and most of the dishes I have tried were so tasty too!

When you drive on the Old Klang Road, spot for this big lamp post, and you will got the place. 
Suggest you to slow down once you see the Toyota signboard if not you will miss it and need to make another turn.

Parking is provided for the customers and it's free. 
It is easy to get to park inside if you come early; otherwise, you will have to park at the road side which I think is a bit inconvenient if you come along with young children and old people. 

As the restaurant highlighted themselves as Thai Street Food, so please do not expect for the upper-class dining atmosphere like at the Absolute Thai. 
In spite of the fact that they built up the whole place with their unique idea and recycle materials. 

The restaurant owner actually knocked down and rebuilt the whole place for the restaurant purpose.
It was built with a great outside area where you can sit and chill.  
It would be nice to sit at the open air area when the weather is good, else you can choose the indoor rooms which they built them like the wooden huts on the beaches. 

Each wooden hut has their own colour and concept theme.
The blue hut which located next to the entrance has the blue and ocean theme. whereby the room is painted in blue colour and the walls are full with different island posters. 

One decor highlight to mention is they used different recycle materials for the adornment such as the lamps on the ceiling. #creative

They have total 9 newly refurbished theme private rooms to choose from, and some rooms can host up to 20 pax.
If you are thinking to host a private party, you can book the rooms in advance with no minimum charges at all now.
And this room has all the advertisement posters and a big round table which is suitable for family united dinner.

The star room! which decorated with Thai celebrities and movie posters.
A long table can hold up to 16 pax in this room.

This Thai ladyboy room is painted in pink colour and decorated with pretty "girls" pictures and posters.
The big room can hold up to 20-25 pax.

At BBQ Thai, you will have different dining experience here, which allows you to feel like you are at somewhere in Thailand.
The whole atmosphere has created so alive!

The light appetizers are always the best to kick start the Thai food.
This is one of the famous Thai Salad, Papaya Salad @ RM15.
The sweet and sour taste will easily stimulate your appetite before the main course serve.

Thai deep fried KangKong is always the first dish I order when I go to a Thai restaurant.
Their Thai Deep Fried KangKong @ RM15 is less oily than the other Thai restaurant I went.
What I like about this dish is that it can be eaten as main dish or a snack.
The dish always goes well with the special dipping sauce that they prepared for you.

There are several seafood dishes that you will fall in love with if you like seafood, and all the prices are not fixed whereby they charged based on the season.
Lemon Steamed With Squid, is a highly recommend dish to order at BBQ Thai.
If you are a squid or spicy sour lover, you definitely cannot miss it!
The squid is freshly cook in front of you, plus the spicy and sour tastes will give you an excellent refreshing feeling.
Do not drag too long to finish this dish as the squid will be too hard to bite.

Fresh Butter Milk Crabs, is superb with it's fresh catch crabs!
I was very impressed with the combination between the butter milk cream along the fresh crabs.
The reason I said the crabs were fresh is because the meats came out easily from the shell and the meats tasted so sweet itself.

Thai Style Lemon Fried Fish, is a deep fried Tilapia fish which drench with their in-house lemon sauce.
If you asked me to choose in between steamed lemon or fried lemon fish, I would always pick up the steamed one because I like to add and mix the lemon sauce with white rice. #lol

No other dishes can defeat the Thai Tom Yam soup as it is an optimal representative of Thai gourmet.
This Seafood Hot & Sour Tom Yam Soup with Big Prawn will not disappoint your taste buds with their fresh ingredients such as mussels, big prawns, squid and small crabs.

I don't really like cockles, but this Thai BBQ Cockles @ RM12 just made me couldn't ask for more!
Each pieces are full, fresh and chewy.
The taste goes well with or without their homemade spicy source.
If you like cockles, I bet you will love this!

On my previous visit, I was recommended to try their BBQ pork neck meat, and that's the main dish that makes me wanted to come back here.
This BBQ Thai Combo Set @ RM58 has the portion of squid, pork neck meat, chicken wings and prawns.
It's quite a good choice to go with as you get to try different grilled meats at the same time.

Thai Style Fried Chicken with 3 Taste Sauce @ RM35 has the combination sauces which give you sour, spicy and sweet flavours all together.
I would say the meat is not in dry texture but more in tender and juicy.

My top favourite BBQ Pork Ribs @ RM48!
The meats are well marinated, tender and soft which they grill to perfection.
If you got to see my face reaction while eating it, you will understand how tasty it is!

I personally find this Thai Style Pork Ribs Spicy Sour Soup @ RM48 is tooooo salty.
It's would be much better to have it with white rice, otherwise you will not enjoy this dish that much.

Phat Thai is a stir fried Keow Teow dish that frequently served as a street food in Thailand.
I find the Phat Thai @ RM12 is less sweet than the others I tried before.
If you do not like Phat Thai, maybe you can give a chance to try the Phat Thai here?!

Thai restaurants usually offer few desserts but at BBQ Thai you will find a wide range of Thai desserts.
They have a special dessert kitchen to create and make all kind of desserts for you!

Started the dessert with their Thai Dessert Platter @ RM38.
Top right, we have Golden Threads Thai Sweets which is made from egg yolks boiled in syrup.
Top left, we have Cassava Cake which served with the shredded coconut.
Bottom right, we have Look Choop which is made from mung bean pasted mixed with coconut milk.
Bottom left, we have Thai Rice Cracker with homemade jelly type sauce.
All tastes are acceptable except the Golden Threads Thai Sweets; it's difficult to explain how the taste like, I just felt it's way toooooo sweet to swallow even just a small bite. #sorry

My first favourite Thai dessert is always the Mango Sticky Rice, and the second favourite is the Thai Water Chestnut as it is always good to have in the warm Malaysia weather.
This Thai Style Water Chestnut @ RM7 is a cool refreshing dessert with the ruby red jellies which made of water chestnut cubes coated in tapioca flour.
Every time, I can finish one bowl all by myself. #bigeater

Ended the dinner section with their Thai Style Cendol @ RM7.
It's quite a big portion with all the fillings especially the red beans that I will suggest you to share among 2 people at least.

As for the beverage, I would recommend you to have their Pandan water without sugar @ RM0.80/pax and it is refillable.
It's a good companion with all the heavy flavours food you have.

I'ts nice being at the BBQ Thai and I shall definitely return again and again.
The service here was prompt and friendly with the Thai waiters and waitresses.
The surrounding area is lovely and the authentic Thai food are so delicious.
If you haven't tried it but a truly fans of Thai food, faster go for it!

BBQ Thai
No 17, Lorong Jugra, Off Batu 3 1/4
Jalan Klang Lama,
58200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603 7981 9888

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