Ladies, pamper yourself @ IOI City Mall

One of my favourite activity during weekend is to have a long pamper session for myself.
After a long week for works, it's very nice to have my own sweet time to do head-to-toe routine and get prepare for another week ahead.
Sometimes I will just have the pamper session at home with simple face and hair masks, but recently I prefer to visit the salons and getting help from the experts.
Like this, I paid my first visit at the Facial First and A-Saloon about three weeks ago at IOI City Mall.

Facial First was established since September 2009 and has total 23 outlets across Malaysia.
It is the sister company of the well known Bizzy Body, under Wyann International. 
Facial First has started it's first beauty salon at the Boulevard, Mid Valley City and followed by the other outlets at Berjaya Times Square, The Mines, Damansara Utama and so on. 
Their signature technology is to discover a right beauty solution based on individual personal needs on skin types. 
And recently, Facial First brought in an interesting and the only beauty technology to Malaysia!

It's my first time visiting Facial First at IOI City Mall.
From the moment I stepped into the salon, it gave me a lovely and welcoming feeling. 
I feel very comfortable in the most pleasant surroundings, like at their waiting area, an absolutely quiet facial room, clean and tidy work area. 

Each room has prepared the equipment and different types of the skin solutions. 
One of their signature beauty instrument can be used for different function such as face lifting, eye treatment and so on. 

There are also two consultation rooms for your private talk with your beautician.
They will do a skin check on your face, understand your skin condition, before they advise you what treatment you should go through. 

Skin check includes 4 different sections which starts from your cheek, and continue with your forehead, chin and nose area.


After the the skin diagnosis, you will now know how good or how bad your skin condition is.
The most important thing is you are able to find out what kind of treatment you should go through and what kind of product you should purchase in future.

HydraGlacial MoistureQuench System is the treatment my skin needs the most since my chin and forehead are very dry and my nose area is too oily, so I need more hydration seriously!
This hydration treatment has 1000x moisture retention to boost hydration and improve your skin radiance, and the price for one time treatment is RM340 only.
Understand that all their treatments are not in salon pack but are in individual pack kit set!

Now, let's move on to their current new signature product in the market now, DNA skin!
What is DNA Skin?
It's a new technology that helps you better understand your skin's genetic makeup and remove the guesswork out of your skincare.
By extracting your DNA, you are able to identify your exact genotype to determine the perfect skincare regime for you.
It is suitable to use for any one from age 22 and above and will not give you any side effects since it's just a DNA test.

The procedure is simple and easy.
#1 Open one of the cheek swabs with clean hands carefully.
#2 Using only one cheek, swab, scrape vigorously inside one of your cheeks many times for 45 seconds, repeat on the other cheek with another swab.
#3 Place the swabs into the hygiene packet given and seal it.
#4 Wait for the result from the lab in USA for at least 2 months.


Why DNA Skin is so important?
It is difficult to predict how your skin will respond to aging and different products.
By testing your skin with DNA Skin, #1 it helps to detect your own DNA and recommend skin care treatments or products for you.
#2 It also serves as an early awareness or protection before the problem occurs.
It's one lifetime investment whereby #3 you are able to gather all the information that you require in order for you to understand your own DNA and #4 from there you will know which products are best suited for your skin so that you can save your time, money and focus on your skin regimen and treatment that your skin's needs.
So, what are you waiting for? Let's unlocking your DNA Skin genetic profile today at RM1800 to help you to achieve a healthy, beautiful, and flawless skin you have always desired!

Next I move on to my hair.
I bet you have seen A-Saloon at most of the shopping malls, well same here too.
But, this is my first time stepping into the saloon to have their hair service.
A-Saloon has total 13 outlets available and they aim to provide 6 star service experience and environment to their customers. #cool

My hair is fine, dry and frizzy, so I have no choice but just tight it up everyday!
For me, it's important to have a hair wash twice a month at the hair saloon to remove the dirt and make sure the hair and scalp are cleansed thoroughly.

The staffs are all friendly with a big smile on their faces.
He said I have greasy hair with dry scalp, and shall take care of it from now on, or else I will keep losing my hair from day to day. #OMG
He also suggested me do not use the same shampoo all the time, and do hair mask every week to reveal silky soft hair as I've been dealing with dry hair now.

Since I need to protect my hair more than styling, so they just blow my hair in a natural way without using any chemical products.
Well, that's good enough!

My hair is so fluffy, and smell sooooo good now!
The wash & blow for straight hair is only RM36, and for forward and curly hair, it is RM44 and RM55 respectively.

So yeap, that's all for today's sharing!
I will be right back soon with another new post!
Have a great weekend ahead!

For more information, you can check out the below websites:
Facial First:
IOI City Mall:

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I'm a customer at facial first. Love their taipan subang branch :)