I aet Live Octopus @ Jagalchi Fish Market, Busan Korea

Before travelling to Busan, I noticed that many people suggested Jagalchi Fish Market is one of the must go place in Busan, Korea.
I wasn't very fancy about markets, especially wet markets as I am afraid of the smell, the air, and also the cleanliness; but since Erica said it is near to GamCheon Cultural Village, so we decided we should head over there for our lunch on that day.

Since we had 4 person, so we took a taxi from GamCheon Cultural Village as it's more saved time and cost.
Erica is right that it is really near from the village which just took us less than 10 minutes drive.

Before entering into the market, there are few shops selling different banchan such as the famous Korean Kimchi.
Banchan is the small side dishes of food served along with Korean cuisine, usually the banchan can be refilled during your dining.
For a kimchi lover like me, this large bowl of kimchi really looks mouth-watering! #hehe


There are lots of great pre-made bancham popping up in the shops.
You name it, they have it!

Then, we continue to walk into the market.
Wow! We were totally impressed with the site as there are so many fishes and seafood at each stalls.
The streets are full of people, not only foreigners, you can also see locals buying tones of seafood over there.
It's really fun to look around how they trade with each others.

Most of the sellers are Ajumma, who are the marriage aged woman.
They look kinda serious, but I guess that's the common face expression from Korean. #imsorrytosayso


All look soooo good!
The market has all kind of seafood and all of them are so fresh, some of them are even still alive!
Octopus, Crabs, Mussels, Eals, Shells, Prawns, clamps and various fishes.
If you are a seafood lover, I am sure this would be a paradise for you! #nyeknyeknyek


After walking at the outdoor zone, we looked for a place to eat for lunch.
There is a huge hall (covered building) with many stalls selling all kind of seafood, whereby you can get the fresh seafood and cook them on the spot.

It's my first time dining inside a wet market.
However, the feeling was not what I expected at first; the environment is clean, with cool air, and the sellers are friendly and helpful for your questions,

It's so difficult to choose a stall after shopping around as all of them look the same for us. #lol
Unless your Korean skills are good at here, or else it's difficult to bargain or ask for what you want.
So, at last we just pick randomly after we're tired from walking around.

Yea! Got our seat and order finally!
I have decidophobia and so I left the order to the three ladies! #haha

One of the must try food in Korea is the Sannakji (live octopus).
Right! I was holding a live octopus!
Scary not?! #haha

I have been asked by many friends if I tried the live octopus during my first time visit in Korea.
Unfortunately, I didn't; so how can I skip for this time?
Sannakji is a small live baby octopus that has been cut into small pieces, and served on a plate.
You can still see the pieces crawling around the plate!
It looks awful for some people even for me at the first time, but it taste so good after you bite it.
Indeed, one plate wasn't enough for us, we ordered 2!

Look at my funny reaction while I was having the Sannakji! #actingqueen
You have to chew hard once you put it into your mouth, otherwise you will feel the piece crawling and sticking inside your mouth.
I would highly recommend everyone of you to try at least once if you ever been to Korea as this probably cannot find it at elsewhere!
Make sure you made a video of it, like mine here. lol!

Next, we had one shellfish for each of us.
The meat is thick and the texture is chewy that you can taste the freshness in your every bite.

The super big cockles!
The meat is so fresh that I couldn't stop to ask for one more!

Grilled flounder, caught and grilled on the same day!
Seriously couldn't get much fresher than this!

Fresh red snapper sashimi is what the owner recommended to us when we seek for her opinion.
She said this is the best to have in Busan and so we just ordered without any second thought.

The meal came with fresh vegetables and a bowl of seaweed soup for everyone.
We also ordered the Makgeolli (rice wine) to go with our seafood lunch. #perfectmatch

Thanks for the great hospitality to the owner.
She has been helpful to guide us what to order, and the way to eat the Sannakji and fresh red snapper sashimi.
Well, I have to say that the food aren't cheap as I think we spent about RM100 per person for all the food we had.
Yet, it's such an unforgettable dining experience in Busan!

I think that concludes our visit at Jagalchi Fish Market.
What's more?! Stay tuned for the next, love!!! 

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