Nami Island @ Beautiful Autumn Season

Finally, today is the last post for my Korea trip during the Autumn season.
You are always welcome to read back my previous Korea posts by clicking on the label "Korea".
Since this is my last post for the trip, I am gonna spam many pictures out from my trip, so just bear with me okay?! #promise?
We decided to spent our last day at the Nami Island instead of doing all the shopping hauls. #lol
This is my second time visit here, and I have mentioned few times before that I wanna come back for different seasons.
I have done with the winter and autumn seasons, hope I can come here again during their spring and summer seasons soon. 
Since my first visit was organized by the tour agent, hence for this time, I am gonna plan my own itinerary to come here. #excitedman

So, shall we begin the journey now?!

Nami Island is far from the city where we need about 1 hour plus, nearly 2 hours to arrive.
So, it is impossible to go there by taxi because the taxi fair is gonna be way too expensive. 
This is the longest subway transaction we had for the whole trip. #haha
The subway took us about 50 minutes - 1 hour to arrive Gapyeong station, which is the main station you must arrive before heading to the Nami Island.

From the Gapyeong station , you can choose to take the shuttle or taxi to the final destination.
We choose to take a taxi which cost us about 4000 - 5000 won (RM14 - RM17) as the fare for the shuttle is almost the same. 
The drive from the Gapyeong station to the jetty is just 5 minutes. 

We got our entrance ticket after the long queue; there were so many visitors on that day no matter they are Koreans or foreigners.
The admission fees for foreigner is 8000 won which is about RM28 per person.  
The opening hours is from 730 am till 930 pm, and I strongly suggest you to come here early; otherwise when the sky is getting dark, you likely won't be happy with your pictures.  

Everybody, get on to the ferry boat!
You will never reach the island without taking the ferry. 
The journey is about 20 - 25 minutes.
The space inside the ferry is always packed, at least it was on my both visits. #lol

If you want to get to the front deck for a good view, then you must get yourself queue early to get the front row. #idontmind

N A M I  I S L A N D !

It's lucky that we got a nice weather on that day.
It has a bit of sunshine but it was not very warm, pretty chilly for a day time. 
It's an ideal weather for outing!

It's totally a different experience travelling here by myself and with tour agent.
It was kinda rush when I first came here because the tour guide kept rushing us for the next destination. #ihateit
And for this time, I can truly enjoy my time, walk around and admire the beautiful scenery of the island. 

I have extra time to play hide and seek with the girls. #actlikekiddo

And have more time to take wonderful pictures. 

There are more things to do at Nami Island, such as renting a bicycle if you have enough time to spend during your trip. 
But, I would recommend you to have a picnic here.
Pack some simple food and drinks from the convenient store, and enjoy your lunch with the beautiful autumn coloured trees. 
I am sure you will bring back great memories from your holiday when you return home.

The place is serene and beautiful on it's own way. 
B E A U T I F U L !

It's lucky to come here during the autumn season so that you got to see the beautiful leaves before they fall off.

The view during autumn and winter is completely different.
At my first visit, all trees dropped their leaves and they were all bold during the cold weather.
And at my second visit, I had the chance to see the colourful leaves; from green turning red/orange, and then slowly changing to yellow/brown.
It is totally a different scenery and I have to say that autumn season is more breath taking to take great pictures.
I guess my pictures have already described the beauty of Nami Island.
If you are curious how the place looks like during the winter season, you can click the link at here.

K-drama, Winter Sonata is one great reason to visit the Nami Island because it's the first Korean drama was being filmed at here.

It was lunch time, and we had our lunch at one of the Korean restaurant.
We insisted to have traditional Korean cuisine since that was our last day in Korea, gonna eat "kaokao". #haha
We had Samgyetang, Jeon (Korean pancake), and Bibimbap for sharing.
Of course, both Samgyetang and Bibimbap still the best from the Bukchon Village.

It was our first girl trip, and I am sure more to come~~~ #hehe

Well, it's time to beat farewell and head back to Seoul.
Please take note that the return ferry boat usually has a long queue which need to wait for at least 15 minutes.
If you have a tight schedule, you probably can plan your itinerary according to it.
Overall, I have to say that we were enjoying ourselves very much at the Nami Island, and I felt glad that we included it in our itinerary although I have been here before.
It's a great destination for you to visit if you want to experience the more natural side of Korea.
I think my pictures tell how romantic and beautiful during the autumn days, and I would love to return to see how the island is like in Spring!

So, that's it for my Korea post!
I was feeling sad on the last day because we were flying off to Malaysia the next day.
I wanted to stay here longer, and seriously I am not ready to leave this beautiful country. #sobsobsob
Truly, it was a good trip and I felt so thankful that I can have the opportunity to travel to Seoul again.
Honestly, there are still so much more to explore in Korea, and I really hope to go back soon!
잘가세요 한국!

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