Milkcow Ice Cream @ Sunway Pyramid

The weather in Malaysia is hot everyday, too much sun in the day time.
I've always wanted to go back Australia to get some chilling weather whenever the weather here is getting hotter and hotter.
I seriously do not like it!
So, people here always like to have something cold, like ice cream, into the stomach to help reduce temperature. 
Have you guys heard of Milkcow before?
I bet most of you did because I came across many nice pictures of their ice cream on the FB and Instagram feeds.
Felt so glad that I got to try it out in last week. #dontgetjealous

Milkcow originally comes from Korea.
It is a Korean dessert chain stores in Malaysia which specializing in soft serve ice cream with different types of toppings.
What makes it so famous?
The milk is supposed to be 100% from Italy and the ice cream is made out of 90% organic milk.
Besides, all the other ingredients are specially made for Milkcow brand such as the Macarons. 

There are total 4 branches in Malaysia, includes Mid Valley Garden, Pavillion, IOI City Mall, as well as the one I visited at Sunway Pyramid.
You will find the store easily because their huge banner is so eye-catching. 

Milkcow ice cream only has one flavour, which is milk soft serve ice cream.
It's a simple dessert chain store that stocks their ice cream everyday.
Not only that, they also have their own recipes of milk teas, puddings, macarons, parfaits, and milkshakes too. 

If you are visiting Milkcow for the first time, it's encourage to try their signature Milky Cube @ RM 13.50.
It has the toppings with natural honey comb, and honey liquid which imported all the way from Australia.
The honey comb is sticky type which is perfect to eat with the soft texture of it's ice cream. 

I am not a caramel fans as I don't like over sweet tasting foods. 
I've always thought that caramel is way too sweet for me.
This Milky Pop @ RM 11.50 did surprised me with it's sweet taste.
The adjustment of the sweet level is just right!
Can you imagine that a non-sweet lover can finish the whole cup by herself?! #lol

If you like yogurt type of ice cream, you shall try their Parfait range which consider as their healthy range. 
First, the red one is Very Berry @ RM 15.50 which has berry sauce and berries toppings
Followed by the yellow one, Oh Honey! @ RM 13.50 which is a frozen dessert with the honey liquid.
I personally like the Very Berry better, as I find the Oh Honey! is a bit tasteless.  

I am a chocolate lover. 
Every time if you asked me what flavour I want for ice cream, my answer is always chocolate one la!
Black Pearl @ RM 11.50, has rich chocolate sauce all over the ice cream as well as the coco ball around it. 
There is a secret weapon, organic salt inside the ice cream whereby your taste buds will be delighted right away! 
Try it and you will know why I said so! #hehe 

It's definitely my most favourite ice cream from Milkcow!

There is one ice cream especially designed for Macaron lover!
Macau Dream @ RM 13.50, not only has Macaron with the ice cream, but also the almond flakes. 
I was surprised that their handmade macarons are less sweet than other versions sold in the market. 
They have special recipe from their supplier, and that's why the sweet level is so much moderate!

On May 21st, Milkcow launched their special series, Milky Gold.
The series comes with total 3 flavours where the pricing starts from RM 19.90 to RM 25.90, depends what toppings you like. 
It's their premium milk based soft serve, topped with an edible 24k real gold leaf.
It's limited edition which only available from May 21st to July 12th, 2016.
If you are interested to give a try, hurry up and do not miss it out!

Besides, Milkcow also released their drinks menu with special handcrafted milk & tea drinks.
Shown above is the Thai Green Tea with Mango Pudding and continue with the Thai Milk Tea with Green Tea Pudding.
Both have the same price at RM 7.90.
One thing to highlight is they used the real green tea powder to make the pudding instead of the artificial type. 
I personally like the Thai Milk Tea more, because it has a very nice Jasmine smell. 

I was impressed with the ice cream quality from Milkcow.
All their ingredients and recipes are so special, rich and high quality.
If you asked me if I would want to go back again, my answer is definitely a YES! 

Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall
3, Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway,
47500 Petaling Jaya, Selangor 

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