Pre-Wedding in Melbourne @ RnI Wedding 21052016

Prepare a wedding is not an easy job.
It involves a lot of preparation and planning.
I'm not kidding as this all come from my own experience.
The planning process can be a wonderful part of life, but it can also be very challenging and stressful.
The mixed feeling of being both nervous and happy were always be there, because you want everything to be just perfect, like people said that you only getting married once in a lifetime.
I am glad that most of the things turned out the way we planned on that actual day. #godbless
So start here, I will share the detail posts about my journey of my wedding!
I will try to compile all the information and put them into words, I hope all these can help out the bride to-be in any way.
And for today, I will begin my story with the pre-wedding photoshoot!

Our initial plan for our photo shooting was actually in Seoul since Korea is my favourite country and also it's always a romantic country for me.
I found a Malaysian freelance photographer in Korea, Maxxlmus Photography's Artworks who can do us the photo shooting in Seoul.
His package included whole day 8 hours shooting, but excluded makeup artist, accommodation, transportation, flights, f&b, gowns & suits.
For me, his cost is very reasonable and I almost wanted to confirm with him.
Regrettably at last, I decided to let it go for some reasons:
#1 I felt a bit hassle to look and get the right makeup artist.
#2 I'm worry about the language barrel if  I couldn't communicate well with the makeup artist.
#3 We found that Max wasn't really a pre-wedding photographer based on his profile in 2 years back.
#4 His edited pictures weren't really close to what I like.
With all the above reasons, I don't conclude that Max is not professional.
I do find he is improving in his works in recent months especially with his beautiful collection in Paris, Japan, and Thailand.
If you are interested to look for a freelance photographer in Korea who able to speak the same language like you, you can check out Max FB page at

So, after a few months of considerations, we made up our mind to take our photo shooting in Melbourne.
It was a cost saving for us on this trip since we have relative in Melbourne which helped us to save up the accommodation fees and car rental cost.
I did as much research as I could to see what the prices were among the different photographers for shooting in Melbourne:

#1 Inlight Photo

#2 Mun Keat Photographer

#3 Jon Low Studios

#4 Fixer Photography

#5 Dennis Yap Photography

#6 Andrew Yep Photographie

#7 Josh Chong Wedding

#8 Daren Chong Photographer

Btw, if you are looking for the local (Malaysia) photo shooting, you can check out One Way Tix at
They have very good packages at good prices.
I have followed OWT for quite sometimes now, and I realized their works have been quite good, just that I don't think they have shooting experience in overseas.
Lik said he can't bear the hot weather with his full suit and he can't make himself to smile under the hot sun, so that's the reason we didn't do it locally.

#huray #huray #huray~~~We finally made a decision with Dennis Yap Photographer.
It's such a long process to decide as all of them are so good and professional, they also have the styles and personalities that I admire.
Well, few reasons we chosen Dennis Yap:
#1 He had the date that we wanted to travel to Melbourne (we were pretty last minute for this as our wedding date was on 21 May and we set our pre-wedding shoot on 20 March).
#2 I have been following Dennis's profile since 8 years ago, hence I think I should have enough faith and confident in his works.  
#3 He has elected to be the Asia top 30,  and Malaysia top 10 photographer.
#4 I think compare to the others, Dennis Yap has quite a good package that we are happy with.
#5 He is very friendly and easy going when we chatted on FB messenger (Yeap, we confirmed the deal through FB messenger without meeting up in person) #lol

Cut all the craps!
Time to digest all the words and enjoy the beautiful pictures taken by Dennis Yap!


We took our first collection at the Flinders Street Railway Station, and Degrave Street.
Dennis's package included 2 outfits, but you may request 3 outfits in total.
Gown selection is part of the preparation.
Since we have decided to take our pre-wedding photo in Melbourne, I have to think about my travel flexibility.
At first, deciding how many gowns to have is a pain.
But, after a few round of deep thought, I think that taking 2 gowns is such a hassle for my travelling and on my actual day I will have tons of photos taken with the gowns.
So, we decided to take few mix outfits which showcase the real us.
The first outfit theme was jeans and blue colour whereby you can see my jeans jumpsuit paired with Lik's blue sweater. :)



The second collection was taken at the Cambridge Street, Budd Street and Sackville Street at Collingwood.
It's lucky that I had no puffy eyes on that day because we only decided the 2nd outfit at late night.
Tulle skirt was my first choice as I bought it quite expensive from Bon Bon Boutique for my ROM day and I do not want to waste it just like that.
Hence, we make the theme for the 2nd outfit with the couple T-shirt from a HK brand, Chocoolate.
I got these pieces from my trip to GuangZhou in last year.

The last batch collection was done at the Fitzroy GardensSt Klida Road, and Princes walk.
I have been searching the right gown for many weeks, probably about 12 weeks, till I found this piece to fit my body, style and personality.
Lik got his suit from a good tailor in KL, whom introduced by my brother.
My family business background is in uniform textile. so we know which tailor is able to get the right price and right quality :)
If you are interested in which gown shops I have been to, stay tuned for my next post of Wedding Gown Selections. #hehe

For us, speaking communication plays an important role because it's a mutual thingy to understand what you like and what you don't like in order to get the righteous result.
Dennis is friendly and gentle yet he is kind of shy and quiet type of person whereby we need to build up the communication channel ahead of time.
He is open for any suggestions and ideas from us which result of good picture that really portrait the real us.
We received many compliments from our friends and family about the amazing quality of our pre-wedding photos.
I would say the end result was satisfying, and the happiness of our love story has presented good under his lenses.
Apart from that, the second important person would be the makeup artist.
We would say we did not have a good experience with our makeup artist.
She did not do much touch up or even tidy our hair during the shooting; in that case, Lik's hair looked messy at most of the pictures.
It's lucky that the outcome was promising after the editing and adjustment, otherwise Lik will be veryyyy upset!
Overall, it's a good experience working together with Dennis.
Thanks for your hard work, Dennis!

That's the story of our pre-wedding.
I hope you all enjoy this long post but not fall asleep while reading it :)
At last, before I end the post for today, I would like to share my pre wedding slideshow with you all.
Thank you and see you on the next post soon! #thankyou


Unknown said...

Lovely pre-wedding photo shoot. I really enjoyed going through it. Want to have best photo shoot for my sister’s wedding at one of New York wedding venues. Came to know about a talented photographer and planning to hire him for the day.

hiphippopo said...

Thanks for your message! I hope you enjoy reading it!
And wish your sister a happy wedding too! Enjoy!