15 Things To Do @ Sydney, Australia

Greetings from Sydney!
Here's the second post of my Sydney trip back in March.
Overdue post, but hope you still enjoy reading it!
For me, Sydney is a busy city with many tourists and the locals.
I find Sydney is much more happening than in Melbourne, however I prefer Melbourne a little bit more as it tends to laid back and live more of a relaxed life-style than in Sydney.
Some friends told me that people in Sydney act more arrogant and unfriendly than in Melbourne, yet we got to meet up some nice and helpful local people during our trip.
Or course everything in life, there are always pros and cons,
Anyway, in this post, I would like to list down the 15 things I did in Sydney.
So, let's get started now!

#1 Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House is the most popular icon of Australia.
I believe everyone goes to Sydney because of this big building, so am I. #hehe
Finally I can strikethrough this destination from my travel check list!

You can almost see the 360 view of Sydney Opera House if you walk along the harbour.
It's worth for your trip, because the surrounding areas are a great walk, only if you got the nice weather. #hehe
Well, I guess we have enough warm weather in Malaysia to walk everywhere.

Be sure to walk up to the building and sit on the steps for some beautiful views.
The journey worth your every steps.

#2 Sydney Harbour Bridge

The second highlight in Sydney is the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
If you walk up to the Opera House, I bet you would not miss out the harbour bridge because they both located very close to each other.


Can I go back again?

#3 Botanic Garden

Botanic Garden is one of the best way to enjoy the nature with plants, and trees.
Not only that, you can also get the amazing panoramic view of the harbour.
A nice park that you would not want to miss out if you are looking for a natural place to chill.

If you are lucky to have a chill weather, you should come here to do a picnic lunch.
I bet that would be really awesome, right?

#4 Museum of Contemporary Art Australia

There are many museums in Sydney.
You don't need to go all, but just pick one of those museum for wandering around.

The admission is free, so why not?!

#5 The Rock

The Rock is one of the main attraction stated on the website.
The great part of this area is it has many preserved buildings; which involves hotels, shops, eateries that full of vintage feel.

Every single architecture is great to see and make good photo-taking spots.
You can also give yourself some "you" time by sitting at a random cafe and do people-watching with a cup of coffee.

#6 Fish and Chips

There are many restaurants around the harbour are selling fish and chips.
So choose the best suit your taste and go for it in Sydney!
The deep fried fishes are so crunchy golden crisp and they are really fresh and tasty.

#7 Take the Ferry to Manly Beach.

The ferry ride to Manly is about RM50 round trip from the Circular Quay (depends upon the time frame you're departing).
The ferry ride is about 30 minutes each way.
During the ride, you will get to have a great close up view of the harbour, Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge.
I think late afternoon is good as you won't expose to sunlight too much on the ferry, yet you can enjoy the beautiful night view when you come back to the Circular Quay.

#8 Manly Beach

Manly is a beach side suburb of Northern Sydney.
The town is not as crowded as in the Sydney city, because it is mainly for it's wide beach.
So, if you are looking for a more relaxing place to walk around, do come here!

Some friends told us that Manly Beach is one of the Australia's best surfing beaches and is popular for families in the summer.
I am glad we were here for a short trip.

#9 Coffee

Coffee is one best thing to have in Australia.
And they are all so cheap, even from the famous cafe ones.

If you love coffee, you have come to the right city!

#10 Pitt Street City Central Walk

Pitt Street is a major street in the big central Sydney.
The street is well known for many shopping malls and retail shops.
Girls who like shopping, you should come here and shop till you drop!

Look out The Strand locates at the Pitt Street.
The design of the building is very creative with beautiful and unique style.
Super Super cool!

However, The Strand doesn't have very good deal in shopping, as mostly are jewelers, cafes, restaurants, gift shops and beauty salons.
Anyway, I can recommend you a good coffee place at Gumption by coffee Alchemy. #hehe

#11 The Queen Victoria Building (QVB)

If you like architecture, then you would be advised to come here and admire the QVB.
It's truly a master piece in Sydney!

The interior is very beautiful and classy with the elaborate stain glass windows, tiled floors, and sweeping stair case.
I was so impressed with all craft works by the craftsmen!

 #12 China Town

I think the China town in Sydney is much more happening than the one in Melbourne.
Hunting the authentic Chinese food at the China town can be an exciting experience for you!

What a simple joy by just taking a candid shot with the red mailbox in Sydney. #lol

#13 Take Picture With Sdyney Tower Skywalk

It's the tallest tower in Sydney.
If you don't get the chance to climb up for a panoramic vies of the city, you can find a good spot to take a photo at the main Pitt Street!

#14 St Mary's Cathedral

We stopped at the St Mary's Cathedral, while walking past going to another destination.
It's the biggest church in Sydney.

It's a wonderful architecture from the outside, and a breathtaking from the inside.
Everything is well maintained with surprises at every corner.

#15 Sydney Night View

Not to miss the night view in Sydney.
Absolutely stunning!

It's a long post for today; well, how should I end this now? #haha
With my big head shot? #lol
Btw, I'll stop right here and probably will do another random post for this trip in the next travel post.
So yea! To be continued...


Anfield Yee said...

WOW... I miss Australia now! Nice post about things to do at Sydney! :D

hiphippopo said...

Ya! I also miss Australia after blogged about it!