Beauty Workshop for Bloggers @ Keppo.My

It's been a loooong time since I attended the beauty makeup workshop.
The last time was in 4 years ago, perhaps?
No! I think it should be about 6 years ago!
I have to say that I only have very basic makeup skill, whereby my routine makeup is all the skills I know.
I always wanted to try something new such as applying fishtail eyeliner, but it seems to be a tough job for me.
Thanks to Keppo and Beluxury Makeup Academy whom organized the special beauty workshop for the bloggers.
And what's more? I am one of the lucky to be chosen! #thankyou!

The beauty workshop basically includes all the basic makeup technique such as foundation, powder, eyebrow, eye primer, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, blusher and lip.

Applying a good face mask before any makeup on your face helps to keep your face more moisturizer, and also it helps the makeup stick longer time.
So, here is the Supreme Revitalizing Magic Mask from Taiwan which involves 7 effects on a single sheet mask, such as moisturizing, rejuvenate, anti-aging,whitening, conceal, get rid of acne, and minimizing pores. #wow

Usually when I used the normal face sheet mask, I will squeeze the extra essence and apply it on my neck, hands, and even legs.
But with the Supreme Revitalizing Magic Mask, I can now keep the extra essence inside the glass bottle, and use it on the other days before I apply my moisturizer.
Pretty awesome, right?! #iknow

Not sure if you can see from the picture, but be honest, it is so obvious to see the model has a brighter and lighter skin after the 20 mins face mask on her!
If you are interested with this magic mask, you can check out their FB page KT Luxuriousat.

And now, let's get started in the makeup workshop by the makeup artist, Steven Yong!
I will go through the step-by-step basics, start from the foundation.

It is suggest to apply a layer of the makeup primer to the face after the sunscreen and moisturizer and before any foundation.
The primer can give the appearance of a flawless complexion, and also helping the foundation to stay longer.
Also, using the makeup brush can actually help you disperse the foundation more evenly.

To find a perfect shape of a straight eyebrow, you need to look for 3 key points which easily can be find by using a brush or eyebrow pencil.
First, hold the brush straight up from the outside edge of your nostril.
Second, hold the brush at an angle from your nose to the outside of the coloured part of your eye.
Finally, hold the brush from your nose to the outside of your eye.
Then, fill your brow with eyebrow pencil or powder with the 3 key points you made.
I find this technique is quite useful to get a good shape of the eyebrow.
One more thing is you can use a concealer to touch up the top and bottom part of the eyebrow so that the entire brow looks more naturally.

As in natural smokey eye shadow, choose 3 different shades but in the same colour family.
Apply the lightest shade from the lash line to brow bone, and then slightly darker colour to the lid.
Finally, blend in the shadow with the darkest shade, until all shadow lines are blurred.

Some of you might not knowing that there is actually 3 sections needed to curl your lashes with the eyelash curler.
You gonna start with the base of the lashes, then repeat this with the middle portion of the lashes, lastly curl the lashes one last time at the higher portion.
Count at least 10 second for each sections to get a perfect eyelash.

For contouring your face, you can actually use the blusher instead of bronzing powder.
That's because blusher has a naturally effect than the bronzer as sometimes bronzer can create a tanned look if you do not how to blend it well.

Lastly, get your sexy lips with the colour you like!

Woman can look very different with and without makeup, agree not?!
You can see the difference on the model that she has a more flawless skin and bigger eyes on her left side compare to her right side, isn't?

All the makeup products that used during the workshop is the MIB Professional Makeup.
You can check out the MBI makeup products at their FB page Beluxury Makeup Academy by Steven Yong.

Good catch up with all the pretties, Betty, Lee Yann and Joanne during the workshop. #muackss!

Last but not least, let's give a big shout out to the organizer, Keppo.My.
Keppo.My is a new platform which created for SME to help them to enhance their sales via advertising.
It uses the latest and fastest hybrid technology on social media that can factitive users to discover more products and services in the city.
In short, it is a platform for you to collect the "candies" after you like, rate, share or upload pictures on the foods, drinks or services.
You can earn up to 50 "candies" in a day.
With the collected "candies", you can redeem your favourite foods and drinks or withdraw the cash when you accumulate a minimum RM50.
Download the Keppo.My apps to your phone now or visit their website at or FB page for more information!

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