Never Ever Said Blogging Is Easy @ 18102016

Just came back from a short trip in Sibu.
It's one of our best friend's wedding.
It was a nice gathering, catching up with good friends again.
I always appreciate those precious times,
because you don't always have that after everyone got their married life.
Well, that's life!

Met some old friends at the wedding.
They asked: "Ivy, are you a blogger now"?
"I stumbled upon your blog while I was searching what to eat at Publika!"
I smiled and answered:
"Öh really!"

I've blogging for quite some times now,
perhaps 10 years?!
It was influenced by a HK friend. 
He encouraged me a lot in blogging,
He asked me just to blast all shits inside the blog. 
At that time, my blog was in Chinese.
I think I mostly blogged about my feelings, my emotions. 
It took me a while to change it to English, 
because my mother tongue is Chinese.
Yes, I went to the university in USA.  
But seriously so what?! 
It doesn't mean that my English should be awesome. 
My ex-boss said my English is very poor
The most discouragement!

It isn't easy at all throughout the blogging journey.
I spent a lot of what it takes to build a successful blog.
Edit again and again before publishing the post.
Do research on some of the topics. 
Edit every single pictures before posting.
There are so much to do for one single post.
People said:
"Better work on things that bring you good incomes"
"Why only sponsor you the perfume, but not the sneakers"
"Blogs? I don't believe what they said in their words"!
All these comments, 
I just have to take it and leave it.
But sometimes it's just difficult, 
You feel hurt, when blogging is one your passion.

Everyone can be a blogger now.
As long as you have a camera, and you can write things
You can now set up your own website.
Easy, right?
But it needs lots of encouragement to maintain a blog.
I don't like people said giving freebies to the bloggers.
Hey come on, it's not freebies!
We are paying back an article.
Whenever we received a product,
we need to set up a photo shoot.
We use it.
Then we make a post or comment it on our social medias.
Once the post is live, we'll spend some time to do the promo.
It will probably take at least 5 hours with the photography, writing, editing and marketing.
So, these 5 hours don't come for free.

Blogging is not just about writing a post now.
We also need to take care the numbers in our social medias.
"How many followers do you have in your insta?"
"How many likes on your FB page?"
You might not get any feedback after you answered: "200 likes".
Well, welcome to the real world!
So, never ever said blogging is easy!

I think, right now,
I'm struggling to take my blog to the next level.
I know
Sometimes, life just doesn't go to the way you want. 
Maybe, I just need to be patient for a little bit.

I wish 
I could just get over it!


Unknown said...

Hi Ivy, I found your blog whilst searching for restaurants in Bukchon Hanok Village in Korea. I definitely agree with you. I've been blogging for quite a few years too, at first mostly as an online diary, but as I started getting into travel blogging, I realized how difficult it is to really establish your own presence and differentiate yourself from others - especially like you said, it's so easy to start blogging nowadays when you can just get a camera and take photos. Hang in there!! You are doing a fabulous job with your blog and your hard work will definitely pay off in the long run.

xoxo Jasmine |

hiphippopo said...

Hi Jasmine! Thanks for dropping by with your kind words. Appreciate that a lot! Btw, you have a very nice blog with beautiful pictures! Cheers!

Anfield Yee said...

Leng Sou, Jiayou!! I know how you feel.. :)

hiphippopo said...

I feel you and you feel me!
Thanks baby!

YCLim said...

Ivy, it's definitely not easy to be a blogger at least for me! Need to have the time and effort. I may just end up looking at the monitor with an empty mind don't know what to wriye. Haha. So, gambate!

hiphippopo said...

I am so surprise to read your msg at the comment blog, YC ejie!
Thanks very much for your words!
I bet you will have a better blog if you start one soon! hehe