It's Time to SWITCH & SAVE @ Watsons Brand!

"I want to buy a shampoo and conditioner".
"My brother needs some supplement advices for his health".
"I am looking for a brand new lipstick and eyeliner".

"Let's go to the Watsons"!
"Watsons has all you need"!

Watsons is always my favourite personal care store to walk in and shop whenever I look for health, personal, and beauty care products.
That's because Watsons is offering a wide range of product categories in different brands.
The most enjoyment moment while shopping at the Watsons is I can compare the different brands and pricing before buying a product.
What a satisfaction! :)

Watsons, my one stop health, wellness and beauty solution centre!

After being a major player in the health and beauty retail for many years, Watsons has launched their own Watsons Brand with an affordable, high quality and value for money products to the markets.
And during the year 2015, they managed to sell more than 352 million Watsons Brand products in Asia only.
Well, in order to let the customers to be sure of the quality of Watsons Brand, Watsons came up a Switch and Save Campaign with the supports from the local celebrity friends such as Fasha Sandha, Amber Chia, Fuying and Sam, and Arja Lee.

All the Watsons Brand went through extensive researches, wide development programs, strict quality controls in order to meet the customers' needs, and also to make sure the products are safe and effective to use.
Besides, all products also has to put through a 18 month quality control test to make sure the purchaser has the best product with an affordable price.
So, it's not surprised by the Switch Test Session, whereby the Watsons Brand products can be equally good in quality and value for money.

The Watsons Brand has a wide variety of products, from personal care items, beauty essentials and healthcare.
Let's stay beauty and shinning with the Watsons Brand Skin cares.

Have a great savings with Watsons Brand on your daily shower gels, and hand liquid soap.

Keep your mouth fresh and clean with Watsons Brand Oral Cares.

Paper Goods and Cotton are my top pick from the Watsons Brand.

Berry Essence is one of the highlight from the health and fitness ranges.

Fasha Sandha, the top Malaysian actress said that she is happy with the Watsons Brand as it provides best satisfaction not only to herself, but also to her whole family.
Amber Chia, who is the top model and entrepreneur shared that the product ranges from Watsons Brand has many choices and all them are suitable for her family. She also emphasized that Watsons mosquito repellent is best to use after she recovering from dengue.
Singing duo, Fuying and Sam both agreed that Watsons Brand can give them quality products to enhance their body as a public figure with a better in value.
Arja Lee likes the Watsons Brand because he can have a peace of mind while using the quality products from the Watsons Brand.

With Watsons, you now can get more value from your hard-earned money with quality products while enjoy more savings for other things in your life!
So peeps! Me and the singing duo, Fuying and Sam have just switched to great quality and saved, what are you still waiting for?! #hurryup

Lastly, in conjunction with the Switch and Save campaign with Watsons Brand, Watsons VIP members and customers can look forward for attractive promotion in store nationwide and online at

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