De Art Studio @ RnI Wedding 21052016

Since the last wedding post in Sept, I'm back to share my wedding story today!
Recently, I have been tied up with many things; works, events, reviews, blogs and many others.
Life is so busy!
Everyday, I wish I could have extra 24 hours in a day.
As I know I will have a busy schedule next week, so today I would like to blog about the photographer and videographer whom we engaged on our actual wedding day.
After we came back from Melbourne for the pre-wedding shooting, we thought we were a bit over budgeted.
So, I told my brother that we want someone we can trust yet with affordable fee for our actual wedding day.
To be frank, we were truly blessed that we have met Kent Chu, from the De Art Studio through my brother.
From the first day we met Kent, we straight away knew that we were going to go with him.
Kent is so friendly, genuine and down-to-earth.
He listened to our story and always be there to give us the best advise include our outfits for the pre-shooting.
He is very passion about his job as a videographer, whereby you can see this on his profile; and he wouldn't mind to do it again and again for getting the best result for you!
To him, we firmly believe on him!

Here's the first video from Kent, which is the pre-video shooting before our wedding.
Kent asked us to share our love story with him, and he treasured about the snowman story between me and Lik; so that's where this video comes from.
Indeed, I'm very happy that Kent suggested us to make a video for all the handmade
snowman that Lik made for me all these years, because that's one precious and wonderful memories we've had in our relationship. #thankyoukent!

And in here, it's a complete video that Kent combined the pre-shoot together with the highlight on our wedding day.
If you asked me one thing to fussy about the De Art Studio, I think that probably would be too little sharing our dinner reception.
I wish every of our guests could have shown on the video as we can look back and remember everyone on our special day. :)

Besides the good job from Kent, let's give a big shout out to the photographer team who are Logan and Felix!
I have to say it's not an easy job for them at all, because they have to run here and there on the super hot day, to make sure they capture all of the flavours and emotions on our big day.
We truly appreciate all your hard work, and effort! #muacksss

While I was in between choosing the Tiffany blue and purple for my bridesmaids' outfit, Kent suggested me to go for the Tiffany blue as he said this colour looks sharper than purple in the pictures.
So without any further thought, let's just do it with Tiffany blue! #lol

Let's meet all my bridesmaids!
From the left; Stella, Wan, Irene, Nicole, Angel, Sally, Winnie and Kay ♥♥♥

The groomsmen, we have (from the left) David, Tommy, PE, Alex, Ryan, KK and Billy ♥♥♥
Actually, me and Lik were introduced to each other through our mutual friend, Alex Chang. #haha 

We had a very good moment together with our bridesmaids and groomsmen, and we truly hope you all enjoyed it to the fullest too!
Love you all to the moon and back ♥♥♥

Throwing the wedding bouquet is one of the fun thing to do at every wedding.
So, let see who catch my bouquet and be the next to get married! #hehe

Congratulation to Kay!  ♥♥♥
I know everyone is happy that Kay has selected to be the next bride! #lol
Kay! Hwaiting 파이팅!

Once again, we want to say a big thank you to De Art Studio for captured our love story beautifully.
There's a lot of videographers in the market, but we felt glad that we finally made the best decision of going with De Art Studio.
The whole team were very professional and yet a relaxed team to work with.
I can't say they are the best among the others, but I would highly recommend De Art Studio to you as you not only can rest assure with their works,but also the affordable packages they have.
Look no further, but check them out at De Art Studio!