5 Main Reasons to Shop @ ezbuy

I shop online all the time.
#lol I hope my hubby isn't read this!
But seriously, shopping is one my passion.
And with the online shopping, it allows me to shop from any vendors, at anytime, anywhere!
If you would ask me which online shopping website do I usually visit, well Taobao is one of them.
Taobao becomes my main shopping website ever since I fall into shopping online.
Good things about Taobao is you can find variety products from different vendors, compare the prices before you make your final purchase, and then ship all products in one shipment to your door step.
However, Taobao sometimes can be quite limited; whereby the website is only available in Chinese; so if you don't know about Chinese, forget about log in to Taobao.
Also, it involves communication hassle when you want to make complains about damaged products, missing parcels, or goods return; that's why I never purchase goods that are more than RM150 from Taobao.
Lastly, based on the current exchange rates now, pricing from Taobao seems not as attractive as before; therefore now I would prefer to look for the local websites which has the price in RM to avoid any exchange rate conversion.
Recently, I stumbled upon ezbuy, which works almost similar with Taobao, but has an interface based on English and also with selling price in RM.

Ezbuy is the first and largest Singapore's professional online shopping platform.
It was founded in 2010 and has been introduced by Channel 8 news, Channel U Money Week, Straits Times and many other national media.
It's a shopping platform to provide shopping service from China, Taiwan, USA for more than 500,000 Singaporeans, 50,000 Malaysians, Australians and Thai people.


I was so shocked when I first looked at what ezbuy offer on their website.
There are lots of different products available, such as women's clothing, men's clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, beauty & health, toys for kids, home products, sports, office & stationery, gadgets, automotive and many more.
And the most amazing thing is that the prices are soooooo damn cheap,
For example, a top at less than RM10, a long dress at RM35, a bucket bag at only RM18; I went crazy immediately when I saw the prices because most of them are even cheaper than buying from Taobao!
Visit the categorized page with the best selling item category at http://bit.ly/2dU3q40, I'm sure you will walk out from the website with at least 1 item in your shopping bag! #guarantee

As a frequent buyer from the Taobao, I find ezbuy provides a much easier, more convenient, and less hassle ways to the online shoppers.
There are at least 5 main reasons to shop at ezbuy now!

#1 Easy registration
Compare to Taobao, ezbuy has a simplify method of online registration.
There isn't any Alipay or complicated form like Taobao.
You can just sign up by filling the very basic information, or you can just sign up with your FB or google+ accounts.
It takes less than a min for the registration.

#2 Get Better Customer Service
Buying from Taobao can be complicated when it comes to contacting with their customer service, because there isn't any customer service in Malaysia to contact.
Also, you need to liaise with different people for different situations, such as product specifications, shipments arrangement, damaged/delay parcels, refunds and so on.
So, it always takes some times to resolve your problems if there is any.
That's why my budget on Taobao is always low as I know it would be a big hassle if I need to make a claim.
However, at ezbuy, you only need to contact one local customer service department to solve all your questions and difficulties such as damaged parcels, missing parcels or even defect products or wrong orders.

#3 Cheap Shipping Cost
What's more when you can shop more and save even more on cheaper shipping rate?
Shopping at ezbuy, it only costs you RM4.50/500 grams for the shipment all the way from China to Malaysia.
It is 40% lowest rate compare with the market, and ezbuy guarantee they have the cheapest shipping rate in town!

#4 Prime Membership
Join the Prime shipping service from ezbuy helps you to enjoy an unlimited shipping.
Prime is a new service which allows you to shop and ship at a flat rate of RM8.80, regardless of size, weight and quantity.
You can have a 1 month trial by paying RM18.80 to enjoy the flat rate, or pay RM188.00 for a year to enjoy the unlimited flat rate all year long!
Ya! You got it right! You can actually ship all furniture for your new house by just paying RM8.80!

#5 Available in 3 main languages
Ezbuy creates for everyone in the world..
The shopping platform is available in 3 main languages such as English, Malay and Chinese.
So, friends who cannot understand Chinese, but want to get good prices, you can now shop at ezbuy!

Bet you are feeling very excited now, and can't wait to head over to shop at ezbuy.
But wait a minute! There are some good news for you!
You can enjoy extra 15% off shipping fee with code ezshp15 which valid until 31st Nov 2016.
Also, for the first time user, you can get RM15 ezbuy voucher right away!
Let's double save your shopping by using both promotions together!

Okay ladies! Times to go off  now to start my shopping at ezbuy!
See you next round!
Website: https://ezbuy.my/
FB: ezbuy Malaysia - 65daigou
Available on Andriod and Iphone App too!

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