Big Bang Made [VIP] Tour 2016 @ Kuala Lumpur

Any VIP readers here!? #putyourhandsup!
Perhaps some of you have gone to the Big Bang Made [VIP] Tour 2016; but anyway, I am here to share my excitement with you all!
Well, I am still excited about it although the concert is already over!  #heartbeatstillfast
All the memories from the concert are still so fresh in my mind.

Ever since the last year Big Bang World Tour Made concert in KL, I always want to watch Big Bang concert again and again.
Because you know what?! Big Bang always has the best songs, best performance and best ideas!
We actually planned for their World Tour Made Final in Seoul, but the date was too close to my pre-wedding shooting in Melbourne.
Then, we also planned to watch the show in Hong Kong, yet the date was again crashed with my niece's exam dates.
So now you can imagine my excitement when IME announced that Big Bang will be visiting KL again for their Big Bang Made [VIP] Tour 2016!
Without any further thought, we bought the tickets right away!
Alright! For the VIP's, you all know that getting the concert tickets is not easy at all, right?!

Words can't describe how excited I am!
Have been eagerly waiting to meet the Big Bang for years now!

This time, we didn't get the rock zone ticket because I have to bring along my nieces.
It's gonna be difficult to have them squeeze inside the big crowds.
Also, because this show is without T.O.P, so we decided just to get the CAT 3 seats.
Rock zone! Next time ya!

Meet my both nieces Kristie and Ashley.
They both are the hardcore fans for T.O.P!
It's a pity that they couldn't get to meet T.O.P on their first Big Bang concert. :(

Never never forget about my Big Bang partner in crime, my roommate.
Promised we must watch Big Bang concert till we reach 50 years old ok?! #lol

Our VIP group on that night!

The view from our seat.
Ya, it was kinda far if compared to the one we got from the last year. 
But anyway, can't really expect a much better one, for the row 6 that cost RM390. 

Are you ready for BIG BANG?!
YES! I am ready!
Make some noise now!!!

Here, I have made a vlog, just for the Big Bang Made [VIP] Tour 2016 in KL.
The video has all the hit songs from the band, how humorous they are, and of course with our excitement and laughter as well!
During the 2 hours, Big Bang only sang 13 songs, include #1 Loser, #2 Bang Bang Bang, #3 If you, #4 Bad Boy, #5 Good Boy (GD x Taeyang), #6 Sober, #7 Bae Bae, #8 We Like 2 Party, #9 Fantastic Baby.
Also, each of the Big Bang's member has came out to perform their solo songs, like #1 Strong Boy (Seungri), #2 Look at me, Gwisun (Daesung), #3 Eyes Nose Lips (Taeyang), #4 Crooked (G-Dragon).
Seungri is the most funniest member in Big Bang.
Daesung always has a very shy smile on his face.
It's my third time listening to Taeyang's live Eyes Nose Lips. His voice is still that powerful!
My favourite G-Dragon always give his coolest and powerful performance on the stage. 
There were so much fun during the show, and I hope you will feel the enjoyment from the video too!
P/S Please bear with the shaky hands as I guess I got too excited!

Since this is a meet-and-greet fan concert, it's more like a mini concert performance along with an interactive fan meeting,
The show ended pretty early, like in 2 hour times.
There are still many songs that left over, such as Blue, Haru Haru, Stupid Liar, Tonight, Crooked and my most favourite Let's Not Fall In Love!
Anyway, still excited though, but really wish they could make another big concert in Malaysia again!

I love all Big Bang's songs, all are good and catchy!
I think Big Bang is very passionate in what they do for their music, that's why you can feel their sincere desire.
Feel so grateful that being able to witness another Big Bang concert in Malaysia.

Thank you Big Bang!
Thank you Big Bang for the great start to the month of October!
Thank you Big Bang for the awesome performance!

Once you are a VIP, forever you are a VIP!
I'll be looking forward to seeing the band again soon, Big Bang!!!

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