Aura Cafe @ Bangsar

Are you looking for a quiet place to have a cup of cappuccino?
Do you want just be alone today, with no disturbs?
Are you lost, and you need advice?
Are you looking for a place to relief your stress and emotions?
Yeap! Aura Cafe got everything as above mentioned!

Aura Cafe, located along the road of Jalan Maarof, Bangsar.
You can easily find the big white bungalow on your left after you passed by the everyone knows McDonald's in Bangsar.
It will attract your attention as the entire building is all white with a rainbow stripey sign. 

When I stepped into the cafe, I was struck by the white and clean interior design of the entire place. 
The roomy atmosphere with the lavender smell gives a great sense of comfortable and calming. 
Plus, shoes are not allow in the cafe makes me feel free and more like in my home. 

It is a triple storey bungalow.
On the second floor, it gives you a homey and inviting feeling at the moment you settle yourself down at one of the coach.

And, on the third floor, it doesn't provide any proper chair, whereby the 'guests can have an free-and-easy seating way.
You can either sit on the daybed tatami sofa floor seating or maybe sitting just on the floor. 

The highest floor is the designated quiet space. 
It is a place where you can have a private meeting or cooperate discussion as it has more privacy room than the open area at downstairs.

Aura Cafe is not a cafe that you should come for your big meals, it is a more relaxing cafe for you to enjoy the moments with your companions under a cozy and comfortable environment.
So, the cafe only serves simple desserts like waffles and cakes and few choices of coffees and teas.
Their price range is slightly expensive than regular cafes with one cup of coffee @ RM15-RM17, but I trust their rich atmosphere sure has win them all!

Aura Cafe not only provides food and beverages, but also many types of services such as Aura Soma consultation, sleeping therapy, inner child therapy, chakra healing therapy, sharing activities like zentangle, numerology & tarot gathering, they also customized cooperate training programs to their customers too.

One of the highlight about Aura Cafe is it initiated by combining therapy and consultation services with a down-to-earth approach.
With a cafe setting, this enables everyone to get in touch with Aura Soma colour core system easily.
They aim to assist more people in assimilating spirituality into daily life and lead to a prosperous lifestyle.
They believe everyone could develop their colour, shine their light and show their true colours in life.

The Aura-Soma Colour system originated from UK, is a non-instructive colour care system with great beauty which offers you the opportunity for awareness and transformation.
It invites you to work from the deeper level of your being, empowering you to help yourself.
Through the use of colour, this system brings consciousness and insight from the soul level of your being into your everyday life. 
The Aura-Soma Colour System suits for those who wish to come to a new focus in their life and who wish to develop themselves. 
Each private consultation last for one hour and it costs RM280.

It was such a great opportunity to experience the Aura-Soma consultation provided during my visit on that day.
I feel so pleased to get such great advice; by giving me more confident towards my decision making, giving me a good understand about my inner part, and also giving me a room to release my deeper emotions which hidden inside for long time.  
If you are lost at somewhere, and nowhere to go for advice, Aura-Soma consultation may be a good place to give you advices and energies. 

Thanks to Priscilla, the owner and Lizen Creative for the invitation to their grand opening!
I had an amazing afternoon and all in all a very special experience for me. #thankyou

Develop your colour, shine your light at Aura Cafe!
Be sure to give a visit!

Aura Cafe
No 86, Jalan Maarof
59000 Bangsar Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603 2202 2818
Opening hours: 11am till 8pm daily
Instagram: aura_cafe86

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