Music Talks @ Korean Indie Songs

Time is going way too fast that I didn't even notice that my last music sharing was in a year ago!
Yeap, Korean Indie songs for today!
I came across few very nice Korean Indie songs recently while busying with my posts. #hehe
Music is my everything that I couldn't leave without; especially when I find my inspiration in writing.

Single by Letter Flow.
I know about this song through Instagram, someone from Korea posted it.
Fall into it's melody and then fall into it's beautiful lyrics (through translation) #lol

Cafe: Night & Day by Joonil Jung.
This song came across when Youtube was shuffling the song lists.
Couldn't get it out of my mind after first listen to it, I then downloaded into my MP3.
Whenever I need a little piece of quiet, this is the right song! #feelingcalm

Two One Two by Urban Zakapa.
I always like Urban Zakapa because they made good music. #nokidding
If you want to read my previous post about Urban Zakapa, please click here
They will have a live performance in Seoul soon, how I wish I could be there!

What I Want to Say by Acourve.
Knowing this song through Instagram, the same person as well.
I guess we both have the same taste in music. #haha
Acourve also has a cover song "Honey" of the new drama, girl who sees smell.

That's all for today!
Not enough?! Then stay tune for my next music talks #hehe
Btw, if you come across any good ones, please leave me a comment and I would appreciate it!
Thanks for reading, peeps!

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