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"Hey! Where shall we go for dinner?"
"Hmm...cincai la (anything la)"
Does this sounds familiar when there are too many choices till you are not knowing what you want to eat?
If you have the same issue like me, then you gonna like the new apps I'm introducing to you today!

I bet you have heard of OpenRice when you search the sites for reviews of a restaurant.
Well, OpenSnap is a brand new apps, presented by OpenRice, which allows you to hunt for new places to eat, and read user's reviews before you go to the restaurants.
You can also create your own account to share your photos and reviews with your friends and others food lovers, like how you share on your other social medias.
Well, how to operate this apps on your phone?

Upon your first time log in, you got to choose the language preference, select your location, and choose the way of signing up,
I usually sign up via FB in case I lost the passwords #gettingold

On the main page of the apps, you can browse a variety of food choices and restaurants through different clicks, like nearby restaurants, editor's pick, new restaurants updated.
You can also take a shortcut search if you have decided the cuisine type you want to go like Malaysian, Chinese, Indian, Halal, Western, Desserts, Vegetarians, Seafood, Halal and many others.
Besides, hunting based on a specific location might be easy for you if you are already in a particular place, like below photo.

Each locations consist the available restaurants as well as what kind of food they offer.
This is so much convenient compare to google search, where you need to type a specific location and scroll down the list to get your most-liked.
While, by having OpenSnap, just a simple few clicks based on your desire location, and choose the catchy restaurant based on the photos and reviews, then head to the restaurant by clicking on the map view. #soeasy

Map view:

You can either ask Google Maps or Waze to bring you to your desire location, how convenient for you!

Besides, the map view functions also allow you to find other restaurants at the present location with it's location pins on the map.
You can click on the individual location pin, and view the ratings from other users to see if it is worth your time and money for your visit.

Moreover, all restaurants appear on OpenSnap has all detailed information about each restaurants like address, contact number, price ranges, opening hours, ratings etc.
You can also check the user's reviews and photos of the restaurant when you are on the specific page.
Well, the more friends you followed, the more information you will have for a particular restaurant for your references.

Creating your account:
If you like it, share it by creating your own account with OpenSnap.
Uploading a photo and give a few words and rating are enable to help other food lovers.
I am sure your inputs will definitely help others to decide which restaurant to go and what to order at a restaurant.
You can also hashtag the key words, tag your friends as memory and even share it on your social medias, like FB and Twitter.

In addition, the photo editing function on the apps also allows you to strengthen your food photography skills by making your photos look more attractive.
If you want to make your photo more special, you can also insert some cute emojis to enhance the uniqueness.

No worries that you will lose the information,
You can save any location or restaurant you're currently viewing by creating your own bookmark.
You can see I have 2 Topics (location) and 3 Photos (restaurant) in my list now.
By doing so, I can easily search the one that I'd like to go later when I have time.

For me, OpenSnap is a well-designed and friendly user apps for sharing food in a restaurant.
You will be surprised by how many great restaurants are waiting to be discovered.
So, hurry up! Start your food journey with OpenSnap now!
You should experience it yourself and know how good the apps is.
And, do not forget to follow my account @ivygan80 of my food journey!

OpenSnap is available on Andriod, IOS and web.
For more information, please find and follow OpenSnap at:
Website: OpenSnap
Facebook: OpenSnapMY

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