Pelicana Chicken @ Atria Shopping Gallery

I learnt about Korean fried chicken from everyone's favourite Korean drama "My Love from the Star" which casting by Kim Soo-Hyun and Jun Ji-Hyun.
Inside the drama, Jun Ji-Hyun played the role as "Cheon Song Yi" has created another Korean big boom to all over the world which is the fried chicken she always asked for.
I never imagined Korean fried chicken could taste so good until I had my first tried at Kyochon, and my second tried at Chicken House. (click on the links to read my reviews on both).
And, today I am gonna introduce a new Korean fried chicken, Pelicana Chicken which is what "Cheon Song Yi" had in her drama. #sayyes

Pelicana Chicken is another Korean fried chicken fast food franchise after the Kyochon 1991. 
It is a new restaurant which serves variety of unique Korean fried chicken. 
For a Korean fried chicken fans like me, it is definitely a good news for me to be invited for the food review of this new restaurant in town. #yeayeayea

Pelicana established in year 1982, which is known as the first Korean fried chicken chain stores in South Korea. 
With such an old history, it has over 2000 branches in Korea and also across to other countries like New York, Shanghai, GuangZhou, and Beijing.
For those who love Korean fried chicken like ME, we are truly lucky enough to be the fourth overseas country for having Pelicana in Malaysia now!

The entire atmosphere is pretty much simple yet pleasant enough with the tolix tables and chairs arrangement.
It is very common to have a big screen in all Korean restaurants, so does Pelicana to show the story, the ambassador of Pelicana, and the simple process of making their gourmet chicken.

Well, let me introduce the 5 different Peli YangNyeom chicken that Pelicana served!
I will introduce one by one based on my own preference, from my top favourite to the least favourite.

My top favourite is the #1 Spring Onion YangNyeom Chicken!
It is one of the sweet dish as it is made of sweet soy-mustard sauce, and top with some sliced spring onion.
Although the sauce has a bit of wasabi taste, it is not over spicy at all.
It is definitely one of the flavor that fit for anyone who cannot take spicy food.

My second choice is the #2 Garlic YangNyeom Chicken, which is their new flavor on their menu.
It is made of garlic sauce and has a topping with raw garlic cubes.
The garlic sauce is sticky yet it is juicy, and it is another flavor which I would recommend to those who aren't spicy food takers.

If you prefer a more dry fried chicken without sticky sauce, you maybe can go for the #3 Charcoal BBQ YangNyeom Chicken.
It is slightly spicy than the above two flavours, but it is still at the acceptable level. 
The fried chicken is very crunchy with the topping of some sliced lettuce.  

If spicy makes your happy, then #4 Hot Spice YangNyeom Chicken with green chili topping is for you! 
This hottest and spiciest chicken is also known as "fire chicken" in Korea with it's super hot and spicy red sauce. 
I am a spicy person yet this spice is a bit over my limit, whereby I have to drink 2 glasses of water to reduce the spiciness. 
The spice is bearable at your first and second bite, but the hot taste comes after in your tongue and mouth!
Please try it if you want to challenge yourself! 

I personally think the red sauce taste too strong on the #5 Original YangNyeom Chicken, which comes with parsley garnish on top. 
The red sauce is a bit too thick and sweet. 
I found it is too heavy to just eat the chicken itself, probably it would taste better if you eat with some rice or salad. 

If your eyesight is good enough, you would recognized each flavors have different toppings. #hehe
All chickens are very crunchy and the chicken sizes they served are only with drumsticks and chicken wings.
Each serving with 14 pieces is at RM32.90.
If you want a smaller portion, it is 8 pieces at RM18.90 and 4 pieces at RM9.50.
Pricing are quite reasonable with only RM2.35 per one piece of chicken. 

Since I said the Garlic YangNyeom Chicken is new on their menu, the staffs showed us the process of making it. 

After you deep fried the chickens, tossed the chicken with the prepared garlic sauce. 
The sauce must fill up every corner of the chicken so that you get to taste the sauce on your every bites.

And then, placed some raw garlic on the top. 

The Garlic YangNyeom Chicken is ready to serve after you finished all the 3 simple steps.
How easy it is! You can now make your own one at home?! #lol


Another highlight that I want to mention from Pelicana is they are not only offer Korean fried chicken, but also some Korean fushion food like burgers, sandwiches, salads, ramen etc.
This Pelicana Ramen @ RM13.90 served with the crispy nuggets as side dish can simply fullfill your stomach.
The ramen is very palatable which is best to serve as Korean ramen!

Pure Chicken Breast Salad @ RM12.90 is also one of my favourite other than the gourmet chicken. 
It served with fried boneless chicken, tomatoes, eggs, vegetables and filled with mayonnaise, mustard and cheese.

I am so glad that we now have a new Korean fried chicken as one of our choices.
If you have tried the Pelicana Chicken, tell me about your favourite!
Want some chicken from me? #hehe

Pelicana Chicken
Atria Shopping Gallery
T 23 A, Jalan SS22/23, 
Petaling Jaya, Damansara Jaya
47400 Selagor, Malaysia
Instagram: @pelicanamy 
Pelicana also has it's first branch at e-curve.  


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I love the chicken thr
not that greasy and taste awesome

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Pelicana Chicken best memang sedap sekali