Premiere Screening @ The Transporter Refueled

When I first watched Taken 2, I fall in it's story line, and also the cool man, Bryan Mills. #heistheman
After the second episode, I quickly downloaded Taken 1 and watched it before I flew to Scotland. 
The first episode worried me a bit as I was flying to Scotland all by myself that time. You shall know what I mean if you have watched it! #lol
Then followed by Taken 3 in the cinema when it first released on the first week. 
I never thought that I would like any action movies till I watched the Taken Trilogy, simple because each stories are really good and interesting!

From the same producers of Take Trilogy, The Transporter Refueled is a new movie which is going to release on 4th September 2015!
Thanks to Grabies and again for the special screening that I can watch my kind of movie in first hand. 
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Well, back to the movie of today!
The Transporter Refueled is a story happened in South of France, where the formal special forces, Frank Martin (Ed Skrein) enters into a game of chess with a female-fatale, Anna (Loan Chabanol) and her three sidekicks who wants to take down a group of ruthless Russian human traffickers.

Frank Martin acts as a special delivery man of anything for a price.
He abides by 3 simple rules in all his deals; no names, no questions, and no renegotiation. 
I like all scenes in between Frank and his dad (Ray Stevenson) inside the movie; also Ed Skrein has a sexy deep voice and his cool, calm and well composed manner has caught my most attention! #haha

The movie is full of exciting, chasing scenes, and fighting scenes.
You really shouldn't miss this out when it release because I believe watching it on a big scream is one of the enjoyment for an action movie. 
This is one of the car chasing scene from the movie.

This is another the making video of the actors' training.
It's cool, watch it!

Before the tickets are available in the cinemas, do check out it's trailer!

Lastly, thanks to my readers who showed up at the premiere screening in yesterday evening. 
I hope you all enjoy the movie like I do.
My outfit of the day with Top: Zara / Bottom: Pull & Bear / Shoes: Bangkok / Bag: Berska

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