Eat with me @ Kuching Sarawak / Part 2

How was everyone's first week going? Good? Bad? It's okay?
Hope you all are doing good!
I just booked my trip to Kuching for this year's girlfriends'gathering in Nov.
It seems like Kuching has become my second home since I travel there so frequently. #hehe
Anyway, before the trip, here comes the part two of Eat with me in Kuching Sarawak~~~!
If you haven't read the part one, you should check it out here.

Noodle Descendants is a must-eat in Kuching.
I have known about this shop since 10 years ago, when I first time came here.
The old shop was located at the Carpenter Street and now they have moved to Padungan.
It is located along Jalan Padungan, where you just walk straight from the Cat statue of Kuching nearby the Holiday Inn Hotel. 

Noodle Descendants serves noodles with mixed pork offal soup, which I usually called is as "pork noodle" (猪面).
My friends always refused to take me there, because they weren't want to waste their time in queuing. (Look at the long Q when I was there)
As per my experience so far, the average waiting time for getting a seat is about 2 hours.
It probably because they cook one by one, and also because they have limited seat.

I heard from my friends, they said this shop is always full of people, and the business is always non-stop!
Well, there are some rules to follow in the shop.
1. Before you get your table, you should queue and wait for someone to call and assign you a table.
2. Once you seated, just wait for someone come and take your order.
3. Please keep in mind that you CANNOT go and order your food, otherwise you will get scolded. #lol (It is good to pick up some newspapers or books while you're waiting)

On the wall inside the shop, you will see it represents a recognition among some newspaper.

After long-awaited, our food were served.
This is the half portion of thin noodle, you can choose either half or full portion.
The plain noodle is very stimulate the appetite, because it cooks with their recipe of source with vinegar; I personally like it very much because it tastes sour.

You can also choose a thicker noodle which they called mee pok.
Anyway, I still prefer the original thin noodle.

All plain noodle will serve with a bowl of pork offal soup.
It is a clear soup includes liver, kidney, stomach, pork belly slice, and meat ball, fish cake, fish ball, salted cabbages etc.
That's why it is so sweet of the natural taste.

Look at my long-awaited face! Confirm satisfying!
My niece asked me why we need to wait for so long, and when the noodle served, she was speechless and finish the whole thing (she usually cannot finish even half portion!)

We were totally amazed by the noodle and soup,
You couldn't find the same taste anywhere else, to be honest!
I bet everyone enjoying the food, but not the queuing experience. #lol

Noodle Descendants
188, Jalan Padungan, 93100 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.

As you already at the same Padungan area, you should also give a bite at Hong Kong Pau Cafe 小霸王.
This cafe offers variety of dimsum, but I only came here for their Shumai (Siumai) as this is the only recommended food from my friends.

You will notice this shop while walking to Noodle Descendants; it locates along the same road as Noodle Descendants.
They have either indoor and outdoor dining areas for the customers.

The pork dumplings are slightly different with the KL ones.
The pork is fresher, the taste is greater, and the size is also bigger than the KL ones.
It would be a good idea for you to take away some Shumai before you start the long queue at Noodle Descendants. #hehe

Hong Kong Pau Cafe
266, Jalan Padungan, 93100 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.

The last one to introduce for the part two is the Triangle Shaped Vegetable Dumplings from Ted-Shin Cafe.
This is slightly far from the town, whereby it is located at 17th Mile Siburan.

There are different fillings of the dumplings which includes, tofu, salted vegetables, bamboo shoots, chives, and jicama.
My friends they all strongly suggested us to give a try, so we drove up to 17th Mile which takes about 1 hour.

Each triangle shaped vegetable dumplings cost only RM0.50/pc.
Sooooo cheap!

We arrived a bit late on that day, that's why we only got to try 2 flavors which are salted vegetables and jicama.
Both are good, but I personally like salted vegetables more because it has stronger taste than jicama.
Jicama has very light taste, so if you are a kind of light taste person, you may like this. 
Anyway, I actually wish to try the chives ones as I always like chives dumplings.

Ted-Shin Cafe
16, Pasar Siburan, 17 Miles, 94200 Kuching, Sarawak

This is the Kuching cat statue I mentioned at Jalan Padungang.
Keep that with you and for sure you will get to find the pork noodle.
Hope you enjoy the post for today and wish you a good September ahead!

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