Mid-Autumn Festival @ D'king Vegetarian Snow Skin Musang King Durian Mooncake‏

Another year of Mooncake Festival is coming soon!
How you usually celebrate this special festival?
For me, I always spent times with my family to have a reunion dinner together, and after that, we will sit at a round table to have some mooncakes and tea.
I guess this is quite a traditional way of celebrating mid-autumn festival.
Remember spending time with families is always very spacious especially during the special festival. #hehe

This year, I am so happy to have the the special Vegetarian Snow Skin Musang King Durian Mooncake from D’king to celebrate this festival with my family!
I trust my family will enjoy it very much as we all are durian lovers! #haha

D’king, also knowns as Duricious Sdn Bhd started its business as durian food specialist in 2010.
They aim of penetrating the international market with our famous Malaysia's king of fruit - durian, which ranges from durian skin, durian pancake, durian paste as well as seasonal items such as mooncakes.
They are not only selling their products in Malaysia, but also exporting to Hong Kong and China.
Last year, they received very good comments of their D24 mooncakes, so this year they decided to go for the the most premium durian mooncakes with our famous Musang King Durian.

D’king, is a premium durian mooncake brand.
It is a handmade vegetarian snow skin musang king durian mooncake, which does not contain any preservatives and artificial flavouring.
They peel the durian once they arrived and removed the flesh immediately to prepare the mooncake filling because if they waited too long, the durians would break open, also the aroma and taste would lost.
So no worries that it is confirm fresh and natural!
The mooncakes are different with other mooncakes from the market whereby D’king is prepared with the highest-grade Musang King, the actual durian flesh from Pahang!
Another unique feature about the durian is the snow skin is made from a secret recipe whereby it is with light light textured, uniquely bouncy and thin enough to emphasize the filling inside.

My first reaction after my first bite was like ÖMG, this is so good"!
My brother also has the same reaction as mine after he had one.
The skin is real thin and soft, it is almost too soft to hold the filling all in inside.

The strong durian scent comes after you cut it.
The flesh is very fresh, sticky and creamy.
Also, the flash of durian is so pure till you will feel like you are eating durian directly from the fruit.
No double doubt that it really can melt in my mouth of my every bites!
It is definately one of the durian mooncake that I have had so far!

D'king Snow Skin Musang King Durian Mooncake‏s are packed in a poly foam box with 4 pieces and a ice gel in one box.
It is not only best to share these handmade mooncakes with your family members, but also a perfect gift for your relatives, friends and corporate clients for the coming Mid-Autumn Festival.

If you are a mooncake lover,
If you are a durian lover,
If you love to try new flavor,
Do not wait anymore!

D'king Snow Skin Musang King Durian Mooncake‏ are sold in set with 8 pieces of 60g mooncakes; total 2 boxes as 1 box comes with 4 pieces.
Retail price: RM128 per set
Promotion price: RM98 per set
FREE delivery if two or more sets are purchased
To order: Whatsapp to 012-664 8797 with your details (1) Name (2) Address (3) No of Sets (4) delivery date
Last order by 25th September 2015

For more information:
Website: D’kingz 
FB: dkingfans

Before the end of the post, I hereby wish you all a very HAPPY MID-AUTUMN FESTIVAL with your love ones! 

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