Music Talks @ Bbahn and Urban Zakapa

I am in love with Korean Jazz and Ballad music.
If you follow my blog, you know that I am a Korean fans.
I like their country, skin care, music, food, drama etc.
But, there is always a but.....
 If you asked me if I am their Kpop fans?
Opps! Sorry I would say I am not!
I only know about the Kpop songs through FM....
FT Island...Severely
Big Bang...Blue
Taeyang...Eyes, Nose, Lips
2NE1...Come back home
and so on

I am a music lover!
Music plays a very important role in my daily life.
I listen to music while driving, jogging, even working.
It always gives me inspiration and also boost up my mood in my daily life.
I would say I only like soft music like R&B, sentimental and Jazz.
I don't really enjoy strong music like Rock & Roll, Hip Hop etc

And today, 
I am gonna share with you some of my favourite pieces in Jazz and Ballad with you. 

BBahn 비비안

Love . Like . Faith

You are always gonna be my love

Urban Zakapa 어반 자카파

Cafe Latte

Always Be Mine

These are part of my June addiction. 
Hope you enjoy what I like!

Happy Friday with great music, peeps!

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