H A R L O! Calling out all BIG BANG fans today!
Right, I am going to write up the BIG BANG "MADE" concert that held at Putra Indoor Stadium last weekend!
It is really unlikely that I would attend any Kpop concert as I have to be honest that I am not a big fans of Kpop.
I seldom listen to any Kpop songs unless it's the song that plays at my Kpop fitness class.
I usually prefer to the soft musics from Korean Indie groups; trust me, they are good even though you cannot understand the lyrics. #lol

I remember the first time when Big Bang came in 3 years ago for their ALIVE world tour, I didn't even know who is Big Bang, who is G Dragon (I thought they are 2 separate Kpop bands). #sillyme
When I read my FB news feed, I was like: Why so many people are crazy about their concert, their tickets were not cheap though.
Well, things are hardly expect to go on your way in life.
I seriously couldn't believe after 3 years now, I become one of their fans and see them in LIVE!

Cut the craps, are you READY for the show now? #haha
Say YES!!! Say YES!!! Say YES!!!

We arrived there just about 15 minutes before the show starts, and walked around outside for a while, because I planned to buy the special hairband lights of Big Bang from the merchandise booths.
But, it was really disappointing because all of them were sold out! #sobsobsob

Thank you very much to my roommate, Wan for the ticket.
Thanks for bringing me to such a big show in the town!
I felt so lucky, so grateful, so appreciate with such a giving!

My first reaction when I stepped into the hall was like WOW!
The stage built up beautifully and stunning!
It has an impressive lighting and video effects no matter which seats you are.
We were pretty happy to find out that our seats weren't in a bad spot, it was at the second floor.

While waited for the concert to start, the crowds were feed with the Big Bang's music videos on the big screen.
All fans get super hyper, with non-stop screaming, and sing along with just the videos.
I truly admired the fans's dedication, YOU guys are really rock man!

FINALLY! The 5 members kicked off the show with their latest hits Bang Bang Bang!
All of them are incredible good!
I like Taeyang's vocal, he has very powerful vocal which can be recognized easily among the others.
I like Shengri and Daseong's humorous. They both make me laughed die at the show.
I like T.O.P. Not only attracted by his charming and attractive appearance, but also his special deep and sexy voice.
I like G Dragon. He has all the good talents, and I like the way he talked; soft and gentle.

It's hard to put my feelings in words, but if you ever been to Big Bang show, you should understand how I felt throughout the performance.
Seriously, the concert is speechless good, it's unpredictable good!

T.O.P, I am sure he drives all ladies crazy with his handsome face on that night!

Taeyang sang everyone's favourite, Eyes, Nose & Lips during his solo performance.

Damn, G Dragon is cool! I LIKE him!
Despite all the music talents and fashion sense he has, he just gives a kind of steady and comfortable feeling to me. #ohmy

This is one of my favourite latest hit song, Bae Bae.

I almost went deaf in the stadium as the fans screaming like absolutely crazy.
But, I can totally understand how you all feel, it just too great that we all can't stop to shout out loud!

Another my favourite song, Good Boy by TaeYang and G Dragon.

Although the entire show just last for 2 hours, yet we had so much fun!!!
Thank you Big Bang for giving us such a unforgettable performance of that night!
The show was so much beyond my expectation, and I would said this is the best concert that I have been so far for now!
It was extremely a GOOD show! 

Lastly, do watch the clip I made for the MADE concert in Malaysia.
I hope you all like it ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥

I am 80's Cafe @ SS4 PJ

I have been knowing this cafe since it opened in 5 months ago, because it owns by a long lost friend of mine.
I met him one time few years ago, while he was the main chef at one of the famous cafe.
He left a deep impression after our last met because every dishes he prepared for us have his significant taste that reminded us of him.

So, before visiting the new joint of I am 80's Cafe, my expectation was high because I am sure he would not disappoint my taste buds.   
If you have a doubt, then let's check it out with me. #hehe

The cafe located at an "isolated" shop-lot and housing area at Taman Rasa Sayang. 
Thanks to the advance technology nowadays, it's lucky to have Waze to show me the direction, else I am sure I wouldn't arrive safely because my sense of direction is very bad. #sigh

Since it is not located in the busy city with lots of traffic, you do not need to worry about getting a parking space. There are ample parking spaces available just in front of the shop.
Another advantage of getting such remote place is you can have a relaxing ambiance at any hours.

Why is this cafe named as I am 80's?
It is because the owner was born in 80's, and for this reason, you will notice there are some decoration accessories are also come from 80's year. 
I was born in 80's as well, so there are quite a few little things in the cafe can easily playback my childhood memories. #hehe

The owner created a fascinating place to their customers with the lovely furnishings as well as colourful furniture.
It looks like a fun-land for everyone no matter what age you are!

It consider quite a big space cafe since it has 2 floors in total.
The first floor probably can hold up to 10-15 pax in the dining room, and the basement can probably allow at least 60-80 pax.

While walking to the underground basement, you will find all interesting elements placed nicely along your way.
If you are also born in 80's like me, I am sure you will find at least one thing to refresh your childhood memories.

While comparing the top floor and the basement, obviously basement has bigger space.
It is quite a good atmosphere to held a small event like birthday party or family gathering.
Besides organizing any events, you are welcome to bring along your doggies and share the dining experience with them!
I am sure your doggies will love the place as they could run around and meet new friends here. #hehe
P/S Do give them a call to check if there is any special open day for bringing the doggies before your visit :)

I still remember all these wooden rocking horses when I was at age 5, it is quite popular during our age in 80's.

A very cool section where it displays all kind of posters with Disney, Anime, and superheros' characters.
Spider-man is my most favourite superhero, and cute Minion is the most popular for the kids nowadays, includes me! #hehe
All these posters are imported by the owner from Bangkok, Thailand.

The entire place is simple but so lovable.
All the small little decorations stands out the space, and you are definitely alone no more when you are doing a selfie in the cafe.

I guess the animal printed pillows that laying everywhere in the cafe are the most welcoming, Everyone just couldn't stop taking pictures with them. #haha 

After introducing how lovely the cafe is, are you now excited to see what kind of food the 80's cafe offered?

We started the lunch with the Mushroom Soup @ RM9.00.
It's a mix forest mushroom with thick cream and truffle oil; it is quite a filling soup which I guess it's because of the mixture of the cream and oil?!

Ceasear Smoked Salmon Salad @ 19.00; a mixed vegetables with baby gem, spicy crouton, and wantan skin.

Moved on to few main courses we had, Smoked Duck Pesto @ RM18.00
It is made with homemade pesto source and lighten up with duck breast and mushroom.

One of the signature from the cafe, also one of the dish that I will come back for sure, American brunch @ RM35.00.
The portion is big enough for 2 persons, which includes 12" chicken sausage, sauteed onion potato, garden salad, scrambled egg, baked bean, smoked chicken ham, hash brown and baguette.

It's always difficult for me to say about a chicken dish because I am not really a fans of chicken.
Anyway, this Charcoal Grilled Chicken Chop @ RM21.00 is made with black pepper raisin sauce, and mixed with salad and toasted potato.
Their black pepper sauce is definitely taste differently from the black pepper sauce you had before.
And the potato is just well toasted nicely!

If you come here with 4-5 friends, then you shouldn't miss out their main signature dish, 80's Signature @ RM75.00.
The full tray includes roasted 1/2 chicken, onion ring, 12" chicken sausage, fish and chips, sweet corn, hash brown, garden salad, garlic breads.
The most highlight about this dish is their in-house BBQ sauce, it is so damn delicious that I almost want to lick the whole bowl by myself. #lol
For me, I think it is quite a good deal if you are sharing among 5 person which means only RM15 per pax. Good deal heh~~~

80's Cafe always change their recipe from time to time.
This "Kom Pia" is a recipe from Sibu, which will introduce on their new menu very soon!
The original recipe of this little pie thing is filling up with roasted pork, yet the chef changed it to roasted chicken with his own recipe.
Trust me, it is just as good as the roasted pork anyway.

For the drinks menu, I would suggest you do not miss out their special made Frozen Fruits Smoothies at price ranges of RM14-RM16.
There are total 7 flavors up for your choices, and we tried 3 of them which are Mix Berries & Dragon Fruit, Apple Orange & Lychee, and Peach Mango & Magic Ball.
Worry too big for yourself? No worries at all!
You can walk out the cafe with the bottle you paid with you!
Doesn't it cool to own such unique bottle with a cold and freeze drink on your hand? #yes!


Oh well, do not forget about their coffee!
The price ranges are in between RM9-RM11 for the hot ones.

Bored with the authentic coffee? Looking for some special coffee?
Yes! 80's cafe has a special ice coffee recipe made with local coffee at only RM10 for a big bottle like this. #gooddealhuh

Look familiar? Yea, I bet you wouldn't be able to get this original bottle from other restaurants or supermarkets, but you definitely can get it from the 80's cafe!
It is not as sweet as the ones in the market, also it is less gas than the new formula.

End the lunch with Dancing in the Pan, another new recipe from the chef.
It is a dessert with sizzling Vanilla ice-cream combine with bread toasts and butter pudding.
Everyone just couldn't stop saying "It's so good" after the first bite!
I really like it and will definitely make another visit for just this special dessert!

Met up sweet Audrey and cute Cecilia again ~~~~

To I am 80's Cafe, BIG thank you for all the arrangement, and nice meeting everyone for the first time and second times!

Do check out this lovely cafe in the town!

I am 80's Cafe
35, Jalan SS4C/5,
Taman Rasa Sayang,
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 603 7497 2846
Open hours: Mon to Sat 10.30am - 10.30pm, Sunday 9.30am - 10.30pm
Website: I am 80's Cafe

Girls with desserts @ NOSH

We had spent few months to plan for this gathering, since everyone has busy schedule after our last met. #lol
We decided to gather together with some good coffee as well as dessert, Cecelia suggested Nosh because they served variety of sweet food.
This is my second time visited Nosh located at Bangsar Telawi.
If you want to know about my breakie story with Nosh, kindly check out here.

NOSH recently introduced their Nosh's Afternoon Tea set which includes sandwiches, sweet pastries, with companions having a cup of tea or coffee.
The complete set is only RM62 which enough for 2 person.
But then, we didn't go for this as we all prefer to try their Ala carte desserts more.

Here's all the mouth watering desserts we had for that lovely afternoon.
We supposed to order more than these, but most of the desserts were out of order on that day.
It was actually kinda disappointed for everyone.

Rich Chocolate Fudge Gateaux @ RM17
It is a rich chocolate flavour cake, filled with chocolate ganachea and topped with dark chocolate curls and a scoop of vanilla cream.
This is not really my cup of tea, because I prefer a more moist and fluffy texture, whereby this texture is a bit dry.

Profiteroles @ RM16.
It is a soft pastry topped with custard cream, rich chocolate sauce, strawberries and toasted almond flakes.
I think this is quite worth a try if you are looking for a special pastry.

Creme Brulee @ RM 12
It is a orange scented baked custard with a crunchy burnt sugar topping which filled with dark chocolate cream.
I feel that it has quite a strong egg taste, and the orange being mix with chocolate is a kind of special mix and match though.

For the chocoholics like you, Valrhona Heaven @ RM36 should be your best choice after all! No doubt about it!
It is also the best selling signature dessert from Nosh.
All the combination of chocolate cake, chocolate tart and chocolate ice cream are made of Valrhona chocolate.
If you love chocolate, you will love this dessert!

All desserts are great companion of either hot or cold coffee.
The price ranges of the Nosh coffee is from RM12 to RM14.

Let's do selfie, wefie and whatever fie! #haha
With my dear Maple!

Well, if you have a good eyesight, you probably can see our outfit of that day are all in black and white.
Yea, we dated with that purpose!

To make it more fun, we also arranged a gift-exchange session.
Each of us have to prepare any beauty products, and we got our presents by drawing lots.

And, I got this envelope with very sweet words from Claudine babe!
It's a RM50 voucher from Sephora.

Thank you Claudine for the lovely message on the envelope.
I love it! #muacksss
Will definitely let you know what I choose at Sephora later!

Of course, lastly we ended the gathering with a proper group photo.
Although we only met each others probably 1 or 2 times, but it's just so great that there aren't any gaps between us.
Seriously cant wait to meet you girls again!

I hope you enjoy the post for today.
What's more, I wish everyone of you a Happy Long weekend, and Selamat Hari Raya to all the Muslim friends! :D