Day 3 @ Hippo x Turkey < Ephesus . Pamukkale >

Weather in Turkey changed pretty fast from day to day.
Third day was pretty warm compared to the second day.
No kidding with the sunny day in Turkey although it consider as winter session, my face became so tan after the trip. #sobsobsob
It took me at least 3 weeks to get back my lost fair skin complexion!
So, be prepared with all your sunscreen travel kits whenever travelling even during the winter months! #bigsigh

Look at the clear blue sky with no clouds at all.
The lucky thing is the sunny weather in Turkey didn't make you feel sticky like in Malaysia even if you stayed outside the whole day.

Welcome to Ephesus!
Half day tour in Ephesus was a very good opportunity to have an idea of the daily life of the ancient habitants in the Ephesus City.
Although all buildings that left over from the Roman Era have been destroyed, but trust me, it's worth it! I even told my friends that Ephesus is one of the place that I want to revisit again.

The first collection right after the entrance is the layout of the roman bath, Varius Baths of Ephesus.
It was the largest public bath in Ephesus, which built with marbles.
It consisted of three sections: cold water, warm water and hot water as you can see them in three different columns on the picture.

The auditorium that situated behind me is the Odeion of Ephesus.
It's a small theater or you can said it is a concert hall which has the stage building, seating places and the orchestra.

Basilica of Ephesus was the street that the habitants used for stock exchange and commercial business in the Roman era.


The Prytaneion of Ephesus was an administrative building which they used as administrative offices and also as dining rooms for the official visitors in the ancient times.
Mete, our local tour guide said that it supposed to have total 8 columns at the front side, yet only 2 columns were survived till now.

Although the Domitian Temple of Ephesus is not one of the main attractions in the city, but would be good to take a look at this ancient temple and use your imagination with all the left over pieces.

The unique statue of Winged Angle of Victory of Ephesus was located just next to the Domitian Temple, and also before you walked down to the Curetes Street.

Along the Curetes Street of Ephesus, you will find different buildings on both left and right sides, such as the temples, fountains, homes, stores, statues and so on.

One of the funny thing to see at the Ephesus is the Latrina of Ephesus.
It is the public toilets of Ephesus which arranged side by side, without any partition between them.

This is the Trajan Fountain of Ephesus, which consider a well-preserved structure in the city.

I was standing in the middle of the Curetes Street of Ephesus, one of the main street you must pass by in the city before you come into the main attraction of the Library Celsius.

I was in a shock when this real beautiful building appear right in front of me.
The Library Celsius of Ephesus was one of the largest library in the ancient world.
To be honest, it is so difficult to explain how could all these buildings can be achieved by the ancient people in the ancient times! #admire

You can access into the building through some stairs.
And, this picture was taken while I was standing at the middle door of the library; whereby there are total 3 main doors in the building.

Find the 4 statues which located outside the library, and this is one of the four statue which obviously already been destroyed. #hehe

On the way out, there is another main street of the city which you will see many uneven marble blocks on the street.
They named this street as the Marble Street of Ephesus.

Do not forget to check out the interesting carving on the pavement of the street with a woman, a heart and a left foot.
This is considered the oldest advertisement as a message to direct the sailors to the brothel.

The Great Theater of Ephesus, will be seen at the end of the tour.
This super large theater can hold up to 25,000 audiences in total.
It's a breathtaking piece that left over from the Roman history, and it's so good to see the theater is still in a great shape and been maintained well.
There is a stair to go up to the theater where you allow to walk around the seats.
Too bad we didn't do it because our tour guide was rushing us to get to the next destination.
I think this would be a good reason to go back again!

I really have so much to share about the Ephesus city!
It's was such a beautiful experience to see all the buildings and structures and use your imagination to understand the histories and what life was like in the old time after so many decades!
Indeed, well worth it!

After Ephesus, we took 3 hours drive to our second destination, Pamukkale.
We arrived there in the late afternoon, yet you can see the weather was still warm with bright sunshine.

You will find the stunning views everywhere in Pamukkale.
It is also named as a cotton castle in Turkey as the province was surrounded with white and cottony scenery.
If you come to Turkey, this is one of the most important highlights of Turkey that you would not missed!
It's really beautiful and impressive!

This white little cascades was formed by hot mineral springs water, which falling from the mountain and leaving white when evaporating. 
Therefore, some people may call it as spa town since the Roman era.

People who come here can relax in the warm and soothing waters from the snow-like pool. 
So it is important to wear something comfortable as you could walk along the pool side with your naked foot.
Besides, you will have to fold your pants up if you want to soak your feet in the spring waters.

I didn't invite my dad and mum to walk the thermal pool with me, because it was a bit slippery and dangerous for them.
You have to be extra careful with your steps because the rocks and stones were very uneven underfoot. 


Believe it not?! Pamukkale spring waters were said to have healing properties for the sick people or people who have skin problems.
I was really hope that it will help my skin problem on my feet, but I bet the 20 minutes won't make the difference. #lol 

Beautiful + stunning + amazing natural phenomenon, isn't it?!

Pamukkale is absolutely a very unique place that worth a visit!
I promise you definitely won't regret for visiting this beautiful place!

That's it for my third day in Turkey.
Thanks for reading my write up and I hope you will stay tuned for my next blog post! :)

Today's outfit sharing is:
Top: Korea
Wide leg pleated pant: TaoBao website
Long cardigan: Hong Kong

FreshFaces ColourGirl Search 2015 @ FreshLook®

Another December update!
This is the Malaysia FreshLook® FreshFaces ColorGirl Search 2015 Final.
It is a search of role models who represent the most colourful attributes of a young Malaysian female; the one who can inspire and make a colourful impact on her generation.

This ColorGirl Search 2015 was conducted together with the Alcon, the global leader in eye care industry, and Malaysian Youth Community (MYC).
It was also supported by Zalora, GoPro, Kiss Me, and Amber Chia Studio for completing the event successfully.

During the opening, Mr. Sandeep Tewari, Country General Manager, from the Malaysia Alcon Laboratories said that colours can be expressed in everything that you do, and in everything that defines you. It is not only giving yourself confidence and positive mindset, but also helping others to improve the quality of life.
They hope throughout this search process, the young women will learn to live their lives colourfully.

Amber Chia, the International Celebrity Model was one of the judges and coach for the search, along with Edlyn Khoo (Alcon Product Manager), Simon Tsoi (Alcon Marketing Manager), Michelle Lim (Corporate Grooming Consultant), Sandeep Tewari (Alcon Country General Manager), and Jason Ko (CEO, MYC).

The 30 shortlisted young women on the final search were selected from the total 100 participants
based on the result of the largest InterUniversity which involved over 26 Universities, 6 university prom nights, and 8 universities’ “classroom curriculum” engagements.
All the 30 finalists have to participate the challenges such as #1 Colour in Movement, #2 Colour of Expression, and #3 Colour of Voices in order to be one of the top 12 cover girls.

The top 12 cover girls from the final search are #1 Nicole Sheila Nagalingam, #2 Lydia Charmaine Lourdes, #3 Kho Foong Ling (Jasmine), #4 Chee Yuen Chi (Bella), $5 Tan Yan Rong (Tyra), #6 Arinna Erin binti Wira Izran, #7 Tai Shi Kin, #8 Heng Jing Wen, #9 Cheah Sook Peng (Candace), #10 Afiqah Syazana, #11 Tan Lii Cin (Michelle), and #12 Katrina Kayora Ong.

And finally, the grand prize winner went to Katrina Kayora Ong, a 19 year-old girl from Sandakan, Sabah! She is currently an American Degree Transfer Program student at INTI International University, Nilai. #congratulation
Katrina will not only represent FreshLook® as the official ColorGirl for the year in their consumer engagements but will also attend a photoshoot in New York which sponsored by MYC!

The whole event was fun with the fashion shows presented by the 30 finalists as well as the live band and dancing performances.
Thanks to Pixarus Communications for sharing the colourful day with me.
Btw, FreshLook® color contact lenses is Alcon’s most established range of color contact lenses.
It has a unique 3-in-1 Color Technology, which helps the lenses to blend with the user’s natural eye colors, resulting in a stunning natural eye color change.
There are total 12 colours available as a monthly disposable lens such as #1 grey, #2 green, #3 blue, #4 brown, #5 honey, #6 turquoise, #7 amethyst, #8 true sapphire, #9 pure hazel, #10 gemstone green, #11 sterling grey and #12 brilliant blue.
I chosen brown colour because I prefer a natural worn colour compared to the other outstanding brightness colours in the range.
Well, what about yours? :)

Premium Japanese Cheesecake @ Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake

Merry Christmas, everyone!
How's your Christmas going? Do you have lots of fun and gifts from your loved ones?
Anyway, I wish you all had a very good time in this merry session!
I got so many things to blog so I think I better blog the cheesecakes I had with my family during the Christmas holiday.
If you are a cheesecake lover, you probably will be adding this post to your collection. #hehe

For some of you, you are probably familiar with Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake since it located at the major shopping malls in Malaysia.
I visited the new branch at IOI City Mall which just newly open in November.
It is located at the lower ground floor inside the mall which abound with numerous food stalls and restaurants.

Uncle Tetsu originated from Kyushu, Japan since 1990 and it has expanded to Taiwan, Singapore, China, Thailand and Philippines.
In Malaysia, they now have total 8 branches in KL, Johor and Penang.
Uncle Tetsu's vision is to expand the business internationally and would like to deliver his freshness Japanese cheesecakes to people around the world!

All cheesecakes are made and prepared freshly from the oven daily as Uncle Tetsu wants to make sure every single bites of the cake is fresh.
Therefore, "Make, Sell, Make, Sell" is the most important factor from Uncle Tetsu of his products.
All cheesecakes are advised to finish within 3 days from the day you purchase and it also would be good to store the cakes in the refrigerator to keep them tasting fresh.

Besides, the ingredients also play an important role on the cheesecakes; whereby Uncle Tetsu only select and use premium ingredients to produce the fresh cheesecake.
#1 Premium and imported cream cheese, #2 Fresh eggs from the local farms, #3 Luxury and quality milk are all the most secret important ingredients to produce the great taste.

Uncle Tetsu not only has a simple store concept, but also very straight forward menu to the customers.
This is their Signature Cheesecake @ RM21.00 with 2 types of flavours: original and chocolate.
Each cheesecakes are packed in a square box and wrapped with a kind of cheesecloth over the cake.

It's so cute to see each cake printed with the brand's logo using an electric heater.
The size of the cake is diameter of 16cm.
Although the cakes are made with full cheese, yet they aren't that cheese-heavy like the other bakeries did.
The texture is light and more like soft-sponge; I bet you can't eat just one piece as it will melt in your mouth easily.

Uncle Tetsu Cheese Zuccotto is another type of cheesecake from their recipe.
They also named it as Hat series as it has a adorable shape like the skull cap worn by the Italians.
This hat series are made with a combination of the premium cheese from Australia and New Zealand, which confirm will melt your heart with it's rich and creamy texture.
Compared to the 16cm signature cheesecake, this series are more like a cotton because of it's frothy and softer texture.
Each costs @ RM21.90 and comes with 3 different flavours such as original, strawberry and chocolate.

Last but not least, the Uncle Tetsu Cheesestick is a kind of cheese snacks with it's crunchy-crispy texture.
It has the same flavouers as the hat series since they cut the sticks out from the hat series and backed them in the oven with 120 degree for a duration of 2 hours,
It costs RM8.50 with a mixture of three flavours: originalstrawberry and chocolate in a plastic cup like this.

I had all types of the products from Uncle Tetsu for my family to celebrate the Christmas session.
I feel glad that my whole family love it very much!
My nieces love the cheesesticks; they said it's a fun snack to munch on while watching the tv.
My dad and mum have diabetes but they can eat at least 2 small pieces as they said these aren't that sweet compare to the others.
My sister who loves cheesecake said it's unlike the western cheesecake as it is more delicious because it is crustless, lighter and softer like cotton.

If you have a liking for cheesecakes, you shall give Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake a try.
I am sure you will fall in love with it! Enjoy!!!

Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake
LG-41-B, IOI City Mall
62502 Putrajaya, Seri Kembangan
FB: uncletetsumalaysia