Aura Cafe @ Bangsar

Are you looking for a quiet place to have a cup of cappuccino?
Do you want just be alone today, with no disturbs?
Are you lost, and you need advice?
Are you looking for a place to relief your stress and emotions?
Yeap! Aura Cafe got everything as above mentioned!

Aura Cafe, located along the road of Jalan Maarof, Bangsar.
You can easily find the big white bungalow on your left after you passed by the everyone knows McDonald's in Bangsar.
It will attract your attention as the entire building is all white with a rainbow stripey sign. 

When I stepped into the cafe, I was struck by the white and clean interior design of the entire place. 
The roomy atmosphere with the lavender smell gives a great sense of comfortable and calming. 
Plus, shoes are not allow in the cafe makes me feel free and more like in my home. 

It is a triple storey bungalow.
On the second floor, it gives you a homey and inviting feeling at the moment you settle yourself down at one of the coach.

And, on the third floor, it doesn't provide any proper chair, whereby the 'guests can have an free-and-easy seating way.
You can either sit on the daybed tatami sofa floor seating or maybe sitting just on the floor. 

The highest floor is the designated quiet space. 
It is a place where you can have a private meeting or cooperate discussion as it has more privacy room than the open area at downstairs.

Aura Cafe is not a cafe that you should come for your big meals, it is a more relaxing cafe for you to enjoy the moments with your companions under a cozy and comfortable environment.
So, the cafe only serves simple desserts like waffles and cakes and few choices of coffees and teas.
Their price range is slightly expensive than regular cafes with one cup of coffee @ RM15-RM17, but I trust their rich atmosphere sure has win them all!

Aura Cafe not only provides food and beverages, but also many types of services such as Aura Soma consultation, sleeping therapy, inner child therapy, chakra healing therapy, sharing activities like zentangle, numerology & tarot gathering, they also customized cooperate training programs to their customers too.

One of the highlight about Aura Cafe is it initiated by combining therapy and consultation services with a down-to-earth approach.
With a cafe setting, this enables everyone to get in touch with Aura Soma colour core system easily.
They aim to assist more people in assimilating spirituality into daily life and lead to a prosperous lifestyle.
They believe everyone could develop their colour, shine their light and show their true colours in life.

The Aura-Soma Colour system originated from UK, is a non-instructive colour care system with great beauty which offers you the opportunity for awareness and transformation.
It invites you to work from the deeper level of your being, empowering you to help yourself.
Through the use of colour, this system brings consciousness and insight from the soul level of your being into your everyday life. 
The Aura-Soma Colour System suits for those who wish to come to a new focus in their life and who wish to develop themselves. 
Each private consultation last for one hour and it costs RM280.

It was such a great opportunity to experience the Aura-Soma consultation provided during my visit on that day.
I feel so pleased to get such great advice; by giving me more confident towards my decision making, giving me a good understand about my inner part, and also giving me a room to release my deeper emotions which hidden inside for long time.  
If you are lost at somewhere, and nowhere to go for advice, Aura-Soma consultation may be a good place to give you advices and energies. 

Thanks to Priscilla, the owner and Lizen Creative for the invitation to their grand opening!
I had an amazing afternoon and all in all a very special experience for me. #thankyou

Develop your colour, shine your light at Aura Cafe!
Be sure to give a visit!

Aura Cafe
No 86, Jalan Maarof
59000 Bangsar Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603 2202 2818
Opening hours: 11am till 8pm daily
Instagram: aura_cafe86

A fun weekend @ Market 16

Hello everyone! How's your last weekend?
Did you visit the Market 16 that I mentioned at Jaya One?
But no worries if you missed out!
I will take you to the bazaar that took place on Last Saturday.

It was a two-days bazaar happened at The School, Jaya One.
The crowds were already busy in the early morning when I arrived at the registration. #surprise

Market 16 is suitable for all ages, since it has over 100 stalls with various fashion clothing and accessories, delicious food and beverages, craft items, beauty items, and even fashion items for men!
I am sure you will find at least one thing to bring back home with you!

I found quite a few unique stalls like personalized your grocery bags with your own name or your favourite slogan.

Do you like handmade your own stuffs such soup, jewelry, candle, clay sculptures?
If you are a creative with handmade ideas, you can  enjoy your happy crafting with, which they offers variety of raw materials to you.

Leatologie are focusing on handcrafted leather goods. 
You can find notebooks, namecard holders, key purse holders, key chains, wallets and more at their stall.
All their products are handmade with genuine leather, with very fine and good quality!

Noteworthie offers different kinds of notebooks, pocket planners, ring notes, wall calendars with very good paper quality.
If you used to have a pocket planner with you, they now have the new version of 2016, maybe you should consider to get one now!

Wanna look like Korean?
There go for the Korean Fashion Headbands!
So many great designs up for you to choose.

Wunderbath is so cute with all the yellow duck swimming on the table!
All soups are naturally made and not tested on animals.
They are all custom made with various design based on sushi, bread, desserts and more.

Phone cable problems? Cable always tangled? Mistaken other cable?
Well, Cable Trouble helps you to solve all your problems now!

Bangkok is always my favourite place for buying clothing with unique design.
Glad to meet Bethlehem, an unique brand which offers the T-shirt designs from designers in Bangkok.

Hahanoyume has an unique concept of making Japanese Kimono tops and dresses for the kids.
All their garment designs are in limited quantity as their 100% soft cotton fabric is all handpicked and imported from Japan.
You can order as a gift for fullmoon celebration or kid's birthday because they can help to wrap and deliver for locally and internationally.

What a great name of Sapu-lah!
Prepare different kinds of food like garlic bread, corn in cup, spaghetti, grilled potatoes with the homemade garlic & herb butter.
It's only RM18 for 250g in a jar.

Wanna try some Filipino homemade cookies and pastries, find them at At Twenty-Sixth!


Food trucks is a new trend for the food businesses nowadays.
We can see all types of food trucks everywhere now especially at the bazaar.
At Market 16, they had Little Fat Duck, Wheeloaf, Cowboys, Otea and many more!

If you have tight budget, there is a preloved corner with a more competitive price and acceptable qualities.

Other than selling and buying at bazaar, there are some music performances prepared by the local bands and artists.
Besides that, there was also a give away section like Shopee goodies bag, and face ampules from Doclab.
Shopee is a mobile marketplace for both buyers and sellers to enjoy fast, smooth, and safe transaction at anytime and anywhere. Click here to get to know how it works!
Doclab is a Korean skincare brand that specializes in face ampules. You can check out it's information at here.

If you didn't make it to the Market 16, no worries!
You can click on the names of the stalls that I mentioned of each to their FB page.
Contact them and place your order if you are interested in any of them!

Overall, it was a good bazaar for me as all the stalls are pretty full-filling.
If you missed out Market 16, there is another one coming soon in December!
Stay tuned on my blog and I will keep you updated!
Lastly, hope you like my sharing for today, till then!

The Crazy Bites @ Subang SS15

If a fast food chain store with just burger or fried chicken is a little boring to you, then you should check out The Crazy Bites, which just newly open in town.
The Crazy Bites is another fast food joint which provides more than just burger and fried chicken, it also offers variety of pasta, local delights, and pizza.
Happy enough?!?! #hehe

The Crazy Bites located at SS15, the most happening place for the college students.
You would not missed it out as it is at the big corner lot with two floors, plus the huge signboard with the pinky monster would definitely grab your attention. 

Pinky monster is waving and saying HI to you!


It is a no pork, no lard, and no alcohol restaurant whereby all their meats are sourced from Halal suppliers. 
The restaurant has a similar fast food joint concept.
Customers will order and pay at the counter, and the food will be served to your table after 10-15 minutes. 

The entire place is very clean, tidy and comfortable. 
There are seats available at the ground floor, where you order your food, but also a more private area at the second floor.
I love the fun and colourful wall arts which I think it could cheer the customers up.  
Also, the staffs at the restaurant are very helpful and friendly with the smiles all times. 

Although the menu only has 2 pages, but it has many food choices like burger, pizza, pasta, local food, salad and choices of snacks.
Such menu is difficult for me as I have decidophobia. #lol
Anyway, let's take a look at all their signature dishes that they are specialized in!

Flamed Grilled Chicken Pasta @ RM12.80 is a carbonara spaghetti which comes with 2 pieces of boneless grilled chicken. 

Clam Vongole @ RM12.80 with pretty big size and fresh clams on this dish.

Seafood Aglio Olio @ RM15.80, which is one of their signature pasta dish.
The chili flakes is a little bit spicy but confirm is bearable. 

My most favourite, Lamb Kofta Pasta @ RM16.80 as the lamb is pretty juicy and well tendered. 
If you also like lamb, you should try this out. 
All the prices mentioned were in A La Carte portion, and you can add RM5 to get a free mocktail (non-alcoholic). 

There are total 8 signature burgers avaiable at The Crazy Bites which #1 Ox Bites (Beef), #2 Pisces Bites (Fish), #3 Apple Mushroom Bites, #4 Egg Mushroom Bites, #5 Rooster Bites (Chicken) #6 Honolulu Ox Bites (Beef), #7 Goat Bites (Lamb), and #8 Teriyaki Rooster Bites (Chicken).
The A La Carte pricing for #1 till # 5 are @ RM13.80 and @ RM16.80 for #6 till #8.

If the A La Carte portion is not enough for you, you can add extra RM3 to get a combo set.
A combo set comes with sweet potato fries and any soft drinks that available.
It is quite special to serve the sweet potato fries, and I kinda like it because it is not as oily as the normal fries. 

Local Delight with Thai Style Pineapple Fried Rice @ RM13.80
The sambal is sooo good although is a bit too spicy; yet it is so tempted to eat with the fried rice and fried chicken! 

Another local dish that you can consider, Johan's Nasi Lemak @ RM13.80
To be frank, I pretty like the rice texture from both options as it is not sticky with slightly moist. 

Next, let's move on to their pizza ranges with #1 Crazy Lamb Pizza, #2 Crazy Hawaiian Pizza, #3 Crazy Seafood Pizza
The toppings are very filling and you would get to taste the toppings on your every bites as the crust is very thin and soft. 
All A La Carte pizzas are @ RM14.80 and you have the soft drinks and sweet potato fries by adding additional RM3 only. 

If you just want to have some snacks or small bites food, Crazy Bites also offers a big range for you!
Calamari Rings @ RM13.80 with a salad as side dish.

Chicken Honey @ RM14.80, comes with 6 pieces of boneless chicken.

 Jacket potato @ RM13.80, with three baked cheese potatoes on a wooden pan.

And lastly, the Chicken Fire @ RM14.80.
If you can't take spicy at all, then you should think twice, or even triple before you order this! #superduperspicy

As for the drink choices, coffee, tea, chocolate, milkshakes, soft drinks, mocktail, fruit juices, they are all up to your choices!

The Crazy Bites is a great place to get together and enjoy variety of food and drink choices at reasonable price.
Do drop by, and visit this little pink monster in person!
The Crazy Bites, It's just incrazible!
For more information, you can visit The Crazy Bites at Open Rice website here.

The Crazy Bites
A13, Jalan SS15/4D, Subang Jaya,
47500 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 603 5879 8102
FB: Thecrazybites
Opening hours: 12pm till 11pm (daily)