TinyTAN BTS 祝福語巧克力 @ TopzMall马来西亚电商平台独家热售!

Calling out A.R.M.Y fans!
这里有关防弹少年团的好消息要带给大家! #呵呵
那就是红遍全球的BTS防弹少年团的 “TinyTAN 祝福语巧克力” (TinyTAN Message Chocolate) 终于登陆马来西亚了!
阿米粉丝们是不是很我一样很兴奋很激动呢...我们终于不用再感到孤单了, 太好太棒了!#尖叫声给我!
当我手中握着充满浓浓爱意的 “TinyTAN 祝福语巧克力” 的那一刻, 心情真的超兴奋!
要是你有看过我在二月份分享过的Topzmall文章, 应该知道TopzMall是一家马来西亚跨境电商平台.
成立于2020年6月份, TopzMall致力于为消费者提供 "品质生活" 的额线上购物平台.
消费者们除了可以以最低的价格享用24/7的线上购物, 还可以参与他们每月的重日节促销活动, 线上清仓活动以及年终促销优惠.
另外, TopzMall也为忠实消费者们量身定制年度订阅计划, 提供普通消费者无法享有的独家折扣以及优惠, Topz+ 会员也能够享受每个月的专属优惠配套.
而这次TopzMall很荣幸成为 “TinyTAN 祝福语巧克力” 的授权经销商.

Where I Stayed in Kuching, Sarawak @ J&J Blessing Homestay

Hello guys! Welcome back to my blog.
I feel so excited to be back for a new travel post of my recent trip to Kuching, Sarawak.
Can't believe I haven't been on the plane for about 3 years, where I used to travel around at least 4-5 times in a year.
I told Lik that the first place I wanted to go when the pandemic ends is Kuching, Sarawak.
It's not somewhere very far, but I look at Kuching like my second home in Malaysia, I always enjoy going back; not only because I have a bunch of good friends there, the people there are always very nice and friendly to give a very welcoming feeling, also the food there are so damn delicious too! 
Well, it is actually a kind of mixture feeling, excited to be on the plane again, but at the same time also fear of the crowds in the public, but after all I'm happy that I actually took the courage to fly again.
It's sooooo good to meet my friends in Kuching (no more video callings), and also can eat the Kuching food (Kolo mee, Laksa, Belacan Beehun, Kuay Chap etc) that I always thinking about. 
This time, I'm traveling with a friend from Sibu, Winnie; she flew from Sibu and I flew from KL, and we thought it would be a good idea to rent an apartment instead of the hotels.
Thanks to Winnie...she found J&J Blessing Homestay through Airbnb, where we had our 7 days 6 nights stay. 
We both enjoyed our stay very much, so I thought it would be good to share with you guys all the bits and pieces about the apartment with you guys.