Hugos by Modestos @ Qliq Damansara

Recently, I was invited to the bloggers day which organized by the Hugos by Modestos.
Well, it's definitely not my first time heard about Modestos.
When I still working at my former company, I always passed by the one located Jalan P Ramlee, which at the same road as the Beach Club.
But, it's my very first time stepping into this restaurant, so it's kinda excited for me to be one of the invited guests to the special blogger day because I will have the chance try out their latest food and drink. #yes!

Hugos by Modestos, situated in a beautiful and quiet location at Qliq Damansara.
The restaurant has big space which has divided into 3 sections; a big dining room section, an inner sitting section and an outdoor bar section.


The main dining area is big which uses the same chairs and tables but in different colours and styles.
For a Western restaurant, it makes me feel warm to see some round tables inside.
I understand that a long table can seat a crowd and also pleasing to the eye; however I always prefer to sit on a round table as it is good for closeness and conversation among family and friends during the dining experience, and also shared dishes are easy to reach. #hehe

At the inner sitting section, it has a good lighting system which let's the dining room stay dim and nicely.
This is a quiet place and very good to relax and spend time with your loved ones.
The soft lighting adds a dash of cozy and romance for you to enjoy your drinks and food after a long day at work.

There is also an outdoor bar area which has live music, performance and a pool table.
It's a place which is more casual for you to relax and enjoy while having some drinks.
On Thursday night, from 6pm till 930pm, they have band performance with Colin and Leonard and followed by Quiz night with Ken Botak.
On Friday night, they have Kizomba workshop with Azlan and Mabel from 9pm - 10pm and followed by Salsa Friday's Afro-Latin Socials by DJ Selva from 10pm till 2am.
On Saturday night, they have The Hot Shot: British Pool Competition with prizes giveaways too.

Signature Mojito is a good try at Hugos by Modestos as it's a good drink starter to kick of the night.

Creamy Sauteed Chicken Breast @ RM29, comes with free range chicken in a creamy garlic and paprika sauce.
I personally think the sauce has added too much salt, hence it maybe good to dunk in some crusty garlic bread.
Besides, the garden salad is to accompany the chicken as a side dish.

Bruschetta @ RM17, consist of garden farm bread with diced tomatoes, and topped with garlic and olive oil.

Zuppa Di Pesce Misto @ RM18, is a prawn bisque with clam and prawns.

Spaghetti Aglio E Olio @ RM22 with prawns, toasted garlic, extra virgin oil and fresh chilies.
It's one great food at the restaurant, however I think it could be a little bit bigger in portion.

Scaloppina Di Pollo Al Funghi @ RM40 is a pan fried chicken breast with creamy mushroom sauce.
The western main course comes with a side dish of mash potatoes and some steamed vegetables.


Tonno E Cipolle @ RM22 is a thin-crust pizza which has the toppings of tuna, tomatoes, mozzarella & onions.

Tiramisu Modestos @ RM22 is a sponge cake which made of mascarpone and espresso coffee.

Last, I think Hugos by Modestos is a good place to have the private parties or corporate events.
I like the overall atmosphere at the restaurant as the ambiance offers you a quiet and private dining experience with your loved ones.
On top of that, the music performance and special events are so great that you can have a chill relaxed evening.
However, I think the food doesn't really interest me, and also they are relatively small portions.
If you are a big eater, I think you might not get enough of the main course, whereby you probably need to order some extra starters to fill your stomach. :)

Once again, thanks for the special invitation from Hugos by Modestos! #thankyou

Hugos by Modestos
Unit A-G-01, Ground Floor
Qliq Damansara, Empire Damansara
Jalan PJU 8/8A, Damansara Perdana
47820 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 603 2035 5866
FB: HugosbyModestos

Vincy Nails & Spa @ Big Bang Gel Nails

Last week, I posted a Boomerang video on my Insta.
My id is @hippo19 just in case you have not added me. #hehe
I received few messages in my inbox asking me where did I get my Big Bang Gel Nails.
They said my nails polish look very pretty cool and nice! #thankyou
So today, I'm going to talk about the nail saloon that I went to in a week ago.

If you missed out the video, now you can watch it right here. #hehe
Boomerang is so great that you can make all funny videos. Faster go download it to your phone. #lol

Vincy Nail & Spa just launched last month. #congratulations
The shop is located at the shop-lots behind the Tesco.
You can set your destination by searching Vincy Nail & Spa, and Waze will bring you to the exact location. 
You might be asking why doing nails services at a hair saloon. 
Well, indeed the Vincy Nails & Spa stays right inside the Tomo Hair Saloon.

The nail saloon isn't very big but offer good accommodations to make the experience more comfortable. 
There is only one manicurist at the shop as it is a newborn shop in less than a month. 
So, I would advice you to call them for an advanced booking before you visit the shop.
However, if you are lucky enough, you can also try to walk in. :)

My favourite corner inside the saloon. :)

There are tons of pretty colours to choose from.
OPI for the classic mani and pedi.
AS Anothersexy for the gel mani and pedi.   
Ladies! It is important to use a good brand for your nails as I had one bad experience in Thailand that my nails got very yellowish after used their unknown brand. 
It took me a while to wash off the yellow stain on my nails.

Vincy is a person that are serious in her field of works, but personally she is very friendly, down to earth and nice in her own way.
The nails service took about 3 hours as I choose the fancy design among others. 
In the whole 3 hours, I slowly noticed and realized that Vincy is a very passionate person especially in the nails. 
Vincy puts a lot of efforts and works in my nail design as every process she would carefully finish it up. 
It was to my surprise as my first impression toward Vincy is totally opposite from my expectation. 

After getting my cuticle removed and nails shaped, let's start the nails art design.
This is my first nails art drawing experience as I never did it before.
I showed Vincy a few designs that I found from the Internet, and she got my ideas very quickly.
I know the design that I wanted was not easy as it's gonna draw three lines on each nails, but Vincy was really in patient that she finished each perfectly without using any stickers!

This is the super quick dry machine and your nails will completely dry within few minutes.
Once your nails are dried out, you can move around.
Compare to the old days that we still use fan for Mani and Pedi session. #lol
I like UV gel very much because they are very long lasting and also I like the glossy surface.
But the only problem is it is very hard to remove it by yourself.
Anyway, once you started UV gel nails, I am sure you won't go back to the classic nails polish as it doesn't contain the protection that are long lasting.

And after 3 hours. I have my nails makeover with Big Bang.
It's not a girly nail design that most of the girls want, but that's exactly what I like my nails to be for this time. #hehe 

Loving the colourful yet funky nails art design that created by Vincy! #cool

Vincy Nails & Spa is doing the grand opening promotion from 1st till 31st August 2016.
Classic Mani/Pedi @ RM18 (np @ RM35 for manicure and @ RM45 for pedicure)
Gel Mani/Pedi @ RM38 (np @ RM80 for manicure and @ RM100 for pedicure)

If you missed out this promotion, there will be another new promotion, from 15th Sept till 31st October 2016.
Gel Mani with arts @ RM80 (np @ RM130)
Gel Pedi with arts @ RM100 (np @ RM150)

Hurry up babes! Now make an appointment right away before the promotion ends!

Vincy Nails & Spa
No 7G, Jalan Bandar 10,
Pusat Bandar Puchong,
47100 Puchong, Selangor
Tel: 6017 345 7380
FB: Vincy Nails & Spa

Sanoook, Thai-Japanese Restaurant @ Sunway Pyramid Hotel West

For those who haven't already know, I went to Bangkok last Wednesday and just came back on Sunday late night.
This time, I went together with Lik and the cousin from Melbourne.
It's been 2 years since we last visited Bangkok.
Bangkok still the best place to eat authentic Thai food, has all kinds of lifestyles and budget shopping, and very good massage and spa.
And this time, I realized they have many Japanese restaurants in the city.
So if you want to have a very authentic Japanese dining experience, you should try one of them for your next trip.
Trust me! They have very good quality food with very delicious dining experience.
Okay, with no more hesitation, let's proceed to my main topic today with Sanoook, the first restaurant to combine Thai and Japanese delectable cuisines in Klang Valley.

Sanoook located at Sunway Pyramid Hotel West.
It is an extended building which linked with the Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall.
The easiest way to look for this restaurant is pass through the Padini Concept Store (new wing), step on the escalator to go one floor down, and you will see Sanoook on your right and the Hotel West is on your left.

Sanoook is inspired by the love affair with Thai and Japanese cuisine.
They use secret, authentic Thai recipes from their flagship restaurant Chakri Palace and adding a twist of presentation and creative culture of Japanese food.
"Sanook" means "fun" in Thai, and they added another "o" to represent a circle of friendship.
Hence, Sanoook means having fun together with friends.
In Sanoook, they believe that a good meal can turn strangers into friends, strengthen friendship, and bring solace to a bad day.
So guys! Do not forget to have a photo fun at Sanoook with the little red train and the props that they have for you! #hehe

The restaurant has a very cozy place and atmosphere.
The dim lighting make the dining experience more comfortable.
The space inside the restaurant isn't very big, so you may find many willing diners to squeeze with you, especially for the 2 and 4 seats tables.

If you come here by yourself, then take a seat at the bar and enjoy watching the chef in action. :)

Besides, they also have a nice outdoor area whereby you can chill out with delicious food and a glass of cold beer.

Sneak peak on their electronic menu.
You can place your order and check the total bill with this little gadget.

4-Season Platter @ RM37.90 is something good to have when you go with at least 4 person.
The platter has 4 different dishes which are Vegetarian Spring Roll, Crispy Calamari, Thai Fish Cake with Thai Chicken Ball and Salmon Cream Croquette.
If you asked me which one is my top favourite, I will say the Salmon Cream Croquette because it has a thick and creamy cheese filling inside which will literally melt in your mouth when you take a bite.

If you are trying to clean up your stomach, then you should get the healthy blazing salad of the Sanoook Salad Japanese Cucumber Wrapped with Salmon, Avocado & Baked Apple @ RM29.90.
The sesame dressing goes so well with the fresh ingredients such as lettuce, cherry tomatoes, Japanese cucumber and baked apple.

Oh! Please you must try this!
Pan Fried Tuna Steak with Spinach & Mixed Mushroom served with Teriyaki Sauce @ RM28.90 is the best of the best!
The tender and juicy steak is so delightfully that will melt in your mouth easily!.
Trust me! Nothing can beat this ever! #lol

The Tom Yam Soup with River Prawn @ RM23.90 is kind of different as the others I had before.
It's an unusual sake type that you need to pour the soup into the bowl at anytime you want to eat.
I find the overall taste is so great because it has very moderate spiciness and saltiness.

You might thought that good sushi can only be found at the traditional Japanese restaurants.
Let Sanoook proves that you are wrong!
The sushi at Sanoook can beat with any sushi at the authentic Japanese restaurants.
The rice has excellent taste and moisture texture and I would said they are so perfect!
First time heard of the Tuna with Tom Yam Sauce Sushi @ RM27.90? #hehe

Soft shell crab sushi is very common at any Japanese restaurant, but Soft Shell Crab with Thai Mango Chili Sauce Sushi @ RM34.90 is only available at Sanoook.
For me, the sushi menu is a bit pricey, but I think the quality and the delicious food made it all worth it!

Another highlight Sanoook Rainbow with Sesame Sauce @ RM29.90, which use the fresh cucumber rolled over the sushi rice instead of the Nori sheet.
What a great sushi menu with the special sesame dressing that had prepared.

Let's move on to their signature dish of the skewer series.

My top pick of the skewer menu is the Salmon Belly Skewer with Lime Chili Sauce @ RM77.90. The Best, and it's one skewer that I enjoyed the most! #slurp

My second pick is the Veggies skewer with tomato, corn, zucchini, capsicum, leek with Sanoook Sauce @ RM28.90.
One thing to mention is the grilled veggies do not dry out on the grill, but stays moist and flavourful.

If you like chicken, then probably you will enjoy the Chicken Skewer with Massaman Sauce @ RM32.90.
Remember to dip the meat with Sanoook in-house special made sauce, otherwise the meat is too dried-out on it's texture.

Chicken Burger with Teriyaki Sauce @ RM17.90 is one Japanese inspired burger.
It breaks the tradition serving with the Japanese rice bun instead of burger bun and also replace the french fries with the corn.
A portion like this will definitely makes you feel full!

I am a durian fans, so this Fresh Durian Ice-Cream with Coconut Milk @ RM21.90 got my big applause after my first try.
It's so milky! It's so creamy! It's so rich!
What's more?! It's overloaded with the flavours of durian!
It's definitely a nice dessert for the durian fans with the grass-jelly in it!

I am surprise to have bingsu at a Thai Japanese restaurant.
Thai Volcano @RM21.90 is something interesting to give a try as it is made of the famous Thai Milk Tea in Thailand.
The shaved ice is towered up with flour cake, pearl and sago toppings.

Make sure you share it because the portion is pretty big which I think it's made for sharing though. :)

Sauce it!
Shake it!
Snack it!
Last but not least, Sanoook has their own Sanoook's Salad Jar which they freshly made daily.
It's such a perfect healthy meal or light snack in between!

It comes with 4 flavours which are #1 Japanese Soba Salad Jar#2 Salmon Salad Jar#3 Fruity Muesu Salad Jar, #4 Thai Salad Jar.
The salad jar is so convenient to bring it with you to anywhere, plus the price is confirm affordable which is in the range of RM12.90 - RM14.90.
Seriously, no doubts for a thumbs up for this!

All are good! So tell me which one is your favourite?

Don't forget to mention, all the Sanoook's food suppliers are with Halal Certified!

No matter if you are a Thai food or Japanese food lover, I am sure the food at Sanoook will be satisfying and will definitely fulfill your stomach.
It's so difficult to choose the best dish at Sanoook because all the delicacies are really tasty and delicious.
If you have visited Sanoook, please share your most favourite dish with me so that I can order it on my next visit!

Sanoook Thai-Japanese
Lot 4, Ground Floor
Sunway Pyramid Hotel West
Bandar Sunway
47500 Subang Jaya Selangor
Tel: 603 5650 5196
FB: Sanoookmy