Dumpling Kings & Phuture Daging @ Launch Malaysia’s First Plant-Based Dumpling Outlet

Dumplings have become popular across the world.
More and more people are experimenting with new and exciting flavours, combining them together to create entirely unique dumplings that are innovative in both taste and texture.
I love dumplings, I can't deny that I'm also one of the dumpling fans. :)
Dumplings are easy to prepare, I usually prefer pan-fried dumplings, it's always a great and refreshing tailgate bites and finger foods to have at anytime.
Not to surprise, I can eat at least 10-15 dumplings just by myself. #lol
Dumplings can be sweet or savory, and can be prepared with whatever ingredients and recipes.
For instance, Malaysia has just launched the first plant-based dumpling outlet that collaborated by the new specialized plant-based meat dumpling franchise Dumpling Kings and plant-based meats foodtech company Phuture Daging.
The collaboration created the humble dumplings that can be shared among Malaysians, regardless of dietary or religious restrictions. 
If this is your first time heard about vegan meat in Malaysia, continue to read on to find out more about these plant-based meat in various flavours of dumplings!