KITKAT Chocolatory @ Celebrates Its 3rd Anniversary With the Launch of KITKAT Roti Canai & Curry!

Hello, KITKAT lovers!
In conjunction with Merdeka and Malaysia Day, KITKAT is calling all chocolate lovers to celebrate its 3rd year anniversary with their new launch of KITKAT Roti Canai & Curry as well as other specially curated Malaysian-inspired flavours together!
KITKAT always remind me of my childhood.
It's one of the awesome chocolate me and my siblings love to eat since kiddo till now.
KITKAT has created more than 40,000 Create-Your-Own-KITKATs and introduced over 100 unique KITKAT creations in just over 3 years.
There are also many different unique KITKATs flavours have been inspired from local to international flavours to Malaysians.
Besides that, the flagship store, KITKAT Chocolatory is also the perfect place to find unique gifts and custom-made creations for every occasions; from Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Deepavali to Christmas or even special anniversaries, and birthdays.
To celebrate the two iconic national days in August and September, KITKAT Chocolatory has came up KITKAT Roti Canai & Curry and other locally inspired Malaysian flavours that are artistically handcrafted with the finest ingredients which only can be found at KITKAT Chocolatory store.

98 Percent @ HōMUplus+ Detergent Powder

Do you know what's in your home cleaning products?
To be honest, other than food and beauty products, I don't really check exactly what ingredients it contains in the household products I use.
There were few times after my sister-in-law gave birth to her first kid, she mentioned to me and my family that that common commercial cleaning products are usually loaded with toxic and polluting substances designed to make domestic life easier.
And these chemical-based products can be long term health concerns for the family; for instance, the chemicals in many laundry detergents range will cause skin or eye irritation or more serious diseases, such as eczema, rashes, endocrine disruption and others.
I guess mummies will always take ingredients into consideration before purchasing a single product for their families used. :)
Because of this, 98 Percent aims to curb the excessive use of harmful chemical substances in our daily lives, sharing our love for the environment starting from our family members and eventually towards building an eco-friendly society.
The brand creates two different range of natural and organic products, like HōMUplus+ Series is for the organic home use products, while OMNIplus+ Series is focus on organic plant nutrient.
And today, I would like to share one of their star product, HōMUplus+ Detergent Powder which is just better for you and your health. :)

Spice Garden @ The LINC KL

I have no idea since when I started to love Indian food, probably because I really love hot and spicy food.
I usually get recommendations about where to go for Indian food from my girl friend as she is also a big fan of Indian food. :)
My most favourite Indian dishes are Tandoori chicken and nasi briyani!
So, last week, I visited an Indian restaurant, Spice Garden, located at The LINC KL for dinner.
It is a semi-fine dining restaurant, serving authentic Indian and Middle-Eastern cuisine to the residents and expatriates living in and around Klang Valley area.
The restaurant was established in 2003 with 4 different outlets around Malaysia.
What makes Spice Garden so special is their recipes are using centuries old recipes and techniques that are indispensable for the preparation of truly authentic Indian cuisine.
They promise they only use original spices and herbs without artificial flavouring, colouring or preservatives, and also all dishes are freshly cooked by master chefs who are knowledgeable and skillful enough to prepare truly authentic Indian and Middle-Eastern cuisines.
My first visit to Spice Garden was pleasant; good food, good service and comfortable environment. :)

kiplePark @ The First License Plate Recognition (LPR) System in Malaysia

There are many times that we feel frustrated when looking for machines to pay the car park tickets, or having a long queue to pay for the tickets before exit.
Sometimes, it can be a wallet pain when you lose your car park tickets and got fined RM50 (I've experienced this a few times in my life).
The frustration can be elevated further when you are rushing to your next appointment and realize that you have run out of notes.
Having evaluated the needs of the fast-paced society today, and coupled with strong belief that every human must thrive with life improving digital innovations, the new cashless kiplePark LPR System sets to provide a VIP experience to the users where they can enter and exit the car parks without much hassle.
No more waiting in long queues at the ticket machine when it's time to go home, no more worrying about losing ticket etc, this new kiplePark LPR app that just launched in 2019 is gonna makes your car parking fast and easy!