Review Miniface Beauty with Discount Code: Microcurrent Device + Age Defying Hydroblast Gel + Rose Quartz Facial Massage Roller

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my blog. :)
Today, I will be sharing another stay-home skin care routine that able to help you maintain overall skin health and improve aging skin.
If you read my previous blog post, I told you guys that I've never walked into any beauty salons ever since the outbreak as I wanted to keep my distance to protect myself and my families.
So, in order to help me look and feel my best of my skin, I'm now more focusing on the skincare products I use at home; not only started by including a few new skincare products, I've also added some beauty tools in my everyday beauty routine too. 
Thanks to Miniface Beauty, a Malaysia's one-stop skincare expert that founded in 2019.
Miniface Beauty offers simple solutions tailored to fit the lifestyles of the modern-day woman, where their quality products are designed with thorough research and loving care, delivering fast, rejuvenating results targeting to your specific needs. 
I'm happy to had had the chance to try out their microcurrent facial device, which is a small portable device to help me build my very own skincare sanctuary, right in the comfort of my home, without the hassle of visiting and paying expensive facial salons during this lockdown period. 
This is gonna be a long post as I will be covering total 3 products from Miniface Beauty, yet I hope you will read till the end as I'm sure this post will sure offering useful information or tips about the microcurrent device, and there will be a special discount code for you too if you are interested to invest one for yourself or as a gift to your loved ones. 
So, without further ado, let's get it started!

Comfort Zone from Italy @ Sublime Skin Lift & Firm Ampoule

It's been a month since we got the second Covid lockdown in Malaysia.
I believe we all are trying to get used to a new normal, such as handwashing, social distancing, wearing masks, avoid going to crowded places etc.
It takes time to adapt to the new normal, especially me who must visit the facial and hair saloon for at least once a month to pamper my skin and hair.
Ever since the Covid outbreak that happened last year, I stopped getting facials and hair cuts at the saloons to keep my distance to protect myself and my families. 
It's already been more than a year I've been focusing on pampering skin at home; not only elevated my at-home facial routine, I also added extra products and tools to make sure my skin is smoother and softer all time at home. 
And recently, I came across a new brand, Comfort Zone, a professional skin care brand founded in 1996 in Italy. 
Comfort Zone has a 20-year heritage in the spa industry along with constant innovation to offer result-oriented, clean formulas and spa treatments for face and body.
The brand focuses on the skin's needs for a moisturizing-brightening or filling effect, and has tested with visible results from the first application and after 7 days,
All their products are fully active formulated with concentrated natural ingredients and functional active ingredients, without any raw materials that have a negative impact on the environment, such as silicones, mineral oil, animal derivatives, artificial colours and sulfates.
I've been using one of the star products, Sublime Skin Lift & Firm Ampoule for 7 days, and very excited to share with you guys about my personal review and experience about it.
Continue to read on and find out more!