4D3N in Chiang Mai @ An Adventure Filled with Friendship

Hello and welcome to my blog!
Since I got back from Chiang Mai in May, life has been super busy, filled with a flurry of activities, a multitude of tasks to do, and a busy schedule to meet, which explained why I haven't had the chance to write on my blog.
Anyway, even though this post is coming a bit late, I really wanted to write down all the special moments during the 4D3N adventure in Chiang Mai.
It's a trip that holds a special place in my heart, as I got to spend precious moments with my uni mates. 
I'm hoping that when we're all 60 years old, we can look back at this post and remember the amazing time we had together in 2023.
This trip was really excited because we all flew from different places; some of us from KL, some from Kuching, others from Hong Kong and Singapore. 
Our last big meetup was in 2018 when we went to Taipei, and because of the pandemic, we couldn't see each other for almost 5 years. 
Well, thinking back to 2018, when we last met in Taipei, we never thought it would be so long before we meet each other again.
Haven't been seeing each others for 5 years is quite long, especially when it comes to a long-distance friendships.
We all went through different experiences and changes in our lives, but deep down, we always missed the comfort and laugher we shared together.
Big thanks to our group leader, Stella Ling, and group assistant Yee Hong, for putting this whole trip together; from the beginning to the end, they've taken care of everything.
So, without further ado, let's get ready for this long post in Chiang Mai as I'll be covering all the interesting places, activities, restaurants and cafes we visited. :)