Lai Je Sunday Market @ Restaurant Istimewa Lai Je 丽姐私房菜

Hey guys!
Happy Friday!
What are your plans for the coming weekend?
Last weekend, I visited a Sunday Market located at Mahkota Cheras with my girl friends.
The Sunday Market was pretty interesting, and we spent there for an hour or two; it's not too big but fun.
If you read my previous food review about Restaurant Istimewa Lai Je 丽姐私房菜 back in last year October, you should know about this restaurant that derived from Bukit Tinggi.
But if you missed that out, it's okay, you can click on the direct link at HERE to get to know about the restaurant and what kind of food they offer.
Overall, they have very delicious and special menu that created and made by themselves.
I introduced it to my family and friends, and they all like their food very much.
And the newly opened Sunday Market is located just right in front of the restaurant of Lei Je, where they sell their fresh from farm vegetables and fruits from Bukit Tinggi, organic products, homemade food and snacks, and handmade crafts.
The farm fresh vegetables attracts me the most. :)

All-New Dr. Wu Glutalight™ Whitening System @ First Commercial Product Use the Japanese Patented Glutalight

All women, no matter their age and race, want to have even, clear and fair skin.
It's because many people think that white or fair skin makes you pretty and attractive.
所谓的一白遮三丑; 皮肤白, 就可以把其它许多脸部的缺点都遮盖.
My skin was dark when I was teenager, probably because I spent a lot of time outdoors in bright sunlight.
I was so regret that I did not take good care of my skin early. :(
So, by the time I grown up, when I realized the importance of a fair and glowing skin for woman, I started to look for ways and products to lighten and whitening my skin.
Not only I spent a lot on buying whitening products like face sheet masks, I also think it's a big challenge and also not an easy task after all.
Well, some people may go for pills or injections to make your skin white and fair, but seriously I'm so afraid of the side effects that come later in the future.
I prefer to use products that work for whitening and reduce dark spots.

Where to Stay in Guangzhou @ Royal Stars Apartment Shamian Branch 珠光星御国际公寓(广州沙面店)

Hey ya!
My Guangzhou trip 2019 is ready now! #yippie
I visited Guangzhou in the end of April, and stay there for 7D6N.
This is not my first time visiting Guangzhou, I've been there many times when I worked at a furniture trading company.
I used to travel to Guangzhou and Shenzhen for at least 3-4 times in a year to visit suppliers and also do some inspection works.
But honestly, while traveling there for work, I didn't really get to explore a lot about the city.
So, when Lik said let's go to Guangzhou, I was like "why not!"
I would want to take a selfie with the Canton Tower and I really miss lots of food in Guangzhou. #lol
I'm going to blog about the places we went and also the good food we had during our trip.
But before that, let me share the serviced apartment we stayed for this time because I like the place a lot, and hopefully to recommend it to you all if you are planning to visit Guangzhou in the future.

Althea A'bloom + Althea's Angels First Gathering @ Softsrve Ice Cream, Dessert & Balloon Bar

Hey pretties!
Welcome back to my beauty channel.
Yea, I know it's been a while since I shared about beauty products with you all.
If you've been here waiting for me, today is the post for you all!
I was so excited when I knew about the new launch of Althea's new product range.
I can't deny that I'm a huge fans of Althea's beauty products, I honestly think that the brand did a great job on producing good quality beauty products, yet with a very affordable pricing.
It was such a great honoured to be invited to the first ever Althea's Angels gathering plus new product range, A'bloom in the last month.
The party was wonderful with beautiful people, lovely decorations, yummylicious desserts and beverages, and also got to try out the whole range products from Althea.
Without further ado, let's get on the party with Althea!

Bakery Cafe Hachi @ 1 Mont Kiara

Hello guys! 
Welcome back to my food channel!
If you are following me on my IG @mizhippo, you probably knew that I just came back from Guangzhou just a few days ago.
I spent one week in Guangzhou last week, and it was such a splendid experience.
Though it's not my first time visiting Guangzhou (too many times), I still enjoy wandering around this busy city, especially the good food there. #lol
I will share about my trip soonest on my blog with you all, so do stay tuned ya!
Well, today, I'm here to share a new place for Japanese pastry, bread, coffee and brunch. 
If you love Japanese pastry and food, this could be a perfect place for you. :)

Learn About @ Your New Online Partner

I guess most of you are familiar with selling and buying stuffs online.
Well, at least for me, I've always like to do online shopping, because online stores apparently offer more choices of products compare to the physical or retail stores.
Agree not?! :)
Not only that, I also think online stores sometimes provide a very highly competitive in pricing and also there are more exclusive deals and promotions when shopping online.
On the other hand, as being a shopaholic, I always want to get rid of the stuffs I don't wear at the end of every season to keep my closet up to date, so I usually will sell my secondhand clothing, bags, fashion accessories online.
There are so many websites for selling and buying stuffs online, and today, I would like to share a new online platform, with you all.