Markets 18 is back @ Jaya One

Yea! Markets 18 is back!
Markets Bazaar is one of the bazaar I love the most because it always complete with many kinds of food, drinks, clothing, accessories, body and skin products, handmade stuffs and performances.
I can spend my all day long doing shopping and food hunting over there, because the expenses aren't very big but return with lots of fun!
It's definitely one of the big bazaar in town for you to enjoy your beautiful weekend with your friends and families.

This month, Market Bazaar has it's Markets 18 installment on 14th and 15th, from 11am to 7pm at the Ground Floor, Jaya One.
I was there on the 15th in the noon time, and there were still a lot of crowds.

There are 2 different sections that make up the bazaar; and indoor section and an outdoor section.
And, all the food stalls and food trucks are always located at the outdoor section.
Well, wait no more! Lets' check out what they have for this year Markets 18!

Alison Food Company, is founded with the simple ideology of providing convenient healthy food that looks good, taste good and incredibly good for your body.
You can choose and mix your favourite fruits and nuts in the prepared jar to help you to maintain your body weight, heart health and energy level.

It has more than 10 recipes for your choices!
Check out Alison Food Company's full menu on their FB @
They do have home delivery service which started from RM10/jar only!

Taiwan is a place full of goodness!
If you ever been there before, no worries that you can now shop the Taiwan products at 101 Shop!
101 Shop imported the latest products from Taiwan such as snacks, candies, instants noodles, biscuits, face masks and so on.

This is their signature instant noodle, Mum's Dry Noodles 老妈子.
It has total 4 small packages inside the big bag.
There are 3 flavours and I personally like the spicy one.
The noodle has perfect chewiness and very good quality and texture too!

For more product ranges at 101 Shop, you can head over to their FB @

Cold juice is the best choice to cool you down during the hot weather.
Rosey Dovey has total 8 cold press juices to help your weight management, chill down, hydration cleansing and many more.

Lovely bottles!
Visit their FB @ to keep track their latest promotion and weekly delivery schedule.

Are you a popcorn lovers but afraid of being weight gained?
Popcorn New York produce great tasting popcorn by using high-quality ingredients.
It is definitely a light snack that can complement at any occasion or event for you!

It comes with 4 flavours which includes #1 Sea Salt & Crushed black pepper, #2 Caramel, #3 Spicy BBQ and #4 Cheese.
The products are all made with whole grain, gluten free, 30% less oil and no added preservatives.

If you missed them in the markets, you can get it at most of the supermarkets such as Aeon, Cold Storage, Greenway, Village Grocer, and Jaya Grocer.
FB @

Each time I visited the Market, I will never leave there without having the Asam Laksa from Laksa Chef.
And, you know what? Usually one bowl is definitely not enough!

The Asam Laksa has it's traditional recipe from across the mum, and with more than 30 years experience in selling Asam Laksa.

Laksa Chef doesn't have any physical shop, yet if you want to try out their authentic laksa from Penang, you can follow their foorprints @

Korean headbands are all so cute and lovely!
I am sure you can easily get one from Korean Fahsion Headbands for yourself and your kids since they offer good price with good quality!

Check out their latest stocks as well as the shipping information at their FB @

When I was at the Markets 16 for the first time, I was very impressed at all the clothing stalls.
I didn't expect they have so many choices and the greatest thing is the pricing are super reasonable compare to the outside shops.
I bet you wouldn't able to stop yourself of buying at least 1 piece!

TresClasse Collection has all kinds of dresses for you to fit for your dinner or any casual occasions.
It's a lovely shop owns by 2 lovely and pretty ladies.

Their clothes are all in good quality and one highlight to mention is their packaging.
I was very impressed on how they packed my red skirt I got from them on that day!
Wanna know how interesting they are, check out their FB @

Trendy Bellaz offers different types of crop tops.
So, if you are a fans of crop tops, Trendy Bellaz shall be your favourite shop!

Jumpsuits is the current hit recently.
Kinda love how Trendy Bellaz mix and match their outfits on the rack.
FB @

Peep Boutique has high quality clothing with chic and cheeky looks.
If you want to stand out from the crowd, then you need a stop at their stall.

Not only that, Peep Boutique also selling Metallic Tattoos.
These tattoos can replace your necklaces and bracelets, and leave a nasty look with any of your outfit!
It sticks on your skin beautifully and will last up to 7 days!
FB @

Besides, Markets 18 also has handmade stuffs, beauty cares, and bath products.
Let's first check out what Knots n' Suds offers!
Their main selling products are the bath products and handmade soaps; other than that, they are also selling handmade handkerchief and gloves.

It's quite an interesting stall for me anyway!
You can choose the flavour of Lavender, Coffee, Cinnamon, and Lemon to exfoliate your body depends on your skin condition.
They also have 6 different handmade soaps for your personal preferences.
FB @

Probably Jeannie Botanicals wouldn't be unfamiliar for some of you, since it's not only selling online but also at some department store such as Nu Sentral Mall, Ben's Independent Grocer, and M+ Pharmacy.
It sells handcrafted 100% pure, natural and organic mum and baby care, skin care and body care products.

Each of their products is meticulously handcrafted in small batches whereby they are committed to formulate products from the purest raw material sources for both performance and pure indulgence.
Before I stepped upon the stall, I was attracted by it's simple packaging and design.
I thought the price probably would be expensive, and I was totally wrong!
The price range of their products are in between RM15- RM100!
FB @

I think handmade soup is the hit in the market now, even my friend in ShenZhen is learning it.
Artiz Soup is not just about handmade soap or natural soap ingredients, it brings new era to soap making whereby they develop new recipes and ways of making soap by not limiting to conventional methods.

All soaps look so lovely and beautiful at Artiz Soup!
I feel it's quite wasted to use such delicate handmade soap, I would rather keep it and smell it all time in my room. #lol
FB @

Beauty T imported the Anmyna Fragrance Shampoo and silky conditioner all the way from Taiwan.
Well ladies, we now have a new option for our hair care!

Beauty T also has another products from Anmyna too such as CC cream, body lotion and skin cares too.
Check out their everyday FB updates @

Little Dandelion Event & Decor is an event and decoration company which helps to plan your event, decorate your wedding/party, and set up your corporate event.

Look at their customized helium balloon bouquet with my name and hashtag printed on it!
It's so lovely and thank you very much.
If you like the idea of working with a professional for your event, you shall look for Little Dandelion! Some works have been posted on their FB @

Next up would be something handmade!
JC Gift House offers handmade stainless steel locket and chain with charms.
If you are a jewelry person, I am sure you will fall in love with their DIY ideas!

It would be a perfect gift to your friends and families because the one you choose will be the only one in the world! Cool, isn't it?
FB @

Looking for some home decoration? Here you are, Terra Living!
They are a group of scientist, designers and nature lovers who offer cute tube plant where you can own your favourite plant at your home, office or on your working desk.

A small Ecotube T costs RM20, medium Ecotube XL costs RM49 and a big Ecosphere costs just RM70.
FB @

If you don't feel like to spend more, you can get a spot at the entertainment zone to enjoy the beautiful acoustic music from the local bands.
Full day performance started from 12pm till 6pm!

Not to forget to mention the main sponsor of Markets 18, Im Sold.
It's a buying and selling app which encourage young people to sell and buy their pre-loved goods.
And if you missed out the vendors at Markets 18, you can find them easily on Im Sold app too!
FB @

It's fun, isn't?
Personally, I enjoyed every Markets that I've attended so far and I always looking forward to the next one!
Not to worry if you missed out Markets 18 as the next one, Markets 19 is coming soon which is on 13 and 14 August!
For more information, follow the Markets at their FB @!

Hao Yun Lai 好运来 @ Authentic Chinese Food

Hey guys!
Sorry about my late update on my blog in the past few weeks.
If you followed my FB or Instagram, you should know that me and Lik just got married!
I was very busy with all the preparation till no time to come up here.
It's a very long and tiring process, but I believe all these will be our best memory after all.
I will share my wedding posts later once my right mood kick me off!
Hope you all will continue to stay tune on my "Richie & Ivy Wedding @ 21052016" if you want to have some wedding tips from me. #hehe
And for today, I would want to share another great place for great food with you all.

Hao Yun Lai 好运来, located at Pandan Indah, Cheras.
It is not difficult to get the location if you go with Waze by key-ing Jalan Perubatan 2.
The restaurant is at the same row with Sushi Mentai and Hometown Steamboat.

What makes me miss China the most whenever I traveled there is their authentic Chinese food, especially the SzeChuan and Hunan cuisines.
It is not easy to get the same tastes and flavours in Malaysia unless you go for the original authentic Chinese food from China.
It's glad to discover Hao Yun Lai, a new restaurant which operated by the owners from ShanXi Province in China.
It has just started half year ago, but I can see it already generated many supporters.

The restaurant is not fancy; it's just a simple restaurant like the other Chinese restaurants.
And, perhaps the appearance of the shop does not seem to have delicious food too! #nevertryneverknow

The interior is very simple with some basic furniture.
Yet, the manager said that most of the adornments are imported from China, such as the special designed lamps that hanging on the ceiling.

For the starter, you may try their Fried Baked Small Pancake @ RM6 to kick start your appetite.
The taste and the texture are like our Indian Roti Canai, yet it is filled with some green onions.

Hao Yun Lai's specialties are their hotpot dishes.
The most signature one is the Seafood Platter with Fish Heads @ RM98.
They have another same platter which only serve with seafood, Seafood Platter @ RM88.

A big platter like this includes all kinds of seafood such as big prawns, squids, clams, fish heads, and so on.
The portion is very big which is good enough for 5-6 pax.
I enjoy this platter so much because of it‘s hot and sour soup. It's so so great and appetizing!

The main ingredients to use for the hot and sour soup is their homemade pickles which include radishes and green chilies.
These radishes and green chilies which already well marinated has strengthened the sour and spicy taste. #thumbsup

For the level of spice, you can work your way up to tolerate or even enjoy spicy foods as their spice levels extend from 1 - 4 levels which #1 no spicy, #2 mild, #3 medium, and #4 spicy.
I would suggest you to order the mild one and then you can add the chili flakes to some appropriate level after you try the food.

If you like fish or fish heads like I do, then you must order their ChongQing Grilled Talapia Fish @ RM48.
A platter like this includes at least 2 big grilled Talapia fishes.

It's a spicy dish which prepared with their homemade spices and herbs.
Although I enjoy spicy food a lot, but I think this is way too spicy for me.
Well, no worries that you can adjust the spicy level according to your own interest.

Next, the Szechuan Spicy Crab @ RM88.
I love SzeChuan cuisines very much, and this spicy crab is what I want for my SzeChuan appetite!
I think a portion like this can share among 3 person, depends if you are a super big eater not. #hehe

Crabs are all fresh!
For me, fresh crabs should be soft and delicate, with a smooth texture, and these crabs include everything!
It literally melts in my mouth on my first bite!

SzeChuan Spicy Prawn @ RM98.
The prawns prepared with chili sauce, garlic and their homemade herbs.
It tastes unique and I think this is a taste that you will not find anywhere.

The good thing about Hao Yun Lai is all dishes are serve on the hotpots, which helps to keep food warm all time.
So, you no need to worry about the food getting cold.

For those who spend more than RM100 at Hao Yun Lai, you will get free Chinese tea.
And, if you order a platter of fish, you will get free side dishes like the picture.
All side dishes are good, but I personally love the black fungus salad a lot!
It's so tasty and refreshing!

If you love Chinese food but getting bored with the standard Cantonese styles and tastes, give a try at Hao Yun Lai!
Everyone of us enjoyed the food on that night, and I believe you will have the same enjoyment like us after you have your try.

Hao Yun Lai 好运来
No 18G, Jalan Perubatan 2,
Pandan Indah, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 6017 242 6312
Opening hours: Mon - Sun 5pm - 12am