Dr Murad Intense Recovery Cream @ Murad Hydration

I believe we all experienced moments of stressed-out skin in our lives.
Stressed-out skin could happen from poor rest, emotional stress, digital stress such as too much blue light from extreme screen time, hormonal changes, having too much time in the heat, sun, wind or water, getting redness and rashes from allergies, aggressive beauty routines, and many other reasons. 
When your skin tends to feel irritated, flaky, puffy, tingly, tight or dry, you are most probably having stressed-out skin which need to be extra careful on it.
Other than the inside out solutions like nourishing your skin with hydrating skincare products, getting your daily 8 glasses of water, exercising and also be kind to your mind like doing medication, adding some self-care indulgences into your daily beauty regimen is also very important. 
So this time round, I'm sharing you the freshly released hero that I'm currently in love with, Dr Murad Intense Recover Cream, the Murad's richest facial cream to date, to soothes the visible signs of skin stress, whether environmental or triggered by lifestyle. 
This intense cream has surprised me in many ways, if you are looking for a way to take back control of stressed skin or tired face, continue to read on this beauty post and learn about this fantastic and gentle facial cream with me! :)

Simplistic Begin Cleanser @ Holy Grail Cleanser for All Skin Type!

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So today, let me share a new facial cleanser, from Simplistic Begin Cleanser imported all the way from Korea that I got it from Wako Beauty, an online retailer that selling variety of trendy and popular skincare products. 
Simplistic Skin Care is a new Korean skincare brand in Korea as well as all over the world.
It is an indie Korean cosmetic brand that makes quality skincare products with the highest grade eco-friendly, and EWG safe ingredients to suit any skin types. 
Their goal is to help people to improve skin naturally and gradually from within instead of promising quick miracles results to the users. 
There are total 4 products under the brand, includes cleanser, essence, face cream and sunscreen, and today I will be focused on the Simplistic Begin Cleanser, one of the important steps in your skincare routine that you can't miss out in day and night time. :)
And for you who are reading this post right now, you can use my special discount code <IVY20> to enjoy 20% off from the total price at http://bit.ly/SimplisticCleanserBegin_IvyGan!