Shika Snow Mountain 石卡雪山, Tiger Leaping Gorge 虎跳峡, Guishan Park 龟山公园 & Giant Prayer Wheel 转经筒 @ Shangri-La City 香格里拉市

Hey guys!
Here comes the second post of my Yunnan China trip.
If you haven't read my Lijiang trip, you can read it at HERE.
I spent a lot of time and effort to edit the photos, so please make sure you read them ya. #hehe
And today, I'm going to share the places I visited at Shangri-La, also named as Xianggelila 香格里拉 in Zhongdian county, the capital of Diqing Tibetan Autonmous Prefecture of Yunnan Province in Southern China. 
Shangri-La is a mountain paradise, with dense forests, alpine lakes, grasslands, and gorges distributed among the meadows and plains.
It is a home to more than 20 ethnic groups, with approximately 80% of Tibetans population in the region.
So, if you are thinking to visit Tibet but can't make it yet, this is the place to go to explore and experience  Tibetan lifestyle and religion.
It's my first time visiting Shangri-La and I would say this is one of the most amazing corners of Yunnan.
I had an unforgettable travel experience at this brilliant and attractive region.
We spent two days at Shangri-La with a full agenda and busy itinerary. 
We visited Shika Snow Mountain, Tiger Leaping Gorg, Guishan Garden, World Biggest Prayer Wheel, Deqen Cultural Expo Center etc.
Without further ado, follow me to explore Shangri-La right away!

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain 玉龍雪山, White Water River 白水河, Blue Moon Valley 蓝月谷, Jade Water Village 玉水寨风景区 & Lijiang Square Street 丽江古城 @ Lijiang 丽江

Hello Hello!
Welcome back to my blog!
I just checked back my last traveling post, it was posted in early May this year about my trip in Hong Kong.
I didn't blog about travel like I used to as you all know that we can't travel to anywhere due to the current pandemic around the world.
It's quite upset that I can't travel now since travel has always been part of my life, and I always enjoy sharing my travel stories with you all.
Last weekend, I took sometimes to look back the travel pictures I stored inside my hard disc, just found out that I have left over the Yunnan China trip which I still haven't post it here.
So yeap, today I'm going to start blogging about the places I visited during my Yunnan trip.
I received a lot of compliments and messages about the pictures I shared on my social media, (you can checked it out on my IG @ mizhippo, I've already added the stories to appear on my profile as highlights), many of you were very shocked about the beautiful places are actually from China. :)
It's not easy to describe or put them into words how beautiful the places are, and maybe that's the reason I've been dragging this post for long time. #hehe
Anyway, I visited Yunnan in December 2019, where you can see from my pictures that I had my short haircut with bangs during that time.
Time flies, can't believe it's almost a year since that unforgettable trip.
I will be starting the first post at Lijiang 丽江, with the main attraction Jade Dragon Snow Mountain at the region. 
So, lay back and enjoy reading the upcoming sharing. :)

Signature Market @ Plant Origins Good Night Sleep Aromatherapy Gift Box

I first started diffusing essential oils a few years ago when I was having issues with sleeping well at night.
I remember my first essential oil was lavender oil which introduced by my girl friend, and I feel head over heels in love with it. 
Little by little, I bring in more and more different essential oils to my daily life.
My everyday life is getting much easier in all sorts of different ways with the help of essential oils; they help me get a good night's rest after long work days, they help my mind relax when I have about 1,000 things I need to do the next day, they calm my emotions when feeling anxious, they make my home smelling fresh and welcoming.
And without a doubt, I absolutely love and enjoy the natural fragrance too!
In short, essential oils are my life back for just about everything. #haha
Recently, I found out that Signature Market has just launched their Plant Origins product ranges, which include a wide ranges of essential oil blends, essential oil roll-ons, aromatherapy sprays etc.
I signed up their membership since two years ago, and my first purchased through their online business was their signature healthy food and snacks.
It's been great for me as I'm able to purchase the best wholesome products I like with an affordable price.
When I first know the brand had came out their Plant Origins series, I was indeed very excited to try them out. 

Origin Mattress @ Origin Superior Coolmax® Latex Pillow

We spent roughly a third of our lives in sleeping.
If we do not sleep well, it can have a major impact on our health and wellbeing.
Some people said that a good mattress help to fall into a relaxing sleep as this is the largest and also most important financial investment you make in your sleep, but when it comes to sleep quality, I think pillows also play an important role in your sleep too, it is almost as important as your mattress.
My mum once experienced neck pain due to the pillow she slept on did not support her head and neck properly which created tension in her neck muscles.
From that time onwards, my family would pay a little bit more attention when investing in pillows because we believe getting a comfortable and supportive pillow will help and put us into a good sleep.
Don't ever ignore your sleeping pillow. :)
With that in mind, I've recently tested the new Origin Superior Coolmax® Latex Pillow from Origin Mattress, a product from Germany.
I've slept on the Latex Pillow for more than 2 weeks, and here comes my personal review about it.
I hope my sharing would give you some informative messages about the latex pillow and how it will help you of getting a good night's sleep.