Travel Diary @ Los Angeles

I looked back on the pictures I captured early in USA when I was cleaning my hard disc.
Awww! I miss my time being around the country.
There are so many good things makes me feel like going back such as the cold winter, the living style and the environment.
Los Angeles, is one of my favourite city in USA, and I was lucky that I had the chance to visit this lovely city once again in 2011.

Aliso Beach Park (Laguna Beach)

Newport Pier
I looked so young! Look at my round and round face! #haha

South Coast Plaza

Orange County
The reason I visited Orange County is because I wanted to meet my friends there.
This small town made me feel comfortable and relaxed because it's not crowded like the big cities.
I visited #1 Aliso Beach Park (Laguna Beach) to enjoy the light breeze out there, #2 Newport Pier for a pleasant walk along the pier, and do my shopping at #3 South Coast Plaza which is the biggest shopping mall in Orange County.

Tuna Harbor Park

Dublin Square Irish Pub & Grill

San Diego
It's about 1 hour and 30 minutes drive from Orange County to San Diego.
I have been hearing San Diego for long time, especially the beautiful La Jolla Beach.
I spent one day trip in San Diego by visiting #1 La Jolla Beach in the morning, then #2 Tuna Harbor Park to meet the biggest "Unconditional Surrender" kiss statue, had my afternoon tea at #3 Coronado and ended the day with a couple of beers at #4 Dublin Square Irish Pub & Grill which located at San Diego downtown.


La Jolla Beach
It's one of my favourite beach in my travel list.
I stayed there for a morning to watch the waves come and go, enjoy the beautiful scenery, and breath the cool air,
The beach is not only about the beauty of nature, but also get the chance to meet the sea lions!
I like it here because it's very calm and I think it would be a nice location for a relaxing vacation.

Coronado is a resort city located at San Diego.
The main attraction of this place is the view of the Hotel Del Coronado from the beach.
It's simply wonderful to spend your day with your wet feet on the public beach, or just enjoy yourself at the bars and restaurants.

Santa Monica Pier

Hollywood World of Fame

Hollywood Sign

Los Angeles City
I love LA!
It's my second visit in LA and I still enjoy the city very much.
There are so many places to visit in LA city such as #1 Santa Monica Pier, #2 Hollywood World of Fame, #3 Hollywood Sign, #4 Grauman's Chinese Theater and #5 Beverly Hills.
One day visit definitely not enough!
Trust me not?! I will soon plan my third visit in LA for the world famous Universal Studios Hollywood, and Disneyland!

I have visited the major cities during my 3 years stay in USA such as New York City, Washington D.C, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, Detroit, Minneapolis and many more.
USA is real big to discover and travel all in one time.
If I would have a chance again, I would explore more township that hidden but labeled as tourist spots.
I believe it would be a different experience by having a short holiday living in another identity and getaway go town that no one knows you.
So, fly me to USA one more time, please! #hehe

Salted Egg Yolk menu @ Go Getter Cafe

Go-Getter Cafe is one of my top favourite cafe in Klang Valley area.
The first reason is because it located just 10 minutes drive from my house; the second reason is they served good pasta and waffle ranges; and the third reason is because my mum who is a picky eater likes to go there to have their Amatriciana Go-Getter Pasta.
It's been my favourite place to hang out ever since it started operation.
I introduced it to a few friends and I was so glad that they liked it like I do! #hehe

Go-Getter Cafe located at Bukit Jalil, the same area as the Owl Cafe.
It situated at the first floor, and along the same row of Old Town Cafe, Chatime and 7 Eleven.
It's a crowded area no matter it's weekdays or weekends since it always took me sometimes to get the parking space.

The cafe has a happy ambiance with a mix informal furniture, interesting lamp shades and colourful walls.
Vibrant patterns and colours bring the interior so alive in this cafe, plus the nice pop music they played!

It gives a good vibe with the fun, and colourful wall paintings all over the place.
I truly adore how creative the interior designer makes the place looks unique and fit for purpose.

If you are a fans of toys, the toys that placing at the top of the rack will surely catch your attention!

This is not my first time visit at Go-Getter Cafe, but too many times since it opened.
Thanks to Cindy for the arrangement of today's food review with her friend, Huei aka the owner of the cafe.
As a food blogger, I feel so excited to have the chance to do a review of my favourite cafe! #thankyouverymuch

Go-Getter has their coffee beans imported all the way from Australia.
As usual, it was late morning and I was craving my daily dose of Cappuccino @ RM10 at Go-Getter.

Smell it before you taste the coffee!

Cindy has their signature Lassi Drink @ RM15 with the Avocado flavour.
They have another lassi drink with mix berry flavour too!

And, Derrick has their Hot Matcha @ RM13 with a very light and fresh green tea taste.

Go-Getter has very nice pasta choices on their menu.
Amatriciana Go-Getter is their in-house signature pasta, which is also my mum's top favourite after she tried the others.
The pasta makes with sweet sour tomato sauce, and filled with some chili padis, curry leaves, shrimps and squids.
One thing I noticed is they offer fresh ingredients especially the seafood.

Salted Eggyolk Seafood Pasta is their newly invented special pasta tossed with cream salted egg yolk sauce and filled with squids, and shrimps.
I like it's cooking idea of replacing the standard Carbonara sauce with their in-house special salted egg yolk sauce.
It surely will satisfy your craving for salted egg yolk and for that reason I gave it total 5 stars for this! #bigthumbsup

Seafood Putanesca Italy is one of the pasta that the chef learnt from his travel's experiences.
It has their in-house sweet sour tomato sauce and filled with squids, shrimps, and parsley.
All pastas have the same prices @ RM12 for small portion and @ RM17 for regular one.
I always order the small portion if I go there by myself, or share a regular one with my mum plus one waffle after our meal. #hehe

Go-Getter just launched their rice main courses a few months back.
This is the Nasi Peranakan Malacca @ RM15, which has the creamy curry sauce filled with sausages, chicken, serai and curry leaves.
I find that the serai and curry leaves have created a taste of  "Baba & Nyonya".

Veggie Tempura Japanese Curry @ RM16 is specially made for the vegetarian.
All veggies like long beans, sweet potatoes and egg plants are golden fried and mixed with the curry sauce.
It's pretty good, but the gravy doesn't seem like enough.
Would be good if it serves a bit more gravy with it's rice portion.

It's my first time having the rice with salted egg yolk rice.
This Nasi Salted Egg Yolk @ RM14 has the same sauce like the pasta which filled with creamy salted egg yolk, squids and shrimps.
As you can see from the pictures, all sets come with a bowl of Japanese Miso Soup.

Lastly, let's kick start their signature waffles menu!

Salted Egg Yolk Sauce Charcoal Waffle @ RM12 has the filling of salted egg yolk sauce, salted caramel sauce and top with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.

This is my first waffle during my first visit and also my top favourite every-time I visit there.
Blueberry Cream Cheese and Red Velvet Waffle @ RM14 is a kind of waffle which full of cream cheese on top of it's red velvet waffle.
Not only that, it also shredded with chocolate shred on top of the cream cheese plus a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. #gooddie

Ondeh Ondeh Pandan Waffle @ RM12 uses the salted caramel sauce and aromatic sugar Melacca for the waffle.
Besides, it also has the Hawaiian shredded coconut, coconut flakes all over the pandan waffle.
If you are a fans of pandan, you will definitely indulge with the strong pandan smell!

It is hard to get quality coffee with nice ambiance and tasteful food.
To me, Go-Getter Cafe meet all of my expectations as I always shop for a good place to be.
Sincerely hope that they can keep up the standard and maintain the quality.
Say HELLO to the Hippo at the Go-Getter Cafe! #lol

Go-Getter Cafe
12A-1, First Floor, Block 5,
Jalan Jalil Jaya 6,
Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 6019 260 2288
FB: Go-Getter Cafe
Opening hours: Mon - Tues, Thurs 12pm - 7pm; Fri - Sat 12pm - 11pm and Sun 9am - 6pm (off on Wed)