AEON Wellness @ CNY Prepacked Hampers & Valentine’s Day Beauty Gift

Hey! What do you like about Chinese New Year? 
Aside from decorations, getting bakes and treats for home visits, one of my likings is giving CNY gift sets or hampers to my family members, relatives, and friends and also business partners to wish them good luck, good health and good career for the New Year.
Well, I also think that Chinese New Year is also meant togetherness, appreciation, harmonious, blessing and good fortune, so giving a CNY gifts is one of the great ways to keep the love, bond and keep relationships flourishing, and also my way to show appreciation.
There are so many available pre-packed hampers available in the market, and if you are still looking for some ideas what to buy for your loved ones in this Chinese New Year, here I'm going to share the premium CNY hampers and gift sets from AEON Wellness to get you started.
Besides, as Valentine's Day falls near to Chinese New Year, I will also sharing some Valentine's gift ideas with you all at the end of the post. :)
So, let's continue to read on and find out more yea!

Carlsberg Malaysia @ "Celebrate Prosperity, Cheers Together" for a Fiery, Gold OXpicious Year Ahead!

Carlsberg Malaysia is wishing beer lovers a prosperous and better times ahead!
Ushering in the year of the Golden Ox, Carlsberg Malaysia launched its Chinese New Year campaign themed "Celebrate Prosperity, Cheers Together" to celebrate this spring festive with all the beer lovers.
The campaign themed for this year 2021 comes with auspicious hues of flaming red and fiery gold, stemming from Carlsberg Danish Pilsner and Carlsberg Smooth Draught bottles and cans, which features the Golden Ox to symbolize resilience and persistence as to welcome a better year ahead.
To help the consumers celebrate and usher a better year CNY, from 28 December 2020 till 14 February 2021, consumers can stand a chance to win exclusive merchandise such as the Carlsberg Poker Set, Carlsberg-branded 20” luggage bag, limited-edition Carlsberg board game, RM100 cash ang pau, Touch ‘n Go eWallet credits, premium WMF cutlery set, and more to welcome an OXpicious 2021!
Besides, in order to elevate the festive spirit with greater innovation, Carlsberg also brings back the well-acclaimed 3-litre Carlsberg bottles in elegant red and gold at a grandeur 48cm height to be won across all participating outlets nationwide for their beer purchases.
Continue to read on and find out what's the exclusive promotions that you can win back home from Carlsberg Malaysia!

KITKAT @ Cele-Breaks the New Year with the Launch of KITKAT Gold

How time flies!
Chinese New Year is approaching!
The turn of the New Year is a season to rejoice and celebrate, with much hope that every year will be better than the last!
One of Malaysia's leading chocolate confectionery brand, KITKAT celebrates 2021 with the unveiling of its latest offering, the new limited edition KITKAT Gold.
All the while, Nestlé Confectionery has always been at the forefront of its category, constantly evolving and developing new experiences and flavours year-on-year to meet the demands of consumers appetite as well as creating new trends.
Without any doubt, the KITKAT team behind the new products have done an amazing job whilst keeping the essence of the brand at heart, creating fun and delicious breaks.
Following the success of KITKAT ice cream, at the changes of seasons and turn of the New Year,  KITKAT launches KITKAT Gold, an exquisite nutty buttery chocolatey goodness to be shared as gifts of gold between friends and loved one. 

Anessa @ Perfect UV Skincare Gel & Whitening UV Sunscreen Gel

Hello Hello!
Welcome back to my beauty blog.
Today is all about skin protection with sunscreen products.
I'm a big fan of sunscreen for my face and body, and to be honest I never go out without wearing them.
Even now I stay at home most of the time, I still apply sunscreen just in case if my skin will have a risk of exposure to UV rays when I'm close to a window. 
So for me, sunscreen basically is one of the important daily essentials because I always believe that wearing sunscreen will help your skin maintain a healthier look.
I came across Anessa quite a long time ago, where my girl friends usually stocked up Anessa products when they traveled to Japan. 
Anessa, the No. 1 Sun Care in Japan for the past 17 years, has the perfect combination of beauty and 100 years of research by Shiseido experts.
With an aim to provide women with beautiful, radiant, and strong skin to protect itself against harmful UV rays, Anessa gives you 50% skincare ingredients on top of sun care formulations to nurture beautiful skin while keeping it protected.
I've heard a lot of good reviews about Anessa, so excited that I finally have the chance to try it on my own and share my personal reviews about it with you guys!

Anlene MoveMax™ Actifit 3X™ and Gold 5X™ @ Support your Bones, Joints and Muscles to Help Ease of Movement.

How's everyone doing so far in the first week of 2021?
I hope it's all good for the brand new start.
Well, we have a whole new year ahead of us now, and I can't wait to work on my new year resolution plans for this year. #hehe
I've written down my 2021 resolution plans on the last day of 2020, have you read the post yet? :)
Anyway, one of my new year resolutions is to take care of my mind and body.
I'm not sure about you, but for me, I think it's very important to be more aware of the changes on our muscles, bones and joints as we slowly age. 
Especially women after menopause, our bones lose calcium and other minerals, so it is important to eat a well-balanced diet with plenty of calcium.
Some also said that inactivity can be also one of the factors that associated with muscle and bone conditions in older ages; and the best way to slow or prevent problems with the muscles, joints and bones is to have a moderate exercise to help you maintain strength, balance and flexibility. 
I've seen quite many health issues that related to bones, joints and muscles around me, and therefore I always remind myself and my family that we should really pay attention to perform physical activity that help to reduce or reverse the risk of disability and chronic disease. 
And, today I want to share with you how Anlene MoveMax™ Actifit 3X™ and Gold 5X™ can support and improve our health. :)